On This Day in Aviation History AUGUST 19 th

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1871 - Birth of Orville Wright, co-inventor, with his brother Wilbur, of the 1st airplane to achieve powered, sustained, and controlled flight and the 1st fully practical powered airplane.

1878 - Birth of William Geoffrey Hanson Salmond, senior commander in the Royal Flying Corps during WWI and high ranking officer postwar.

1887 - Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (credited as being the creator of the 1st version of the periodic table of elements) uses a balloon to ascend above the cloud cover to an altitude of 11,500 feet (3.5 km) to observe an eclipse in Russia.

1887 - Birth of Pierre Delage, French WWI flying ace -

1895 - Birth of Croye Rothes Pithey, South African WWI flying ace, Bomber pilot and Balloon buster. -

1896 - Birth of Gerolamo "Gino" Lisa, Italian WWI pilot.

1897 - Birth of George Buchanan Foster, Canadian WWI flying ace and member of the Legislative Council of Quebec. -

1898 - Birth of Boris Pavlovich Lisunov, Soviet aerospace engineer and aircraft designer, who directed the design of the Lisunov Li-2, license-built version of the Douglas DC-3.

1898 - Birth of Edgar Oxenham Amm, South African WWI flying ace who also served in WWII. -

1907 - Birth of Archie William League, American pilot, and licensed engine and aircraft mechanic, generally considered the 1st air traffic controller.

1908 - 1st flight of the Bousson-Borgnis (Auto Aviateur), Early french triplane

1908 - French Georges Legagneux wins the 3rd prize of teh ACF (Aéro Club de France), Flying 256m with the Ferber IX (Antoinette III). -

1909 - Birth of Count Carl Gustaf Ericsson von Rosen, Swedish pioneer aviator. He flew relief missions in a number of conflicts as well as combat missions for Finland and Biafran rebels.

1911 - British naval officer Comdr. Charles Rumney Samson sets a new British endurance record of 4 hours, 58 minutes, 30 seconds. The Short S.27 (N° 38) biplane has special tanks allowing sufficient fuel for more than 4 hours flying.

1913 - Birth of John Hadji Argyris. He was among the creators of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and lately Professor at the University of Stuttgart and Director of the Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures

1913 - Adolphe Pégoud is the 1st pilot to make a parachute jump from an airplane, a sacrified Blériot XI. -

1914 - The Royal Flying Corps makes its 1st reconnaissance flight.

1915 - Lt Oswald Boelcke wins his 1st individual aerial combat (a Bristol Biplane) flying a Fokker E.I fitted with interrupter gear. -

1917 - Birth of Egon 'Connie' Mayer, German WWII fighter ace, 1st fighter pilot to score 100 victories entirely on the western front. -

1917 - Death of Otto Jäger, Austro Hungarian WWI flying ace, killed in his Albatros D.III by an Italian Nieuport. -

1917 - Death of Carleton Main Clement, Canadian WWI fighter ace, killed by anti-aircraft fire in his Bristol F.2 . -

1917 - Heinrich Gontermann, German WWI fighter ace, shoot down a SPAD and later, on a single mission, downs 4 balloons in 3 minutes.

1918 - Louis Bennett, Jr., American WWI flying ace, downed 4 balloons on that day with his S.E.5a.

1918 – A US. Navy Curtiss 18-T-1 triplane flown by Curtiss test pilot Roland Rohlfs establishes a new world speed record of 163 mph (232.32 km/hr) carrying a load of 1,076 lbs.

1920 - Birth of Constantin Balta, Romanian WWII flying ace, Post War high ranking officer before entering the Civil Aviation General Authority. -

1921 - Birth of Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry, American WWII Bomber pilot, television screenwriter, producer and futurist, best known for creating the American science fiction series Star Trek

1922 - Death of Adrien Fetu, French WWI fighter pilot and glider pioneer, from injuries after the crash of the Bellanger-Denhaut glider prototype the day before.

1926 - Birth of Manlio Quarantelli, Italian air force pilot and test pilot for Fiat and Aeritalia.

1927 - American WWI flying ace William Portwood Erwin is presumed drowned at sea with Alvin Eichwald after failing to return from a search for two other missing competitors of the Dole air race. -

1929 - 1st flight of the ZMC-2 (Zeppelin Metal Clad 200,000 ft. capacity), US Airship, only successfully-operated metal-skinned airship ever built, helium balloon supported by transverse metal frames and longitudinal stiffeners with a thin metal covering forming the outer skin.

1932 - French aviatrix Maryse Hilsz sets a woman altitude record of 10000 m.

1932 - James Allan ("Jim") Mollison lands his de Havilland Puss Moth in Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada, becoming the 1st pilot to perform an East-to-West solo trans-Atlantic flight from Portmarnock, Dublin, Ireland

1935 - 1st flight of The CANT Z.506 Airone, Italian triple-engine floatplane which served as a transport and postal aircraft with the Italian airline "Ala Littoria", and used as a reconnaissance aircraft, bomber and air-sea rescue plane. It established many world records in 1936 and in 1937.

1935 - Birth of Franklin Story Musgrave, American physician and NASA astronaut.

1940 - 1st flight of The North American B-25 Mitchell, American twin-engined medium bomber.

1942 - Death of Erwin Sawallisch, German flying ace of Spanish war and WWII, killed in a flying accident with his Bf109F-2/Trop in North Africa.

