On This Day in Aviation History JUNE 29 th

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1875 - Birth of Pierre Clerget, French engineer,aviation pioneer, aircraft and engine designer. He designed one of the 1st diesel engine for an aircraft and the 1st rotary engines.


1884 - Birth of Alan John Lance Scott, New Zealand WWI flying ace, who has been Winston Churchill's flying instructor.


1893 - Birth of Werner Steinhäuser, German WWI flying ace.


1899 - Birth of Hector Omdurman MacDonald, South african WWI flying ace who also served in WWII.


1900 - Birth of Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint-Exupéry, French writer, Raid aviator and WWII Pilot. He is best remembered for his books about aviation adventures.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoine_de_Saint-Exup%C3%A9ry - http://www.antoinedesaintexupery.com/

1903 - Birth of Alan Dower Blumlein, British electronics engineer, notable for his many inventions in telecommunications, sound recording, stereo, television and radar.


1904 - Birth of Pietro Bonacossa, Italian Aviator.


1909 - In opening demonstration flights before the U.S. Army at Fort Myer, Virginia, Orville Wright makes the 1st flight with the new Wright A.


1909 - Birth of Harold Evans ‘Whitey’ Dahl (Hernando Diaz Evans), mercenary American pilot who fought in the Spanish Republican Air Force during the Spanish Civil War, RCAF instructor during WWII and airliner pilot post WWII.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Edward_Dahl - http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/us_dahl.htm

1914 - 1st meal is served on an aeroplane, aboard Sikorski Ilya Mourometz I, during a flight from Petrograd to Kiev.


1914 - Glenn Curtiss takes up nine passengers in New York in his seaplane Curtiss - H America, built for Rodman Wanamaker, to make an attempt on the £10,000 prize offered by the Daily Mail for the 1st transatlantic crossing in a heavier-than-air machine.


1917 - Death of Alfred Ulmer, German WWI flying ace killed in action in his Albatros D.V .


1927 - Lester Maitland and co-pilot Albert Francis Hegenberger lands their US Army Fokker C-2 , 'Bird of Paradise' in Honolulu . Coming from Oakland, it is the 1st non-stop flight between the United States and Hawaii

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_J._Maitland - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Francis_Hegenberger

1927 – 1st test of Wallace Rupert Turnbull's controllable pitch propeller is made By G.E. Brooks in an Avro 504K


1927 - Richard Evelyn Byrd with crew (Balchen, Acosta, and Noville) takes off their Fokker F.VIIa/3m "America" from Roosevelt Field East Garden City, New York to France.


1930 - The sole Lorraine Hanriot LH-41, French racer prototype, is destroyed on landing after a speed record attempt during the Michelin Cup.


1930 - The Wright Bellanca WB-2 'Columbia' performed the 1st non-stop flight from New York to Bermuda and back, piloted by Erroll Boyd, Roger Q. Williams, and Harry P. Conner in 17 hours, 3 minutes.


1931 - French Marcel Emile Haegelen won the Michelin Cup with the Lorraine Hanriot LH-41/2 racer at an average speed of 226.450 km/h.


1932 - A F9C Sparrowhawk (US light biplane aircraft) parasite fighter hooks onto the USS Akron for the 1st time.


1934 - 1st flight of the TsAGI A-8, Russian Autogyro.


1934 - Brothers Benjamin and Joseph Adamowicz takes off their Bellanca J300 'City of Warsaw' from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland for a transatlantic flight to Warsaw.


1943 - The Metropolitan-Vickers F.2, early turbojet engine and 1st British design to be based on an axial-flow compressor, is test flown on an Avro Lancaster test-bed, mounted in the rear fuselage.


1955 - Birth of Charles Joseph Precourt, USAF test pilot and NASA astronaut


1962 - 1st flight of the Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8/2, 2nd prototype supersonic jet fighter developed from and to replace the MiG-21.


1962 - 1st flight of The Dornier Do 32E, German simple, collapsible utralight single seat helicopter.


1962 - 1st flight of The Vickers VC10, long-range British airliner


1962 - Birth of George David "Zambo" Zamka, USMC pilot, test pilot and NASA astronaut.


1963 - 1st flight of The Saab 105, swedish high-wing, twin engine trainer aircraft.


1965 - 1st flight of The Tallmantz Phoenix P-1, movie model built for the 1965 film production, 'The Flight of the Phoenix'. Although it was used in the aerial sequences, its pilot, Paul Mantz, died in an accident involving the aircraft. It was made up of: North American T-6 Texan engine, cowling, propeller, undercarriage wheels and cockpit controls, Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor wings, North American L-17 Navion tail wheel, Tallmantz-designed and constructed fuselage, wing roots and skids.


1967 - 1st flight of the Piel CP-605 'Super Diamant', French 3 seat single-engine low wing monoplane light aircraft marketed for home building.


1972 - Death of Steven Logan Bennett, USAF Forward Air Controller (FAC), killed in his OV-10A Bronco over Quang Tri, Vietnam after a gun battle with Viet Cong gun positions.


1972 - North Central Airlines Flight 290 Convair CV-580 collided in mid-air with Air Wisconsin Flight 671 de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter over Lake Winnebago near Appleton, Wisconsin. Both aircraft crashed into the lake, killing all 13 people on board.


1976 - 1st flight of the Dassault-Breguet 'Mirage' F1B, two-seat operational conversion trainer of the French air-superiority fighter and attack jet aircraft.


1984 - Death of Henri Fabre, French aviator and the inventor of 'Le Canard', the 1st seaplane in history.


1995 – 1st docking of a Space Shuttle to Russian space station Mir is made by Atlantis. (STS-71)


1995 - 1st flight of The Bell 407, American four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-4 LongRanger.


2007 - 1st flight of The Piasecki X-49, American four-bladed, twin-engined, experimental compound helicopter based on the airframe of a Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk


2012 - Shenzhou 9, Chinese space mission to the Tiangong 1 space station, is back on earth.