On This Day in Aviation History NOVEMBER 19th

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1882 - Birth of Aurel Vlaicu, Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot.

1882 - Birth of Ludovic Georges Louis Verdier, Early french aviator, aircraft designer and helicopter pioneer, Test pilot and instrcutor for Farman.

1892 - Birth of Theodor Hermann Dahlmann, German WWI flying ace, influential aviation administrator before and during WWII. -

1892 - Birth of Alessandro Resch, Italian WWI flying ace and airliner pilot. -

1894 - Birth of Pietro Sordi, Italian AViator and WWI pilot.

1896 - Birth of Louis Drummond Bawlf, Canadian WWI flying ace.

1897 - Birth of Harry von Bülow-Bothkamp, German WWI & WWII flying ace, Co-founder of the Bäumer Aero which went bankrupt in the course of the Great Depression, one of the few two-war aces in history. -

1897 - Birth of Charles William Cudemore, British WWI fighter ace who also served in WWII. -

1912 - Italy's colonial air force is established as the Servizio d'Aviazione Coloniale.

1915 - 1st combat search and rescue by aircraft in history is done by Richard Bell Davies, picking up his friend shot down behind ennemy lines at Ferrijik Junction, Bulgaria during a bombing mission. This awerded hil the Victoria Cross.

1916 - Ruth Bancroft Law sets a new distance record for cross-country flight by flying 590 miles (950 km) non-stop from Chicago to New York State with an old Cutiss pusher.

1919 - Death of Franz Rudorfer, Austro Hungarian WWI flying ace, volunteer in the Ukrainian Military Air Service, he took part on the Polish-Ukrainian war before escaping with his Nieuport 23 to Czechoslovakia. -

1922 - Malert (Magyar Legiforgalmi), Hungarian airline is formed. It was a fore-runner of MALÉV Hungarian Airlines.

1922 - Death of George Edgar Bruce Lawson, South african WWI flying ace, killed in a crash while flying as a passenger aboard an Airco D.H.9. -

1925 - 1st trans-African flight is completed by 3 de Havilland DH9As of No.47 Squadron, led by Squadron Leader A. Coningham. They flew from Cairo to Kano in Nigeria and back.

1932 - 1st flight of the Yakovlev AIR-7, Soviet two-seat single-engined monoplane high performance light prototype aircraft.

1932 - 1st flight of the A.N.F. Les Mureaux 170, French Single engine High wing monoplane fighter prototype.

1934 - 1st flight of The Loire 130, French high-wing monoplane flying boat. -

1936 - PLUNA – Líneas Aéreas Uruguayas S.A., flag carrier of Uruguay, begins operations.

1937 - 1st flight of The Savoia-Marchetti S.83, Italian 3 engine monoplane airliner, civilian version of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bomber.

1940 - 1st victory with Airborne Interception radar (A.I. Mk IV) and 1st RAF nightfighter victory is a Junkers Ju88A-5 of 3/Kampfgeschwader 54 by a N° 604 Squadron Bristol Beaufighter flown by Flight Lieutenant John Cunningham and Sergeant J. Phillipson.

1941 - Death of Cesare Toschi , italian WWII bomber pilot killed during a bombing mission over Malta in his Fiat B.R.20.

1942 - Launch of Operation Freshman, 1st British airborne operation conducted using gliders, and its target was the Vemork Norsk Hydro chemical plant in Norway which produced heavy water for Nazi Germany. 2 Handley Page Halifax aircraft depart from RAF Skitten in Scotland, each towing a Horsa glider (sailplane) carrying sixteen Royal Engineers.

1944 - Death of Noboru Mune, Japanese WWII flying ace, Killed in action

1946 - 1st (composite) flight of the Leduc 010, French research ramjet aircraft, mounted on a SE 161 Languedoc.

1948 - 1st flight of The Hawker P.1052, British experimental jet aircraft built for trials with swept wings.

1948 - Fairey Aviation Co. of Canada was established and took over the facilities of the Clark-Ruse Aircraft Co. at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

1952 - Death of Marcel Laurent Henriot, French WWI flying ace. -

1956 - The Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF) is formed.

1956 - Birth of Eileen Marie Collins, USAF test pilot an NASA astronaut, 1st female pilot and 1st female commander of a Space Shuttle.

1958 - Birth of Jean-François André Clervoy, French engineer, test pilot and CNES, ESA astronaut.

1960 - 1st flight of The Hawker P.1127, British experimental and development aircraft that led to the Hawker Siddeley Harrier, the first vertical and/or short take-off and landing (V/STOL) jet fighter-bomber.

1962 - Birth of Nicole Marie Passonno Stott, American engineer and NASA astronaut.

1964 - Birth of Nicholas James MacDonald Patrick, Ph.D., American British-born engineer and NASA astronaut.

1969 - Apollo 12 with astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean land at Oceanus Procellarum (the "Ocean of Storms") and become the 3rd and 4th humans to walk on the Moon.

1969 - Mohawk Airlines Flight 411 Fairchild FH-227B crashed into Pilot Knob Mountain, killing all 14, caused by the captain's improper execution of an instrument approach, combined with a severe downdraft at a low altitude.

1971 - 1st break of the sound barrier at level flight by a Japanese aircraft is the Mitsubishi T-2, military jet trainer.(Mach 1.03) .

1975 - 1st flight of The AmEagle American Eaglet, American highly unorthodox ultralight sailplane, one-seat, high-wing braced monoplane that carried an inverted V-tail on a long boom extending from a pod-like fuselage equipped with a McCulloch go-kart engine and a folding propeller behind the cabin for self-launching.

1977 – Transportes Aéreos Portugueses (TAP) flight 425 Boeing 727-282Adv crashes whilme landing in the Madeira Islands, killing 130.

1996 - United Express flight 5925 Beechcraft 1900 operated by Great Lakes Airlines crashed upon landing at Quincy, colliding with a private Beechcraft King Air at the intersection of runways 4 and 13 at Quincy Regional Airport, killing all 14 on both planes.

1996 - Launch of STS-80, Space Shuttle Columbia mission.

1997 - Launch of STS-87, Space Shuttle Columbia mission to conduct experiments using the United States Microgravity Payload (USMP-4), to conduct 2 EVAs, and to deploy the SPARTAN-201 experiment.

1998 - A NASA ER-2 research aircraft (Variant of the Lockheed U-2, American single-engine, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, designed for high-altitude civilian research) set a world record for altitude of 20,479 meters (67,190 ft) in horizontal flight in the 12,000 to 16,000 kg (26,000 to 35,000 lb) weight class.

1999 - Launch of Shenzhou 1, People's Republic of China 1st unmanned spacecraft.