On This Day in Aviation History SEPTEMBER 25 th

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1846 - Birth of Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe, French promoter and sponsor of early aviation efforts

1893 - Birth of Tydeo Larre Borges, Uruguayan military aviation pioneer and raid pilot.

1904 - Birth of Olive Ann Beech (Born Mellor), U.S. aviation pioneer and businesswoman, who founded the Beech Aircraft Company with her husband Walter Herschel Beech.

1909 - The Lebaudy République, French semi-rigid airship crashed after one of the metal propeller blades sheared off its shaft and pierced the envelope, which deflated catastrophically, killing all 4 on board.

1909 - Birth of John C. "Pappy" Herbst, American WWII flying ace, 2nd highest-scoring fighter pilot in the China Burma India Theater.

1911 - Pole Scipio del Campo pilots the Cywinski and Zbieranski biplane on a flight for 12½ miles.

1912 - Death of Charles Voisin, French early aviation pioneer and younger brother of Gabriel Voisin, killed in an automobile accident. The early woman aviator Baroness de Laroche was injured in the same accident.

1916 - Death of Kurt Wintgens, German WWI fighter ace, 1st military fighter pilot to score a victory over an opposing aircraft, while piloting an aircraft armed with a synchronized machine gun, Killed in his Fokker E.III by a SPAD S.VII. -

1918 - Death of Martin Dehmisch, German WWI flying ace, from wounds received in action by a S.E.5a the day before.

1920 - Geoffrey de Havilland and George Holt Thomas formed the de Havilland Aircraft Company at Stag Lane Aerodrome, Edgware.

1925 - Birth of Paul Beattie MacCready, Jr., American aeronautical engineer, founder of AeroVironment and designer of the human-powered aircraft Gossamer Condor that won the Kremer prize

1928 - Death of William Lewers Cornelius, American aviator, one of the U.S. Army Air Corps' "Three Musketeers", 1st US display team, killed in a middair collision.

1929 - 1st flight of The PZL P.1, Polish prototype fighter, 1st of the Polish PZL gull wing fighter series.

1929 - 1st flight of the Kamow / Skrschinski KASKR-1, Soviet autogyro prototype, 1st autogyro made in the Soviet Union, based on the Cierva C.8 and using an Avro 504 (U-1) fuselage.

1932 - Thomas Settle and Winfield Bushnell set a new balloon distance record of 1,550 km (963 miles) between Basle, Switzerland and Vilna, Poland, winning the International Gordon Bennett Race. It earned Settle his 1st national Harmon Trophy. -

1932 - Lewis Alonzo Yancey sets an autogiro altitude record of 21,500 ft (6,553 m) in a Pitcairn PCA-2

1934 - 1st flight of the Loire 301 (The Loire 300 modified), French 3-seat 3 engined monoplane prototype to test a large windowless armoured turret fitted in the nose

1934 - Birth of John Sumter Bull, U.S. Navy test pilot, aeronautical engineer, and NASA astronaut.

1938 - A Tupolev ANT-37 (DB-2) completes a world's record for distance flown by a woman crew (Valentina Grizodubova, Polina Osipenko, and Marina Raskova) on a distance record of 5908 km (3671 miles) before ending in an emergency landing

1939 – Italian Nicola di Mauro sets a world seaplane altitude record of 13,542 meters (44,429 feet) in a Caproni Ca.161Idro.

1940 – Fiat BR.20 bombers of 13° and 43° Stormo of the Corpo Aereo Italiano (Italian Air Corps) at their airfield in Melsbroek, Belgium after an eventful journey (which saw several planes force land or even crash due to malfunctions and poor weather) to participate in the Battle of Britain.

1942 - 1st and only RCAF air combat in the North American theatre of war. S/L KA Boomer, CO of No. 111 Squadron, with his Kittyhawk destroyed a Japanese Nakajima A6M2-N (Ruff) fighter over Kiska, Alaska.

1942 - 4 de Havilland Mosquito aircraft of No. 105 Squadron RAF attack the Gestapo headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

1942 - Birth of Henri-Jacques William Pescarolo, french racing driver who setted also some breaking flying records in ultralight and monoplane aircrafts.

1944 - Operation Market Garden Ends, It was an Allied military operation, fought in the Netherlands and Germany in WWII, largest airborne operation up to that time

1945 - 1st flight of The de Havilland DH.104 Dove, British monoplane short-haul airliner.

