On This Day in Aviation History AUGUST 22 nd

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1834 - Birth of Samuel Pierpont Langley, American astronomer, physicist, inventor of the bolometer and pioneer of aviation.

1877 - Birth of Riccardo Moizo, Italian military pilot during WWI and high fanking officer in WWII

1882 - Birth of Raymonde de Laroche (born Elise Raymonde Deroche), French aviatrix and 1st woman in the world to receive an aeroplane pilot's licence.

1890 - Birth of Hans-Joachim Buddecke, German WWI flying ace. -

1895 - Birth of László Ede Almásy de Zsadány et Törökszentmiklós, Hungarian aristocrat, motorist, desert researcher, aviator, WWI pilot, Scout-leader and WWII soldier who also served as the basis for the protagonist in Michael Ondaatje's 1992 novel The English Patient and the movie based on it.

1895 - Birth of Georg Weiner, German WWI flying ace, author of childrens books, probably best remembered for the creation of "Biggles," the fictional WWI hero. He also Was a High ranking officer in WWII -

1895 - Birth of Jesse Orin Creech, American WWI flying ace -

1898 - Birth of Arthur Eden Reed, South African WWI fighter ace

1909 - 1st great international aviation meeting 'Grande semaine d'aviation de la Champagne' begins in Bétheny, France. 23 European airplanes make 87 flights during one week. The meeting will have a strong influence on the technical and military aspects of flight.

1909 - Birth of Vladimir Grigoryevich Yermolaev, Soviet aircraft designer, general-major of the aviation engineering service.

1911 - Birth of Handa Watari, Japanese russo-japanese war and WWII flying ace -

1911 - Birth of Ludwig Becker, German WWII night fighter ace. -

1912 - Birth of Jorma Kalevi Sarvanto, Finnish Air Force pilot and the foremost Finnish fighter ace of the Winter War. -

1914 - 1st British aircraft to be lost in action, An RFC Avro of No.5 Squadron is shot down by rifle fire over Belgium. Lieutenant V. Waterfall and Lieutenant C.G.G. Bayly are killed.

1916 - Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 1 (commonly abbreviated as Jasta 1), fighter squadron of the Luftstreitkräfte, the air arm of the Imperial German Army during WWI is founded, using single seat fighters drawn from First Army. It was one of the 1st wave of dedicated fighter squadrons founded as a result of Oswald Boelcke's espousal of massing fighter air power.

1916 - Austro-Hungarian WWI aces Julius Arigi and Johann Lasi score their 1st five victories (10 Farmans overall) , with their Hansa-Brandenburg C.I on a single mission. -

1918 - Death of Antoine Laplasse, French pioneer aviator and WWI flying ace, killed in action in his Spad XIII by a Fokker D.VII. -

1918 - Death of Tom Cecil Noel, British WWI fighter ace (as observer), killed in action in his Bristol F.2b. -

1922 - 1st flight of the SPAD S-40, French twin seat single engine biplane scout aircraft.

1922 - 1st flight of the Vickers Type 56 Victoria, British biplane freighter and troop transport aircraft

1922 - 1st flight of The Aeromarine PG-1, American single-seat Pursuit and Ground Attack (PG) biplane prototype.

1923 - 1st flight of The Witteman-Lewis XNBL-1 "Barling Bomber", American experimental long-range, heavy bomber. Although unsuccessful as a bomber, it was an early attempt at creating a strategic bomber.

1927 - A KLM Fokker F.VIII crashed at Underriver, Kent, following structural failure of the tailfin or rudder.

1931 - 1st flight of The Granville Gee Bee Model Z , American racing aircraft, 1st of the Super Sportster aircraft built by Granville Brothers Aircraft with the sole intent of winning the Thompson Trophy.

1931 - 1st flight of The Laird Super Solution LC-DW500 aka "Sky Buzzard", American racing biplane .

1932 - Birth of Gerald Paul Carr, American engineer, USMC pilot and NASA astronaut.

