On This Day in Aviation History JULY 7 th

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1895 - Birth of William Otto Brash Winkler, Scottish WWI fighter ace.


1900 - Birth of Earle Everard "Pat" Partridge, USAF pilot, Movie stunt pilot (Wings) and high ranking officer during and post WWII.


1906 - 1st officially-recognised balloon race to be held in the UK begins at Barns Elms in London.


1911 - French Lieutenant de Vaisseau Jean Louis Conneau (pseudonym André Beaumont) wins the Circuit of Europe air race in a Blériot XI monoplane.


1911 - Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold sets an altiture record of 3,260 feet (990 m).


1914 - Birth of Francesco Aurelio Di Bella, Italian WWII Pilot


1917 - Death of Cyril Askew Eyre, British WWI flying ace, killed in action in his Sopwith Triplane.


1918 - Death of Gian Felice Gino, italian early aviator, killed in a flying accident with his Ansaldo S.V.A.


1918 - Death of Merrill Samuel Taylor, Canadian WWI fighter ace, killed in his Sopwith Camel over Hamel.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merrill_Samuel_Taylor - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/canada/taylor4.php

1918 - Death of Otto Rosenfeld, German WWI flying ace, Killed in action.


1919 - Death of Oskar Bider, Swiss aviation pioneer, Killed while demonstrating his Nieuport 21 fighter.


1921 - 1st flight of The Fairey Pintail, British single-engine floatplane fighter


1925 - 1st flight of The Boeing Model 40, US mail biplane that became the 1st aircraft built by the Boeing company to carry passengers.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Model_40 - http://www.boeing.com/boeing/history/chronology/chron02.page?


1929 - 1st flight of The Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.10 (also known as the Høver M.F.10, after its designer), Norwegian military trainer seaplane.


1929 - Death of Louis Fernand Coudouret, French WWI flying ace, killed in the crash of the 1st prototype Bernard 191GR (French raid aircraft for atlantic crossing attempts).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Coudouret - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/france/coudouret.php

http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=9537 - http://www.aeroclub-angouleme.fr/Louis-Coudouret.pdf

1929 - Transcontinental Air Transport (T-A-T) begins the 1st transcontinental trips with a Ford Trimotor, one of the 1st to offer meals en route.


1929 - Pilot Dwight S. 'Barney' Zimmerley in a Barling NB-3 bomber set a long-distance record, flying from Brownsville, Texas to Winnipeg, in 16 hrs.


1939 - 1st flight of the Latécoère 299, French 3 seat reconnaissance-torpedo bomber prototype derived from the Late 298.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lat%C3%A9co%C3%A8re_298#Variants - http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=873

1943 - A Tachikawa Ki-77, Japanese very long-range experimental transport and communications aircraft, takes off from Singapore with 8 tons of fuel, to the German airfield at Sarabus (now Hvardiiske, Crimea, Ukraine) caryying 3 passengers (all Army officers): Lt. Col. Shozou Nakamura (Commander), Col. Yoshiaki Nishi (former Military Attache to Madrid) and Lt. Col. Takasuke Katori (Incumbent military Attache to Berlin). It disappeared over the Indian Ocean. Probably intercepted by British fighters as they were aware of the flight and its route.


1943 - Death of Patrick Young Alexander, British aeronautical pioneer who performed many metrological and aviation experiments, designing and building his own equipment.


1944 - 467 Lancaster and Halifax heavy bombers of the Royal Air Force—half of Bomber Command's available strength at that time—attacked Caen, dropping over 2,000 tons of bombs on the city, prelude of Operation Charnwood.


1945 - 1st powered flight of The Mitsubishi J8M Shusui, Japanese WWII rocket-powered prototype interceptor aircraft closely based on the German Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet. It reached 1,300 feet in a steep climb, then the rocket motor cut out, airframe crashing at Yokosuka Naval Aeronautical Engineering Arsenal. Pilot Lt. Cdr. Toyohiko Inuzuka dies in hospital the next day.


1945 - 1st flight of the Arsenal VB-10, French fighter prototype. It added a second engine behind the cockpit which drove a second propeller, coaxial with and counter-rotating to the propeller driven by the engine in the nose.

http://www.aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=1839 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenal_VB_10

1946 - 1st flight of the Hughes XF-11, American prototype military reconnaissance aircraft with contra-rotating four-bladed, controllable-pitch propellers, designed and flown by Howard Hughes, which crashed during that maiden flight nearly killing Howard Hughes.


1947 - 1st flight of the Leduc RL-16, French Parasol wing monoplane, single engined prototype aircraft built for altitude records.


1948 - Silver City Airways, with a Bristol Freighter, operated the world's 1st cross-Channel air ferry service between Lympne near Folkestone in Kent and Le Touquet, France


1950 - A Royal Air Force display is held over two days at the Royal Aircraft Establishment airfield in Farnborough.


