On This Day in Aviation History NOVEMBER 12th

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1746 - Birth of Jacques Alexandre César Charles, French inventor, scientist, mathematician, and balloonist.

1886 - Birth of Alfonso de Orleans y Borbón, Infante of Spain, Duke of Galliera , Spanish military aviator.,_Duke_of_Galliera

1894 - Birth of William Charles Cambray, British WWI flying ace -

1894 - Lawrence Hargrave successfully lifted himself off the ground under a train of four of his box kites at Stanwell Park Beach. He rose 16 feet in a wind speed of 21 mph.

1896 - Birth of Martin Dehmisch, German WWI flying ace.

1896 - Birth of Harold Anthony "Doc" Oaks, Canadian WWI flying ace, bush aviation pionneer. He invented the portable nose hangar, founder of Patricia Airways, manager and sole pilot of a newly-formed Western Canada Airways, inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. -

1898 - Birth of John Dartnell "Jack" De Pencier, Canadian WWI flying ace.

1898 - Birth of Henry Coyle Rath, Canadian WWI flying ace. -

1903 - 1st fully practical airship, the Lebaudy, makes a successful flight in Paris, France. The 190-foot-long airship flies 38 ½ miles and achieves a speed of 25-mph.

1903 - Birth of René Lefèvre, French aviation pioneer, WWII pilot, well known for having flown the 'Oiseau canari' on a north atlantic crossing.

1905 - Birth of Iris Louise McPhetridge Thaden, American aviation pioneer, holder of numerous aviation records, and 1st woman to win the Bendix Trophy.

1906 - Alberto Santos-Dumont flies the 14-bis some 720 feet and wins the Aéro-Club de France prize for exceeding 100 meters, 1st world record recognized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale -

1906 - The Blériot IVbis (Blériot-Voisin II), Initial prototype of the early twin engined french hydroplane land gear equipped, is destroyed on the attempt of its 1st flight. -

1910 - 1st flight of the ASL Racer (or Valkyrie B), Smaller version of the Valkyrie A (or Valkyrie I), early british canard pusher configuration aircraft .

1912 - 1st successful catapult launch of a seaplane is made by T. Gordon Ellyson at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard. Catapulted by a compressed air system from an anchored barge, the floatplane is a Curtiss A-1 Triad hydroplane.

1919 - Brothers Keith Macpherson Smith and Ross Macpherson Smith, together with Sgts Bennett and Shiers (1st All-Australian crew to fly an aeroplane), take off from Hounslow in a Vickers F.B.27 Vimy for a flight to Australia.

1919 - 1st flight test of the Sopwith Snark, British prototype single engined triplane fighter aircraft.

1921 - Wingwalker Wesley May climbed from a Lincoln Standard to a Curtiss JN-4 airplane with a can of fuel strapped to his back. When he reached the JN-4, he poured the fuel into its gas tank.

1924 - Birth of Audouin Charles Dollfus, French astronomer and aeronaut.

1926 - 1st flight of the SPAD S-82, French biplane prototype for towing Aerial advertisment.

1932 - 1st flight of The de Havilland DH.84 Dragon, British successful small commercial twin engine aircraft.

1935 - 1st flight of The Curtiss SOC Seagull, American single-engined scout observation biplane aircraft, that could be set in a seaplane configuration or with a fixed undercarriage.

1937 - Cuban aircrafts, Stinson type, baptized with historical names (La Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria), piloted by Lieutenants Antonio Menéndez Peláez, Feliciano and Alfredo Jiménez Risech Amat Alum, and Dominican aircraft, Curtiss Wright R-19 manned by Major Frank A. Felix Miranda and his assistant, Sergeant Major mechanical Ernesto Tejada, leave Miraflores airfield RD for a Panamerican flight.

1937 - Birth of Richard Harrison Truly, USN pilot and NASA astronaut.

1940 - 21 Fairey Swordfishs from HMS Illustrious made a succesfull raid against Regia Marina ships at Taranto, one battleship was sunk and two were heavily damaged.

1941 - Alma Heflin, 1st American female test pilot for standard production aircraft made her 1st test flight for the Piper Aircraft Corporation of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

1942 - Death of Masaharu Suganami, Japanese WWII fighter ace, Killed in his Mitsubishi A6M Zero over Guadalcanal by a Grumman F4F Wildcat.

