On This Day in Aviation History MARCH 28 th

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1843 - William Samuel Henson (1805-1888) receives the patent and publishes in London his design for an Aerial Steam Carriage. This is the 1st reasoned, formulated, and detailed design for a propeller-driven aircraft.

1854 - Birth of George White, English businessman and stockbroker who formed, with his brother Samuel, the Bristol Aeroplane Company.,_1st_Baronet

1867 - Birth of Patrick Young Alexander, British aeronautical pioneer who performed many metrological and aviation experiments, designing and building his own equipment.

1893 - Birth of Russell Lowell Maughan, American pioneer aviator, WWI fighter pilot, Raid pilot, record setter and WWII high ranking officer.

1894 - Birth of Julius Buckler, German WWI fighter ace. -

1895 - Birth of James Thomas Byford McCudden, British WWI fighter ace. -

1896 - Birth of Joseph Henry Siddall, British WWI flying ace

1897 - Birth of Arthur Martens, German glider pilot and WWI pilot, kiled in a flying accident.

1897 - Birth of Frank Monroe Hawks, American record breaking aviator, using a series of Texaco-sponsored aircraft. He took Amelia Earhart on her 1st flight.

1910 - 1st flight of Henri Fabre's Hydroavion (Le Canard - The Duck), 1st powered seaplane in the world, takes place at La Mède harbor, Martigues, France. The hydroplane flies for about 1,600 ft. at the maximum height of 7 ft -

1911 - Death of Giuseppe 'Jean' Cei, Italian aviation pioneer, in the crash of his Caudron on Rotschild Island near Puteaux, France.

1912 - Birth of Marina Mikhailovna Raskova, famous Russian navigator, often referred to as the "Russian Amelia Earhart". She later became one of over 800,000 women in the military service, founding three female air regiments which would eventually fly over 30,000 sorties in World War II

1913 – Lts. Thomas DeWitt Milling and William Carrington Sherman set a two-man duration and distance record in a Burgess of f4 hours and 22 min for 220 miles from Texas City, Texas to San Antonio.

1918 - The sole Breguet LE (Laboratoire Eiffel), French single seat fighter monoplane prototype, dived into the ground at full throttle, the pilot, Jean Saucliere, losing his life. -

1920 - Croydon Airport supplanted Hounslow Heath to become the approved airport serving London.

1923 - The Italian Royal Air Force (Regia Aeronautica Italiana) is established.

1925 - 1st flight ofThe Fokker D.XIV, fighter aircraft developed in the Netherlands but which was only produced as a single prototype. It was a low-wing, cantilever monoplane with fixed tailskid undercarriage, derived from the Fokker V.25 that had been developed during World War I.

1931 - 1st flight of The Mitsubishi Type 92 (2MR8), Japanese parasol monoplane short-range reconnaissance aircraft , 1st military aircraft powered by an engine both designed and manufactured in Japan to enter service.

1932 - Irkut Corporation, Russian aircraft manufacturer, member of the United Aircraft Corporation is formed . It is best known as being the manufacturer of the Sukhoi Su-30 family of interceptor/ground-attack aircraft.

1932 - Jim Mollison sets a new speed record between the United Kingdom and Cape Town, taking 4 days 17 hours in a de Havilland Puss Moth.

1933 - 1st flight of the Bernard 61T, French 3 engine, twelve seat passenger wooden high wing cantilever monoplane transport prototype. -

1933 - Imperial Airways Armstrong Whitworth Argosy II 'City of Liverpool', crashed near Diksmuide (Dixmude), northern Belgium, after an onboard fire, killing all 15.

1935 - Robert Goddard launches the world's 1st successful liquid-fuelled rocket in Roswell, New Mexico. It successfully flew to an altitude of 1.46 kilometres (0.91 mi; 4,800 ft) using his guidance system. This rocket also achieved supersonic velocity.

1935 - 1st flight of The Consolidated PBY Catalina, American flying boat, most widely used multi-role aircraft of WWII, anti-submarine warfare, patrol bombing, convoy escorts, search and rescue missions (especially air-sea rescue), and cargo transport.

1936 - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) commences operational use of the newly constructed 8-ft.-high speed tunnel (8-Foot HST) at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley, Virginia. Built as a companion to the full scale tunnel capable of simulated speeds of up to 118 mph, the new facility can test models and components to 577 mph (Mach 0.75).

1938 - 1st flight of the Atalante GB-10, French 2 seat High wing monoplane trainer.

1938 - Death of Federico Cozzolino during the spanish war, Italian pilot who participated at the Istres-Damas-Paris raid.

1939 - Death of Miguel García Pardo, Spanish Nationalist flying ace of the civil war, credited with the only victory flying a He 112 in Spain, killed in a flying accident in his Heinkel 112.

1942 - 1st German city to be attacked in substantial numbers by the RAF is Lübeck, 1st major success for RAF Bomber Command against a German city,

1946 - Birth of Prof. Dr. Wubbo Johannes Ockels, Dutch physicist and a former ESA astronaut

1948 - B-29 Superfortresses undergo aerial refueling tests, demonstrating the viability of this technique to extend the range of strategic bombers.

1952 - 1st delivery to an airline (United Air Lines) of the Convair C-340, American airliner developped from the Convair C-240.

1957 - 1st flight of The Canadair CP-107 Argus (CL-28), marine reconnaissance aircraft, developped from the Bristol Britannia.

1960 - Death of Henry John "Hank" Burden, Canadian WWI fighter ace -

1961 - CSA Flight 511 Ilyushin Il-18 crashed in Gräfenberg near Nürnberg, killing all 52. German investigation commission stated that the primary cause of the accident was a pilot error or an autopilot malfunction. Soviet investigators refused this conclusion and stated that the accident was caused by an explosion near a tail of the plane. The plane was shot down according to the Soviets. Czechoslovakia accepted the German report 2.5 years after the crash

1961 - Air Afrique, Pan-African airline, that was mainly owned by many West African countries is formed

1961 - WS-125 project (scheduled to be named B-72), American proposed super long range nuclear-powered bomber, is cancelled.

1973 - Death of Cecil Roy Richards, Australian WWI flying ace -

1980 - 1st flight of The British Aerospace Jetstream 31, British mall twin-turboprop airliner, with a pressurised fuselage, developed from the earlier Handley Page Jetstream.

1980 - The 1,000th production Learjet is delivered.

1980 - Death of George Owen Johnson, Canadian WWI flying ace, raid pilot who remained in the RCAF until the end of WWII. -

1981 - Air France flies it's last Sud Aviation Caravelle service, from Amsterdam to Paris.

1981 - 1st flight of the modified Dornier Do-228-100, twin-turboprop STOL utility aircraft, fitted with a new fuselage and tail plus the TNT wing.

1988 - 1st delivery to Air France of the Airbus A320, French short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger jet airliner.

2005 – Chicago Express Airlines, Amrican regional airline, also known as ATA Connection, ceased operations.

2009 - STS-119, space shuttle mission Discovery to the ISS, is back on earth.

2010 - Death of Alfredo "Fred" John Ascani, American Major General and test pilot of the USAF. He was one of the "Men of Mach 1" and was considered father of Systems Engineering at Wright Field