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1872 - Birth of George Augustine Taylor,Australian artist, journalist, and aviation pioneer,1st person in Australia to fly in a heavier-than-air craft.

1894 - Birth of Kurt Wintgens, German WWI fighter ace, 1st military fighter pilot to score a victory over an opposing aircraft, while piloting an aircraft armed with a synchronized machine gun. -

1898 - Birth of Petar Marinovich (Pierre Marinovitch), French WWI flying ace. -

1898 - Birth of Lionel Arthur Ashfield, British WWI flying ace. -

1899 - Birth of James Crawford "Jimmie" Angel, American aviator after whom Angel Falls in Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world, is named.

1907 - Birth of Margarete (Marga) Wolff gen. von Etzdorf, german raid aviatrix.

1907 - The Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corps, world's 1st military heavier-than-air organization and progenitor of the USAF, is created. Their goal is, "to study the flying machine and the possibility of adapting it to military purposes.",_U.S._Signal_Corps

1911 - 1st woman in the USA licensed as a qualified pilot is Harriet Quimby, a drama critic.

1913 - Birth of Hiromichi Shinohara, (the Richthofen of the Orient) highest-scoring fighter ace of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service. -

1913 - Birth of Hans-Joachim 'Hajo' Herrmann, Luftwaffe bomber pilot, one of the most innovative air tacticians during WWII.

1913 - Swiss Oskar Bider makes the 1st night flight in Switzerland.

1914 - 1st flight of The White and Thompson No. 2, British two-bay, uneven-span pusher biplane flying boat, originally designed to compete in an air-race around the UK, Later renamed for production as the White and Thompson No. 3.

1915 - Lt Max Immelmann shoots down his 1st aircraft, a B.E.2c, with his Fokker E.I beginning his career as an ace and the period that will become known as the "Fokker scourge" -

1916 - 1st flight of The Schütte-Lanz SL 11, german airship which will be the 1st German airship to be shot down over Britain.

1918 - Death of Gabriel Fernand Charles Guérin, French WWI fighter ace, killed in a flying accident in his SPAD VII. -

1919 - Death of Aleksandr Alexandrovich Kozakov, most successful Russian WWI fighter ace, Killed in a plane crash during an air show which was performed to boost the morale of the Russian anti-Bolshevik troops during the Russian civil war. -

1920 - Birth of Thomas Buchanan McGuire Jr., 2nd highest scoring American ace during WWII. -

1921 - Death of William Ernest Shields, Canadian WWI fighter ace and sub-station superintendent of the Dominion air patrol at High River, Alberta, Killed in a crash. -

1921 - 1st flight of the Curtiss CR, American conventional single-seater biplane with staggered single-bay wings racing aircraft designed for the United States Navy.

1929 - Dr. Hugo Eckener commands the LZ-127 'Graf Zeppelin', 1st airship flight to circumnavigate the globe when the flight leaves Friedrichshafen, Germany.

1929 - Death of Joseph Marie Pierre Lebaudy, French industrial, early dirigible pioneer along with his brother Marie Paul Jules Lebaudy.

1938 - 1st fligth of the Messerschmitt Me 209,German high-speed experimental prototype.

1940 - Death of Stefano Cagna, Italian Pre-wwII raid aviator, Killed in action in his Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 bomber.

1941 - A pair of Tupolev TB-3s (heavy bomber aircraft in Zveno-SPB configuration), each with 2 Polikarpov I-16 fighters (as parasite fighters) carrying a pair of 250 kilograms (550 lb) bombs, destroyed an oil depot in Romania. -

1943 - Operation Tidal Wave, air attack by bombers of USAAF on nine oil refineries around Ploesti, Romania is made by B-24 Liberators.

1943 - Death of Lydia Litvak, one of the world's only two female fighter aces, shot down in her Yak-1b by Bf-109G during an escort mission of Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmoviks -

1943 - 1st Canadian-built four-engined aircraft, the Avro 683 Lancaster X, was flown at Malton, Onatrio.

1944 - Birth of Yury Viktorovich Romanenko, Soviet pilot and cosmonaut.

1945 - Death of Naoshi Kanno, Japanese WWII fighter ace, Missing in action with his Kawanishi N1K 'George' after technical failure while attacking B-24 over Yaku island. -

1946 - British European Airways (BEA) is established under the Civil Aviation Act of 1946, which makes the entire British air transport industry nationalized.