1944 - Operation Catechism : 30 Avro Lancaster bombers from No. 9 Squadron RAF and No. 617 Squadron RAF are launched from Lossiemouth in one of the most successful precision bombing attacks of war and sinks the German battleship Tirpitz, with 12,000 lb Tallboy bombs off Tromsø, Norway.

1946 - 1st flight of the A.S.O.-1070 'Griffon', French twin seat twin tail single engine low wing monoplane trainer prototype.

1948 - 1st flight of the Sud-Ouest SO 6020 Espadon, 1st turbojet-powered single-seat fighter of French design to be built. -

1956 - A Sikorsky S-56 helicopter, in service with the United States Marine Corps (USMC), records a speed of 261kph (162mph)

1959 - 1st flight of the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar, Canadian VTOL aircraft part of a secret U.S. military project carried out in the early years of the Cold War. intended to exploit the Coanda effect to provide lift and thrust from a single "turborotor" blowing exhaust out the rim of the disk-shaped aircraft to provide anticipated VTOL-like performance.

1960 - 1st flight of the The Enstrom F-28, American small, light piston-engined helicopter.

1961 - Death of Joseph Eugene Carberry, american pioneer aviator.

1965 - Launch of Venera 2, Soviet space probe to explore Venus.

1965 - Death of Thomas James Birmingham, Canadian WWI flying ace

1966 - Death of Nikolai Vasilevich Sutyagin, Soviet WWII fighter pilot, Korean war fighter ace and high ranking officer. -

1969 - AERITALIA SPA, aerospace engineering corporation based in Italy, is formed by the merger of Fiat Aviazione and Aerfer -

1970 - 1st flight of The Kawasaki C-1 , Japanese twin-engined short-range military transport.

1972 – Hijacked Southern Airways Flight 49 Douglas DC-9 lands in Havana, Cuba, where the hijackers are jailed by Fidel Castro. It was threatened at one point with crashing into the nuclear installation at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

1976 - Death of Mikhail Iosifovich Gurevich, Soviet aircraft designer, partner (with Artem Mikoyan) of the famous MiG military aviation bureau.

1980 - NASA spaceprobe Voyager 1 passes Titan, Saturn's largest moon, at a distance of 4,400 kilometres, (2,796 miles), before continuing on out of the solar system.

1981 - 1st re-use of a manned space vehicle, Space shuttle Columbia is launched on STS-2, 1st with The Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS), or Canadarm (Canadarm 1), mechanical arm used on the Space Shuttle orbiters to maneuver a payload from the payload bay of the orbiter to its deployment position and then release it. It can also grapple a free-flying payload, maneuver it to the payload bay of the orbiter and berth it in the orbiter. -

1989 - World's 1st human-powered helicopter, constructed from carbon-fibre and balsa wood, flies for the 1st time at California Polytechnic State university. The flight, powered by Greg McNeil, lasts for a total of 2 seconds.

1995 - Launch of STS-74, Space Shuttle Atlantis mission to the Mir space station

1996 – A Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 Boeing 747-168B and Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane collide in mid-air near New Delhi, killing 349.

1997 - An Ariane 44L-3 rocket launch IndoStar-1 (also known as Cakrawarta-1), 1st direct broadcasting satellite (DBS) in Asia, and Sirius 2, digital satellite television. -

1999 - United Nations ATR-42-312 on behalf of the UN World Food Program crashed into a hill 18 km (11.3 mls) NE of Mitrovica (Serbia) in poor weather killing all 24.

2001 - American Airlines Flight 587 Airbus A300-600 en route to the Dominican Republic, crashes minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on board and five on the ground.

2004 - Death of Stanislaw Skalski, WWII polish fighter ace, 1st Allied fighter ace of the war, High ranking officer post war. -

2005 - Death of Richard Earl "Dick" Lawyer, USAF vietnam war pilot, test pilot and Astronaut.

2006 - Death of Stefan Pucas, Romanian WWII flying ace

2008 - Largest parachute wingsuit formation is setted in Lake Elsinore, California, USA (71 wingsuit jumpers).