On This Day in Aviation History JUNE 26 th

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1810 - Death of Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, brother of Jacques-Étienne, inventors of the montgolfière-style hot air balloon, globe aérostatique. The brothers succeeded in launching the 1 st manned ascent,


1869 - Largest hydrogen balloon ever to make a free (untethered) ascent, makes a short flight from the Champs de Mars in Paris, France. It has a capacity of 424,000 cubic feet (c. 130,000 cubic meters).


1894 - Birth of Thomas Archibald Mitford Stuart Lewis, British WWI flying ace.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Lewis_(aviator) - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/lewis3.php

1897 - Birth of Alfred Stanley Mills, Irish WWI fighter ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Mills - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/ireland/mills1.php

1898 - Birth of Wilhelm Emil "Willy" Messerschmitt, German aircraft designer and manufacturer.


1902 - Birth of William 'Bill' Powell Lear, American inventor and businessman, best known for founding the Lear Jet Corporation, a manufacturer of business jets.


1909 - 1st commercial sale of an airplane in the United States is made as Glenn H. Curtiss sells one of his planes to the Aeronautic Society of New York for $7,500. This action spurs the Wright brothers to begin a patent suit to prevent him from selling airplanes without a license.


1911 - Birth of Bronislaw Zurakowski, Polish engineer, aeroplane constructor, and glider test pilot. He designed the 1st Polish helicopter.


1911 - 1st flight of the Zeppelin LZ 10 'Schwaben', German rigid airship.


1912 - The Japanese government forms a Kaigun Kokujutsu Kenkyu Kai (Naval Committee for Aeronautical Research).


1913 - Birth of Toyoki Eto, Japanese russo-japanese war and WWII flying ace.

http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/japan_eto.htm - http://www.cieldegloire.com/010_eto_t.php

1918 - Death of Edward Carter Eaton, canadian WWI flying ace, killed in action in his Sopwith Camel.


1918 - Death of Kurt Schönfelder, German WWI flying ace, killed in his Fokker D.VII by a Sopwith Camel


1918 - Death of Werner Steinhäuser, German WWI flying ace, killed in action in his Fokker DR.I


1918 - On a single mission, 4 Fokker DVII are shared by WWI flying aces american Kenneth Russell Unger, British Lawrence Percival Coombes and Ivan Couper Sanderson all 3 flying sopwith Camels.

http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/usa/unger.php - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/sanderson.php - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/coombes.php

1925 - Birth of Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev, Soviet fighter pilot with extensive experience in piloting different types of aircraf and 1st commander of the cosmonaut corps and the cosmonaut who commanded the historic Voskhod 2 mission which saw the 1st man walk in space


1926 - 1st flight of SPAD S-60, french Twin seat fighter biplane prototype.

http://www.aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=124 - http://www.aviastar.org/air/france/bleriot_s-60.php

1926 - Brothers Ludovic and Paul Arrachart take off from le Bourget to Bassorah in the Potez 28/2 (french Biplane twin seat raid aircraft) for an attempt to set a world distance record.

https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potez_28 - http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=9820

1926 - 1st flight of The Avro 566 Avenger, British fighter prototype ,single-seat, single-engine biplane of wood and fabric construction.


1932 - 1st flight of the TsAGI 1-EA, russian Basic experimental helicopter with 4-blade main rotor and four small 2-blade anti-rotation propellers (with variable pitch),installed in pairs at the ends of fuselage.


1933 - 1st flight of the Bloch MB-200, French twin-engined high-wing monoplane with a fixed undercarriage bomber.


1934 - 1st flight of the Caudron C.530 'Rafale', french twin seat single engine monoplace sports aircraft.


1934 - 1st flight of The Airspeed AS.6 Envoy , British light, twin-engined transport aircraft.


1935 - 1st flight of The Breguet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire designed by Louis Breguet, considered by some to be the 1st practical helicopter in the world.


1936 - 1st flight of The Focke-Wulf Fw 61 (Fa 61), 1st functional helicopter with two side-by-side rotors.


1941 - 3 unidentified planes of apparently Soviet origin bombed Kassa, today Košice (Slovakia),then a part of Hungary, killing and wounding over a dozen people and causing minor material damage. This attack became the pretext for the government of Hungary to declare war on the Soviet Union.


1942 - Death of Antonio Larsimont Pergameni, Spanish war and WWII italian flying ace, killed in action in North Africa in his Macchi MC.202.