1939 - Death of Koji Motomura, 2nd sino-japanese war japanese fighter ace, killed in action.

1942 - U-654 is sunk in the Caribbean by a Douglas B-18 Digby (US Army Bomb. Sqdn. 45), one of the 1st American aircraft to sink a German U-Boat.

1944 – Operation Goodwood, a series of Royal Navy air strikes by the aircraft carriers HMS Formidable, HMS Furious, HMS Indefatigable, HMS Nabob, and HMS Trumpeter against the German battleship Tirpitz at her anchorage in Norway, begins with a day strike designated Goodwood I, which is foiled by heavy cloud cover over the target area. An evening strike, Goodwood II, also is unsuccessful.

1947 - 1st flight of The Miles M.68 boxcar, British containerised freighter aircraft prototype, modification of the Miles Aerovan. The container or air-trailer was part of the fuselage but could be dismounted and towed on the road.

1951 - The Bell X1-D, US rocket research aircraft, was lost in a fuel explosion during preparations for the 1st powered flight. The aircraft was destroyed upon impact after it was jettisoned from its EB-50A mothership.

1952 - 1st flight of The Saunders-Roe SR.45 Princess, British flying boat 6 engined prototype aircraft. It was one of the largest aircraft in existence.

1955 - US Navy pilot Robert G. Dose flying an FJ-3 Fury made the 1st landing using use the mirror landing system on USS Bennington (CV-20), a system that became standard throughout American carriers.

1958 - Death of Joseph Eskel Hallonquist, Canadian WWI flying ace -

1963 – American Joe Walker in an X-15 test plane reaches an altitude of 106 km (66 mi).

1965 - Death of John Lankester Parker, british aviator and Chief Test Pilot for Short Brothers.

1965 - Death of Ellen Church, 1st female flight attendant in America.

1966 - Death of Louis Drummond Bawlf, Canadian WWI flying ace.

1970 - Two Sikorsky HH-53C helicopters complete a non-stop transpacific flight of 9,000 miles (14,484 km) using in-flight refuelling.

1970 - 1st flight of the MB-326K (originally known as the MB-336), last evolution of the italian light military jet aircraft with more powerful engines.

1972 - 1st flight of the Sukhoi T-4, or "Aircraft 100", or "Project 100", or "Sotka" , Soviet high speed reconnaissance, anti-ship and strategic bomber aircraft that did not proceed beyond the prototype stage

1973 - 1st flight of The Learjet Model 35, American multi-role business jet and military transport aircraft

1974 - 1st fligth of the Short 330 (also SD3-30) , British highwing twin engined small transport aircraft.

1976 - Luna 24 (lunik 24), Soviet unmanned space probe to the moon, is back on earth.

1980 - Death of James Smith "Mac" McDonnell, American aviation pioneer and founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, later McDonnell Douglas.

1981 - Far East Air Transport Flight 103 Boeing 737-222 broke apart in mid-air 14 minutes after take-off from aipei Songshan Airport killing all 110.

1985 - British Airtours Flight 28M, a 737-200, caught on fire after a rejected take-off at Manchester Airport, UK, after a crack in one of the combustors of the left Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 engine. A total of 56 of the 136 passengers and crew died, most due to toxic smoke inhalation.

1989 - Death of Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev, Soviet aeronautical engineer and airplane designer. He designed the Yakovlev military aircraft and founded the Yakovlev Design Bureau.

1997 - 1st flight of The AASI Jetcruzer 500, American 6 seat single turboprop light civil transport, streched evolution of the 450.

1999 - China Airlines Flight 642 (operated by Mandarin Airlines) McDonnell Douglas MD-11 crashed at Hong Kong International Airport While landing during a typhoon. It touched down hard, flipped over and caught fire. Of the people on board 312 survived and 3 were killed.

2001 - Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-105) is back on earth.

2006 – Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise Flight 612 Tupolev Tu-154M crashes near the Russian border over eastern Ukraine, killing all 170 people on board.