1953 - A New world speed record is set up by Lieutenant Commander Michael J. Lithgow, flying a Vickers Supermarine Swift and averaging 737mph in four runs over a 3 kilometre course in Tripoli.

1955 – The Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded.

1959 - A US Navy Martin P5M-2 Marlin patrolling out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington on Puget Sound, is forced to ditch in the Pacific Ocean, about 100 miles west of the Washington-Oregon border. The Mark 90 nuclear bomb (not fitted with an active warhead) is lost and has never been recovered.

1960 - Death of Ruth Rowland Nichols, American aviation pioneer, who was the only woman to hold simultaneous world records for speed, altitude, and distance for a female pilot.

1960 - During operation Top Flight, A U.S. Navy McDonnell Douglas F4H-1 Phantom II sets a world speed record over a 100-km (62.1-mi) closed-circuit course, averaging 1,390.21 mph (2,237.26 km/hr).

1962 - 1st flight of the Siren C-30S 'Edelweiss' french single seat Standard Class sailplane. -

1971 - Death of Robert Henry Magnus Spencer Saundby, WWI fighter pilot and WWII RAF high ranking officer. -

1973 - 1st flight of the MBB Bo 106, german light, twin-engine, multi-purpose utility prototype helicopter, evolution of the Bo 105.

1973 - Skylab 3 is back on earth.

1974 - 1st flight of The Northrop F-5F Tiger II, light supersonic fighter aircraft, two-seat combat-capable trainer version.

1975 – A flight of 4 Lockheed F-104G Starfighters of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force) crashed in formation into a field near the village of Ralingen near the border with Luxembourg, ~12 miles S of Bitburg, West Germany, shortly after take-off from Bitburg Air Base, killing all 4 pilots. a German defense ministry spokesman said.

1978 – PSA Flight 182, a Boeing 727-214, collides in mid-air with a Cessna 172 and crashes in San Diego, California, resulting in the deaths of 144 people.

1982 - 1st flight of The Ilyushin Il-102, Soviet experimental jet-powered ground-attack aircraft.

1989 - 1st flight of the last IAI Lavi prototype, israelian Fighter jet, in a two-seat technology demonstrator.

1991 - 1st flight of the Westland 'Battlefield' Lynx, proposed export army Lynx; approximately equivalent to Lynx AH. Mk 9, British multi-purpose military helicopter.

1991 - 1st flight of The British Aerospace Jetstream 41, British twin turboprop-powered feederliner and regional airliner, "stretched" version of the popular Jetstream 31.

1992 - Launch of The Mars Observer spacecraft, also known as the Mars Geoscience/Climatology Orbiter, NASA robotic space probe to study the Martian surface, atmosphere, climate and magnetic field.

1997 - Death of Masaaki Shimakawa, Japanese Navy WWII fighter ace. -

1997 - 1st flight of The Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut (NATO reporting name Firkin), also designated S-32 and S-37, Russian experimental supersonic jet fighter.

1998 - PauknAir Flight 4101 British Aerospace BAe 146 crashed near Boumahfouda, Morocco, on approach in bad weather to Melilla Airport, due to a combination of several factors: - Non-application of the arrival procedure, including descending below the minimum safe altitude; - Inadequate crew coordination; - Non-application of company procedures regarding GPWS alarm. All 38 were killed.

2008 – China launches the spacecraft Shenzhou 7, 3rd human spaceflight mission of the Chinese space program which included the 1st Chinese extra-vehicular activity (EVA)

2010 - Soyuz TMA-18 is back on earth.

2010 - Launch of the 1st 'pathfinder' Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) satellite. American planned constellation of satellites and supporting ground infrastructure that will improve the ability of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to detect and track space objects in orbit around the Earth.

2010 - Delta Connection Flight 4951, a CRJ900, on a passenger flight from Atlanta, Georgia to White Plains, New York made a successful emergency landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. The plane's right landing gear would not deploy and the right wing dragged along the runway during the landing.

2011 - Buddha Air Flight 103 Beechcraft 1900D crashed at Kotdanda, Lalitpur, Nepal, while attempting to land in bad weather on a retrurn from a sightseeing service tour, killing all 19.

2012 – The People's Republic of China commissions its 1st aircraft carrier, Liaoning, at Dalian Port, China