1942 - Death of Stanislaw Jakub Skarzynski, Polish Air Force and aviator famous for his transatlantic solo flight in 1933, and WWII pilot. He helped in transferring Polish pilots, fleeing from Poland, through Romania to France where the Polish Air Force was recreated. His Wellington had to ditch in the North Sea due to engine damage. Leaving the Wellington last, he was washed out to sea and was the only crew member lost.


1942 - 1st flight of The Grumman F6F Hellcat, US carrier-based fighter aircraft.


1944 - Death of Juraj Puškár, Slovak WWII flying ace who served on the Eastern front with the Axis Forces, killed in his Me-109 G6 in a dogfight with P-51 Mustangs.


1946 - The U.S. Army Air Force and Navy adopt the "knot" and "nautical mile" as standard aeronautical units for speed and distance. A nautical mile is about 6.080 ft. (1,853 m), and knot is the equivalent of one nautical mile per hour.


1948 - The Berlin airlift begins, 32 C-47s lifted off for Berlin hauling 80 tons of cargo, including milk, flour, and medicine.


1950 - Australian National Airways Douglas DC-4 'Amana' crashed after takeoff from Perth Airport, killing all 29 people on board.


1952 - Birth of William Arthur Pailes, USAF pilot, Computer Scientist and NASA astronaut


1954 - 1st flight of The BAC Jet Provost (originally built by Hunting Percival),British jet-powered trainer aircraft.


1955 - Death of Engelbert Zaschka, German chief engineer, chief designer and inventor, one of the 1st German helicopter pioneers.


1956 - Birth of Bernard Anthony Harris, Jr., NASA astronaut and 1st African American to perform an extra-vehicular activity (spacewalk)


1959 - TWA Flight 891 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner broke up after take off from Milan Malpensa Airport, probably due to a lightning strike which caused the explosion of the fuel vapors contained in tank No.7, followed immediately by either an explosion of pressure or a further explosion in tank No.6. All 68 were killed.


1961 - Death of Hélène Dutrieu, Belgian - French cycling world champion, stunt cyclist, stunt motorcyclist, automobile racer, stunt driver, pioneer aviator, wartime ambulance driver, and director of a military hospital.


1961 - 1st flight of the Wassmer WA-22 'Super Javelot', French single seat glider

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wassmer_Javelot#Variants - http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=3762

1964 - 1st flight of the Curtiss-Wright X-19A, American experimental VTOL tiltrotor airplane.


1973 - At Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a Kosmos-3M, soviet Orbital carrier rocket, explodes on the launch pad killing 9.


1973 - Death of Vance Breese, American aviation engineer, manufacturer and test pilot.


1974 - 1st flight of The Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel), single-engined intermediate helicopter


1978 – Air Canada Flight 189 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 to Toronto overruns the runway and crashes into the Etobicoke Creek ravine.


1981 - Dan-Air Flight 240 Hawker Siddeley HS 748-108 series 2A crashed near the village of Nailstone, Leicestershire, following major structural failure caused by the failure of a cabin door, resulted in the aircraft's destruction and the deaths of all three on board (both pilots and a cabin attendant)


1983 - 1st flight of The Ilyushin Il-78 (NATO reporting name Midas), Russian four-engined aerial refueling tanker based on the Il-76.


1988 - Air France Flight 296 Airbus A320 on a demonstration flight at an airshow at Mulhouse-Habsheim crashes and kills four people, including the pilot and co-pilot.


1994 - Air Ivoire Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M crashes 3nm short of the runway of Abidjan-Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport, Ivory coast, with flaps and undercarriage still retracted, killing all 17 on board.


1995 - Death of Samuel Kurtz Hoffman, American engineer who specialised in rocket propulsion,developed the F-1 engines that would power the Saturn V rocket, and later worked on the Space Shuttle Main Engine.


2003 – The NASA Helios prototype (solar- and fuel-cell-system-powered unmanned aerial vehicles), breaks up and falls into the Pacific Ocean about ten miles (16 km) W of the Hawaiian Island Kauai during a remotely piloted systems checkout flight in preparation for an endurance test scheduled for the following month. Cause was flight through wind shear on a day when the conditions had been pronounced "marginal".


2005 - Death of Gordon Leonard Sinclair, British WWII flying ace.


2010 - Launch of Chollian, known as Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite 1(COMS-1), South Korean satellite for communication, oceanography, and meteorological observation, Along with Arabsat 5A, Saudi Arabian communications satellite.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chollian - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabsat-5A

2013 - Shenzhou 10, Chinese space flight to the Tiangong-1 space station, is back on earth.