On This Day in Aviation History NOVEMBER 11th

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1884 - Birth of Leonard Coombes Hammond, American WWI flying ace -

1885 - Birth of Viktor Georgiyevich Federov, Russian WWI flying ace with the french air service. -

1886 - Death of Paul Bert, French zoologist, physiologist and politician, sometimes given the sobriquet "Father of Aviation Medicine".

1890 - Birth of Otto Parschau, German WWI flying ace, one of the world's 1st flying aces and one of the original pilots entrusted with the revolutionary fighter plane with a machine gun synchronized to fire safely through its propeller arc via use of an interrupter gear. -

1890 - Birth of Constant Emmanuel Plessis, French WWI flying ace -

1893 - Birth of Clarence Duncan Chamberlin, American aviator, 2nd man to pilot a fixed-wing aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to the European mainland, while carrying the 1st transatlantic passenger.

1894 - Birth of Raymond Delmotte, French Aviator, Air racer and Caudron chief-test pilot.

1905 - Birth of Constantin 'Bazu' Cantacuzino, Romanian aerobatic pilot, WWII fighter ace, and LARES (Today TAROM airline) chief pilot. -

1909 - Birth of Noel Francis Parrish, USAF pilot, commander of the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII, and Brigadier General after the korean war.

1911 - Birth of Luigi Broglio, Italian aerospace engineer, airforce lieutenant colonel, Known as "the Italian von Braun".

1911 - Birth of Athos Ammannato, Italian WWII bomber pilot.

1917 - Death of Mortimer Sackville West, British WWI flying ace, killed in a flying accident.

1917 - Death of Walter Bertram Wood, British WWI flying ace. He took off in one of 2 Sopwith Camels tasked to practice dogfighting; Wood was still suffering from influenza contracted in France. His Camel dove into the ground for no apparent reason, killing him; it is surmised he fainted at the controls. -

1918 - 1st flight of The Felixstowe Fury, also known as the Porte Super Baby, large British, five-engined triplane flying-boat prototype.

1920 - Birth of Walter 'Graf Pinski' Krupinski, German WWII fighter ace, one of the 1st to fly the Me 262 jet fighter in combat, senior West German air force officer after the war. -

1922 - French Etienne Oehmichen flies 525 m (1,722 ft) in his helicopter Oehmichen No.2.

1923 - Birth of Alfred 'Bubi' Schreiber, German WWII flying ace, noted for claiming the 1st aerial victory by a jet fighter in aviation history.

1924 - Death of Georges Felix Madon, French WWI fighter ace, Air racer and raid pilot, Crashing into the roof of a villa rather than hit spectators in Tunis after is aircraft suffered mechanical trouble while preparing a tribute to fellow airman Roland Garros. -

1927 - 1st Breguet Bre 19 TR 'Bidon', christened 'Reine Elisabeth', crashed a few hours after take off near Langres in a foggy weather on an attempt to reach Congo, with belgian pilots George Medaets, Jean Vergaegen and Jean Joseph Coppens.

1930 - 1st flight of Shavrov Sh-2, small, wooden single engine highwinh amphibian aircraft, 1st Soviet mass produced flying boat, used as utility transport, liaison, trainer, fishery protection and frontier patrol.

1935 - Jean Gardner Batten, New Zealand aviatrix, takes off from Lympne UK in a Percival Gull VI flying to Thiès, Senegal, in order to cross solo the South Atlantic ocean.

1935 - The National Geographic Society and the United States Army Air Corps launch their new helium-filled manned high-altitude balloon 'Explorer II'. It reached a new record height of 72,395 feet (22,066 m). Orvil Arson Anderson , William E. Kepner , and Albert William Stevens became the 1st men to view the Earth's curvature - -

1937 - Messerschmitt's chief pilot Hermann Wurster, set a new world air speed record for landplanes with piston engines of 610.55 km/h (379.38 mph), with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 V13.

1940 - 21 Fairey Swordfishs takes of from HMS Illustrious for a raid against Regia Marina ships at Taranto, 1st carrier in history to launch a major strike against an enemy fleet.

1940 - Regia Aeronautica, Italy's air force, makes its one and only major raid on the United Kingdom.

1940 - Birth of Michael Winston "Mike" Melvill, American test pilot and astronaut, one of the test pilots for SpaceShipOne,

1942 - 1st flight of The Lockheed XP-49 (company Model 522), advancement on the P-38 Lightning, American single seat twin engine fighter prototype, which intended to use the new twenty-four cylinder Pratt & Whitney X-1800 engine.

1944 - USAAF B-29 "General H.H. Arnold Special" was damaged during a nighttime raid on Omura on Kyushu Japan, and forced to divert to Vladivostok in the Soviet Union. It was not returned and used in the Tu-4 Bull development effort.

1945 - Death of Dixie Kiefer, US navy aviator and WWII aircraft carrier Executive Office, killed in the crash of his Navy transport plane on Beacon Mountain, New York. He was said to be the most battered officer in the Navy ("He's got so much metal in him the ship's compass follows him when he walks across the deck.").

1946 - Birth of Vladimir Alekseyevich Solovyov, Soviet cosmonaut.

1946 - 1st flight of The Sud-Ouest SO.6000J Triton, 1st French jet aircraft manufactured by SNCASO, 2 seater Experimental trainer aircraft which design began in 1943, as a clandestine project due to the German occupation. -

1946 - 1st flight of The Avions Fairey Belfair (also known as the Tipsy Belfair), Belgian two-seat light aircraft issued from the Tipsy B.

1946 - 1st flight of the Short Solent, British passenger flying boat developed from the Short Seaford, itself a development of the Short Sunderland military flying boat

1952 - 1st flight of the Matra-Cantinieau MC.101, French experimental 2 seat helicopter issued from the Cantinieau C.100 -

1954 - The Fairey Delta 2 research aircraft, flown by Peter Twiss, exceeds the speed of sound in a climb.

1955 - Death of Arthur Henry (Harry) Cobby, Australian leading WWI fighter ace and WWII high ranking officer. -

1956 - 1st flight of the Convair B-58 Hustler, American supersonic jet bomber, 1st operational capable of Mach 2 flight, 4 engined with a delta wing design.

1961 - Death of Vasily Kamensky, Russian Futurist poet, playwright, and artist as well as one of the 1st Russian aviators.

1935 - United Airlines Flight 227 Boeing 727-22 crashed short of the runway while attempting a scheduled landing at Salt Lake City International Airport killing 43 over 91.

1966 - Launch of Gemini 12 (officially Gemini XII), NASA manned spaceflight.

1966 - USAF Lockheed EC-121H Super Constellation Warning Star crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 200 km (125 mls) East off Nantucket, killing all 19.

1982 - Launch of STS-5, Space shuttle Columbia mission to deploy communications satellites into orbit, 1st commercial flight.

1983 - 1st flight of The CASA/IPTN CN-235, Indonesian-Spanish medium-range twin-engined transport plane, used as regional airliner, maritime patrol, surveillance, and air transport.

1998 - Operation Desert Thunder begins in response to threats by Iraq's president Saddam Hussein to shoot down U-2 spy planes, and violate the no-fly zone set up over his country.

2002 - Laoag International Airlines Flight 585 Fokker F-27 Friendship crashed into Manila Bay shortly after takeoff from Ninoy Aquino International Airport after plane's engines began to fail, killing 15 over 34.

2009 - MCA Airlines, Swedish company, declares bankruptcy.