On This Day in Aviation History February 16 th

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1889 - Birth of John Thompson Guy Murison, British WWI flying ace


1890 - Birth of Francesco De Pinedo, Italian raid aviator.


1894 - Birth of Arthur Norbury Solly, British WWI flying ace.


1895 - Birth of Jean Charles Augustin Dubois de Gennes, French WWI flying ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Dubois_de_Gennes - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/france/dubois2.php

1897 - Birth of Thomas Frederick Le Mesurier, British WWI flying ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Le_Mesurier_(aviator) - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/le_mesurier.php

1899 - Birth of Ronald Cory Berlyn, British WWI flying ace


1903 - Traian Vuia presented to the Académie des Sciences of Paris the possibility of flying with a heavier-than-air mechanical machine and his procedure for taking off, but it was rejected for being an utopia, adding the comments: The problem of flight with a machine which weighs more than air cannot be solved and it is only a dream.


1912 - Frank Coffyn takes aerial views of New York City with a cinema camera while controlling his Wright Flyer Model B with his feet and knees


1918 - British WWI fighter ace James Thomas Byford "Mac" McCudden shoot down 3 Rumpler C and 1 DFW C with his SE5a on that single day.


1922 - Birth of Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, German Luftwaffe night fighter pilot and highest scoring (121) night fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz-Wolfgang_Schnaufer - http://www.luftwaffe.cz/schnaufer.html

1932 - 1st flight of The Martin B-10, 1st all-metal monoplane bomber to go into regular use by the United States Army Air Corps and 1st mass-produced bomber.


1937 - Birth of Valentin Vasiliyevich Bondarenko, Soviet fighter pilot and cosmonaut.


1944 - 1ts flight of The Curtiss SC Seahawk, American scout seaplane.


1946 - 1st flight of the The Sikorsky S51, modified version of the YR-5A, American helicopter with a greater rotor diameter, carrying capacity, and gross weight


1948 - Death of Jesse Orin Creech, American WWI flying ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Creech - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/usa/creech.php

1950 - 1st flight of the pre-serie Westland Wyvern, British single-seat carrier-based multi-role strike aircraft.


1955 - 1st flight of the Mikoyan/Gurevich I-370 (I-1), Russian single seat, single-engined tactical fighter.


1957 - The Nord 1405 Gerfaut II, French jet fighter prototype, established a number of time-to-height records from a standing start, including a climb to a height of 6,000m in 1 minute 17 seconds and to 9,000m in 1 minute 34 seconds


1960 - 1st flight of the Vought F-8 Crusader (originally F8U) Model F8U-2N (F-8D) – all-weather version, single-engine carrier-based air superiority jet aircraft


1961 - 1st flight of the 2nd prototype (1st was destroyed) of the Avian 2/180 "Gyroplane", Canadian two seat, single engine autogyro.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avian_Gyroplane - http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/avian_gyroplane.php

1961 - Launch of Explorer 9 (S56A) , US satellite for Atmospheric density measurements, 1st satellite launched from Wallops, and 1st satellite boosted by a solid-fuel rocket.


1962 - Death of Radul Milkov Mikhailov, bulgarian WWI pilot and high ranking officer, credited of the 1st drop af an aerial bomb.


1965 - Death of George Arthur 'Art' Welsh, Canadian WWI flying ace, WWII soldier, Politician and Sheriff.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Arthur_Welsh - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/canada/welsh.php

1965 - Launch of Pegasus I (Pegasus A), American satellite to study micrometeoroid impacts in Low Earth orbit


1967 - Garuda Indonesia Airways Flight 708 Lockheed L-188C Electra crashed in marginal weather upon heavy landing (The undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft skidded and caught fire) at Sam Ratulangi Airport, Makassar, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, killing 22 over 92.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garuda_Indonesia_Flight_708 - http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19670216-1

1967 - 1st flight of The MBB Bo 105, german light, twin-engine, multi-purpose utility helicopter.


1971 - Launch of Tansei I, 2nd japanese satellite, Engineering test for the launching of scientific satellites.


1976 - Soyuz 20, Soviet long-duration unmanned test spacecraft is back on earth.


1977 - Death of Silvio Scaroni, Italian WWI fighter pilot credited with 26 victories. He was the 2nd ranking Italian ace of WWI

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvio_Scaroni - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/italy/scaroni.php

1980 - Death of Geoffrey Hornblower Cock, British WWI fighter ace, highest scoring ace to fly the Sopwith 1½ Strutter.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Hornblower_Cock - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/cock.php

1980 - The Aeropuerto de Vitoria (IATA: VIT - OACI: LEVT) opens.


1980 - Death of Geoffrey Hornblower Cock, British WWI fighter ace.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Hornblower_Cock - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/cock.php

1986 - Ouadi Doum air raid if carried out by eight Jaguars escorted by four Mirage F1s, , against the Libyan airbase of Ouadi Doum in northern Chad, during the Chadian–Libyan conflict.


1998 – China Airlines Flight 676 Airbus A300-600R crashes into a road and residential area near Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taiwan, killing all 196 aboard and six more on the ground.


1999 - Launch of JCSAT-4A (previously designated JCSAT-6), Japanese geostationary communications satellite.


2002 - 1st flight of The UL-Jih Evolution, Czech conventionally laid out, two seat, high wing, single engine ultralight.


2006 - Kobe Airport, a controversial offshore airport in Kobe, Japan, opens for airline service.


2011 - Launch of The Johannes Kepler ATV, or Automated Transfer Vehicle 002 (ATV-002), European unmanned cargo spacecraft designed to resupply the International Space Station (ISS).