1950 - Death of John Guy Gilpatric, American demonstration, stunt and test pilot, flight instructor, journalist, short-story writer and novelist.


1953 - A Sikorsky S-55 makes the 1st international helicopter flight into central London.


1959 - 1st flight of the Merckle SM-67, German 5 seat light utility hecopter, 1st turbine-powered helicopter built and flown in Germany,


1960 - A RAF Vickers Varsity T.1 collided in mid-air with a RAF de Havilland DH-100 Vampire T.11 near RAF Oakington, all 8 on both planes were killed.


1960 - Birth of Kevin Anthony Ford, USAF pilot and NASA Astronaut.


1961 - 1st flight of The Mil Mi-8 'Hip', soviet medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The Mi-8 is the world's most-produced helicopter,


1962 - Alitalia Flight 771 Douglas DC-8-43 crashed into a hill about 84 km north-east of Bombay while on approach killin all 94, 1st time a Flight recorder was used to solve an accident.


1962 - Colonel Georgi Mossolov sets a new world absolute speed record for airplanes, flying the Mikoyan Ye-166 at 1,665.89 mph.


1962 - 1st flight of the Duruble RD-02 'Edelweiss', French light utility aircraft, low-wing cantilever monoplane with retractable tricycle undercarriage and all-metal construction for homebuilding construction.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duruble_Edelweiss - http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=9484

1962 - 1st flight (conventional) of The Lockheed XV-4 Hummingbird (originally designated VZ-10), US Army project to produce a V/STOL vertical take off/landing jet prototype.


1963 - Death of Jacques Michael Swaab, American WWI flying ace later worked in the Hollywood film industry (technical advisor on "The Dawn Patrol").

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Swaab - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/usa/swaab.php

1963 - Death of Frank Purdy Lahm, American aviation pioneer, US 1st military aviator", and a general officer in the US Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces.


1967 - Ann Dearing Holtgren Pellegreno lands her Lockheed Electra 10A back in Oakland, having completed the 28,000-mile commemorative flight of Amelia Earhart’s last flight.


1973 - 1st flight of the McDonnell Douglas F-15B Eagle, US two-seat combat trainer version of the twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter.


1974 - Death of Alexander Yakovlevich Bereznyak, Soviet aircraft and missile designer.


1978 - The 2nd prototype Sukhoi Su-27 (T10-2) got into an unexplored resonant mode at a supersonic speed, due to which it suffered an extremely high g-load and disintegrated in midair, Killing test pilot Yevgeny Solovyov.


1981 - 1st solar-powered aircraft flight across the English Channel. MacCready Solar Challenger flew 163 miles from Pontoise – Cormeilles Aerodrome, north of Paris, France to Manston Royal Air Force Base in Manston, United Kingdom, staying aloft 5 hours and 23 minutes, with pilot Stephen Ptacek at the controls, powered by at least 16,128 solar cells on the upper surfaces of the wing and tailplane.


1982 - Death of Joachim Schlichting, German flying ace of Spanish war and WWII, High ranking officer post WWII.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Schlichting - http://www.luftwaffe.cz/schlichting.html - http://www.cieldegloire.fr/001_schlichting_j.php

1988 - Launch of Phobos 1, Soviet unmanned space mission to study Mars.


1995 - From Kourou (french Guyana), an Ariane 40-3 V75 launched Cerise (French military reconnaissance satellite), Helios 1A (French Military surveillance satellite) and UPM-Sat 1 (Spanish Communications technology satellite)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerise_(satellite) - http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helios_(satellite)#Helios_1 - http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/UPM-Sat

1995 - STS-71, space shuttle Atlantis mission to the russian station MIR, is back on earth.


1996 - STS-78, SPace Shuttle Columbia mission, is back on earth.


1998 - 1st time satellites were launched from a submarine : The Israelian launch vehicle Shtil' placed two payloads in Low Earth Orbit. The German TubSat-N and TubSat-N1 were launched from the Delta IV submarine K-407 "Novomoskovsk" of the Russian Northern Fleet 3rd Flotilla, from a firing range in the Barents Sea.


2002 - The 15th FAI World Precision Flying Championship begins in Zagreb, Croatia.


2003 - Launch of Opportunity, MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B), American robotic rover towards the planet Mars


2007 - American Kent Couch makes a Cluster Balloons Ride in a lawn chair (105 balloons of various colors, each 4 feet around) flying 193 miles.


2008 - Kalita Air Boeing 747-209B Cargo Aircraft crashed a ranch house near the village of Madrid, Colombia, while attempting to return to the airport after reporting a fire in one of the engines, Killing 2 people on ground.


2010 - Solar Impulse, Swiss long-range solar powered aircraft, takes off for an endurance record.


2015 - Death of Jean Délémontez, French aircraft designer. best known for his work with his father-in-law, Édouard Joly, on the Jodel range of light aircraft (including the famous « Bébé » Jodel D9) .and his collaboration with Pierre Robin on the Avions Robin aircraft range.