1946 - Birth of Richard Oswalt Covey, USAF pilot and NASA astronaut.

1948 - The Latécoère 631-06 'Lionel de Marmier', French large civil transatlantic 6 engine flying boat, disappeared at sea 1200 Miles from Dakar with the lost of 42 on board.

1948 - The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI, or OSI), is formed

1949 - 1st flight of the Northrop YC-125 Raider, American 3-engined high wing STOL utility transport.

1951 - Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL), flag carrier of Japan, is established.

1952 - Death of Robert Opie Lindsay, American WWI flying ace and USAAC WWII officer, founding member of the Civil Aeronautics Administration (forerunner to the Federal Aviation Administration) -

1954 - 1st vertical flight tests of The Convair XFY Pogo tailsitter, US experiment in vertical takeoff and landing. The Pogo had delta wings and three-bladed contra-rotating propellers and intended to be a high-performance fighter aircraft capable of operating from small warships.

1955 - 1st flight of The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed "Dragon Lady", US single-engine, very high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the USAF and previously flown by the CIA. It provides day and night, very high-altitude (70,000 feet / 21,000 meters), all-weather intelligence gathering. It was only intended to be a high-speed taxi run. The sailplane-like wings were so efficient that the aircraft jumped into the air at 70 knots (130 km/h).

1957 - NORAD is formed to co-ordinate US and Canadian air defense

1960 - Death of Ernst Bormann, German WWI flying ace and WWII general major of the Luftwaffe. -

1963 - Birth of Koichi Wakata, Japanese engineer and JAXA astronaut.

1963 - 1st flight of the PZL-104 Wilga Mark 2, Variant of the Polish short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Civil Aviation utility aircraft

1965 - 1st flight of the McDonnell-Douglas F-4E Phantom II, most numerous Phantom variant built.

1966 - 1st flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30, Evolution of the American twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner.

1967 - Launch of Lunar Orbiter 5, NASA Last of the Lunar Orbiter series, designed to take additional Apollo and Surveyor landing site photography and to take broad survey images of unphotographed parts of the Moon's far side

1972 – Northeast Airlines is integrated into Delta Air Lines.

1973 - 1st (glide) flight of the Martin Marietta X-24B, experimental US aircraft developed from a joint USAF-NASA program named PILOT (1963–1975). It was designed and built to test lifting body concepts, experimenting with the concept of unpowered reentry and landing, later used by the Space Shuttle

1976 - American Donald Taylor takes off in his Home Built Thorp T-18 'Victoria 76' for a round the world flight.

1977 – Death of Francis Gary Powers (American pilot whose CIA U-2 spy plane was shot down while flying a reconnaissance mission over Soviet Union airspace, causing the 1960 U-2 incident.) in the crash of the news helicopter Bell 206 Jet Ranger he was flying in Los Angeles.

1981 - 1st flight of the Bell Model 222B, Standard production and more powerful model of the twin-engined light helicopter.

1981 - Death of Julius Arigi, Austro Hungarian WWI fighter ace, technical innovator responsible for engineering changes in the aircraft he flew, co-founder of Ikarus, one of Czechoslovakia's pioneer civil aviation companie, and WWII Luftwaffe fighter instructor. (2 of his students were aces Walter Nowotny and Hans-Joachim Marseille). -

1983 - America West Airlines begins flying, from Phoenix, Arizona.

1990 - Launch of Soyuz TM-10, Russian space mission to MIR, Japanese reporter Toyohiro Akiyama making its 1st space flight.

1997 - McDonnell Douglas is merged into the Boeing Company

2002 - 1st flight of The Scaled Composites Model 318 White Knight, American jet-powered carrier aircraft used to launch the SpaceShipOne experimental spacecraft.

2003 - 1st successful supersonic flight of The HAL Tejas, indian lightweight multirole tailless fighter.

2010 - The aircraft used for flying scenes in the movie 'Con Air', Fairchild C-123K Provider , former AF Ser. No. 54-0709, FAA registration N709RR (cn: 20158), crashed in Denali National Park while performing a cargo flight for All West Freight. All 3 crew members died.