1942 - Death of Emile 'Francois' Fayolle, French WWII fighter pilot, one of the 1st pilots to join the Free French Air Force, Killed in his Hurricane during operation Jubilee over Dieppe.

1944 - Death of Yoshimitsu Naka, Japanese WWII night flying ace, killed in action.

1946 - Birth of Charles Frank "Charlie" Bolden, Jr., USMC pilot and Major general, NASA Astronaut and Administrator of NASA.,_Jr.

1949 - British European Airways Douglas DC-3 crashed in a a mist-covered hill at Oldham, on approach to Manchester killing 24 over 32. An hour later, a Percival Proctor light aircraft crashed on a test flight in mist at Baildon in Yorkshire, approximately 40 miles (64 km) away. All 4 of its passengers died

1957 - Maj David Simons sets a new balloon altitude record of 101,516 ft (30,942 m) during a 32 hours flight.

1958 - 1st flight of The Lockheed P-3 Orion (YP3V-1), American four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft prototype developed from the L-188 Electra commercial airliner.

1959 - Transair Douglas Dakota carrying 29 students home to England and chartered by the National Union of Students to conduct regular weekly flights from Gatwick to Barcelona, entered cloud while climbing and struck Turó de l'Home, a mountain north east of Barcelona killing all 32.

1959 - Death of Claude Grahame White, English pioneer of aviation, and the 1st to make a night flight, founder of Grahame-White Aviation Co. Ltd.

1960 – Launch of Korabl-Sputnik 2 (Known as Sputnik 5), Soviet satellite with the dogs Belka and Strelka, 40 mices, 2 rats and a variety of plants. 1st spaceflight to send animals into orbit and return them safely back to Earth. -

1962 - 1st flight of The Beagle B.218X (also known as the Beagle-Miles M.218), British four-seat twin-engined prototype light transport monoplane

1962 - Birth of Michael James Massimino, American engineer and NASA astronaut.

1964 - Launch of Syncom 3, part of NASA geosynchronous communication satellites, 1st geostationary communication satellite.

1967 – USMCs Captain Stephen Wesley Pless, piloting a UH-1E Iroquois "Huey" attack helicopter near Quang Ngai, South Vietnam, drives Viet Cong forces away from Americans stranded on a beach and then lands under heavy fire to rescue them.

1968 - 1st flight of The F+W C-3605, nicknamed Schlepp ("Tug") or "Alpine Anteater", Swiss target towing aircraft operated by the Swiss Air Force

1969 - Embraer, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, is founded.

1974 - The Cameron balloon 'Gerald Heineken' is flown for the 1st time at Bristol, and with a volume of 14,158 cubic metres (500,000 cubic feet) it is the world's largest hot air balloon. The balloon's two-tier basket could accommodate twelve passengers.

1977 - Death of Joanny Burtin, French Aviator, record setter and test pilot.

1979 - Soyuz 34, Soviet unmanned space flight to the Salyut 6 space station, is back on earth.

1980 - Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 163 Lockheed L1011-200 TriStar makes a safe emergency landing in Riyadh, but panicked passengers suffocate and burn in a subsequent stampede. All inside the plane die.

1980 - 1st flight of the Boeing-Vertol Model 234LR, Long range Commercial transport version of the CH-47 Chinook, American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter.

1981 - 2 United States Navy F-14 Tomcats shoot down 2 Sukhoi Su-22s of the Libyan Air Force over the Gulf of Sidra. -

1982 - Launch of Soyuz T-7, Soviet space mission to the Salyut 7 space station, carrying the 2nd woman in space, cosmonaut vetlana Savitskaya.

1982 - 1st flight of The Hawk GafHawk ("General Aviation Freighter"), small turboprop-powered freighter prototype aircraft designed in the USA by Hawk International as a means of transporting drilling equipment in and out of remote locations, and was designed to be simple, rugged, and have good STOL and rough-field performance.

1984 - Death of Manlio Quarantelli, Italian air force pilot and test pilot for Fiat and Aeritalia, from wounds sustained after a crash 3 months before during a flight test of the AMX International AMX prototype (Italian-Brazilian joint venture for a ground-attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions).

1986 - Death of Wilfred Beaver, British born Canadian WWI fighter ace, who became an american citizen and served in the USAF in WWII. -

1996 - Spair Airlines Flight PAR-3601 Ilysuhin Il-76T cargo flight crashed in a corn field 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) northeast of the runway on approach of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport at Belgrade, having electrical problems on its flight from russia to malta, killing all 12 on board.

1997 - STS-85, Space Shuttle Discovery mission to perform multiple space science packages, is back on earth.

1998 - Death of Max Holste, French aeronautical engineer and founder of an aircraft manufacturer company of the same name and one of the lead engineers of the Embraer Bandeirante project.

2002 – A Russian Mi-26 helicopter carrying troops is hit by a Chechen missile outside of Grozny, killing 118 soldiers.

2009 - Death of Walter Jacobi, German rocket scientist and member of the "von Braun rocket group", at Peenemünde.

2012 - Alfa Airlines Antonov An-26-100 carrying a Sudanese government delegation to an Eid al-Fitr festival crashes in the mountains around Talodi in the state of South Kordofan in southern Sudan, killing all 32 people on board.