On This Day in Aviation History JULY 11 th

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1877 - Birth of Giulio Laureati, Italian WWI pilot and raid aviator.


1886 - Birth of Ernest Thompson Willows, pioneer Welsh aviator and airship builder, 1st person in the United Kingdom to hold a pilots certificate for an airship.


1889 - Birth of Walter Richard Brookins, 1st pilot trained by the Wright brothers for their exhibition team and Wrights' 1st pilot instructor.


1891 - Birth of Joseph Sadi-Lecointe, french aviator who setted altitude and speed records.


1892 - Birth of Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, WWI pilot and senior commander in the Royal Air Force during WWII


1893 - Birth of John Albert Page, Canadian WWI flying ace


1894 - Birth of Armond Jean Berthelot, French WWI flying ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armond_J._Berthelot - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/france/berthelot.php

1894 - Birth of Edward Anderson 'Eddie' Stinson, Early american aviator and aircraft designer, founder of the Stinson Aircraft Company.


1895 - Birth of Earl Stanley Meek, Canadian WWI flying ace


1896 - Birth of Kenneth Burns Conn, Canadian WWI fighter ace, businessman who served as head of the Royal Canadian Air Force Historical Section during WWII.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Burns_Conn - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/canada/conn.php

1897 - Salomon August Andrée, Nils Strindberg and Knut Frænkel attempt an Arctic expedition to the North Pole with their hydrogen balloon 'Eagle' from Spitzbergen. He and two companions crash within three days but manage to survive for several months in the pack ice. Their remains are discovered in 1930 on White Island. It was possible to develop the located film material.


1907 - 1st flight of The Blériot VI Libellule ("Dragonfly") , early French aeroplane built by Louis Blériot, his 1st experiment with the tandem wing configuration.


1910 - Birth of John Paul Stapp, career USAF officer, flight surgeon and pioneer in studying the effects of acceleration and deceleration forces on humans using rocket sleds, known as "the fastest man on earth"


1914 - Lincoln Beachy is the 1st pilot in Canada to Loop-the-loop and accomplish inverted flight. This was done at Winnipeg, Manitoba.


1914 - Reinhold Böhm lands his Albatros-biplane after a 24 hours and 12 minutes without refueling and nonstop.


1915 - 1st two flying pupils, H. Strachan Ince and F. Homer Smith graduated from the Curtis Aviation School, Toronto Ont.


1915 - Birth of Colin Purdie Kelly, Jr. , American WWII bomber pilot, one of the 1st heroes of the war for sacrificing his own life to save his crew.


1917 – RNAS Flight Lieutenant O. A. Butcher, manning a kite balloon lofted by the destroyer HMS Patriot off the Shetland Islands, sights the German submarine U-69 at a range of 28 nautical miles (52 km), allowing Patriot to intercept U-69 and sink her with depth charges.


1918 - Death of Reginald Leach Johns, British WWI flying ace, killed in a flying accident in his Sopwith Camel.


1932 - Death of Richard Burnard Munday, British WWI flying ace and balloon buster, notable for scoring Britain's 1st night air victory.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Burnard_Munday - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/england/munday.php

1933 - 1st flight of The Dewoitine D.332 'Emeraude', French eight-passenger airliner.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewoitine_D.332 - http://aviafrance.com/aviafrance1.php?ID=311

1934 - Howard Hughes Takes off from New York for a new distance record around the Northern Hemisphere with a Lockheed Electra 14.


1935 - 1st flight of the Yakovlev AIR-10, Soviet trainer aircraft prototype, which entered production as the Yakovlev UT-2.


1935 - Laura Houghtaling Ingalls arrives in her Lockheed Model 9 Orion in Burbank, California after an 18-hour flight from Floyd Bennett Field, New York, making her the 1st woman to fly east to west across the United States.


1938 - The Bayerische Flugzeugwerke is renamed Messerschmitt AG


1939 - 1st flight of The Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.12 (Høver M.F.12), Norwegian seaplane military trainer aircraft prototype.


1940 - Hans-Joachim Göring, nephew of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, is shot down in his Messerschmitt Bf 110C twin-engined heavy fighter by a Hawker Hurricane flown by Squadron Leader John 'Johnie' Scatliff Dewar of No.87 Squadron.

http://www.wehrmacht-history.com/personnel/g/goering-hermann-wilhelm-luftwaffe-personnel-file.htm - http://daveg4otu.tripod.com/dorset/dorcrash.html

1942 - The longest-range daylight raid to date is carried out by 44 Avro Lancasters of RAF Bomber Command, when they attack shipyards at Danzig in Poland (1,750 mi).


1944 - Death of Izidor Kovarik, Slovak WWII fighter ace who served on the Eastern front with the Axis Forces, Killed with the student he was training in the crash of their Gotha Go-145 biplane trainer.



1946 - TWA Flight 513 Lockheed L-049 Constellation 'Star of Lisbon' crashed during a training flight near Reading, Pennsylvania, Killing 5 over 6. Electrical wiring in the baggage compartment arced, starting a fire. The smoke and intense fire created made it impossible for the pilots to maintain control of the aircraft.


1950 - Birth of James "Larry" DeLucas, American biochemist and NASA Astronaut.


1952 - 1st flight of the F-500 'Monitor' I, french 2 seat single engine monoplane trainer prototype.


1957 - The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is formed at RAF Biggin Hill, as the 'Historic Aircraft Flight', when 3 Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XIXs (PM631, PS853 and PS915) arrive from Woodvale via Duxford, to join the sole surviving Hawker Hurricane (LF363).


1961 - United Airlines Flight 859 Douglas DC-8-20 crashed during landing at Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado, slamming into several airport vehicles, including construction equipment, catching fire, killing 18 (including one on the ground) and injuring 104 from a total of 122 people on board. Due to Hydraulic failure, one of the reverser bucket did not rotate to the closed position.


1962 - Telstar 1 relayed its 1st, and non-public, television pictures (a flag outside Andover Earth Station) to Pleumeur-Bodou.


1963 - 1st flight of The Grumman American AA-1, American light, 2-seat aircraft which will lead to the AA-1 Yankee Clipper and AA-1A Trainer, the Grumman American AA-1B Trainer and TR-2 and the Gulfstream American AA-1C Lynx and T-Cat, and later to the AA-5 family (Traveler/Cheetah/Tiger)


1965 - USAF Lockheed EC-121H Warning Star ditched 160 km (100 mls) off Nantucket, MA, USA after engine N° 2 & 3 got problems, one catching fire. 16 were drowned over 19.


1969 - 1st flight of the SAAB MFI 15 (SE-301) SAFARI, Swedish prototype two/three-seat civil/military trainer or general utility aircraft.


1973 - Death of Giulio Lega, Italian WWI flying ace

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giulio_Lega - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/italy/lega.php

1973 – Varig Flight 820, operated by a Boeing 707 crashes near Paris on approach to Orly Airport as a fire broke out in a lavatory, killing 123 of the 134 on-board.


1979 - Garuda Indonesia Fokker F28 airliner struck Mount Sibayak at 5,560 feet (1,690 m) on approach to landing at Polonia International Airport, Medan, killing all 59 on board.


1979 – America's 1st space station, Skylab (unmanned launch of space station), is destroyed as it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere over the Indian Ocean.


1979 – 2nd Lockheed Have Blue stealth testbed is lost at Groom Lake, Nevada on its 52nd flight when a hydraulic leak set the aircraft on fire. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Ken Dyson, ejected safely, but the prototype was destroyed when it impacted 35 miles NW of Groom Lake.


1983 - TAME Boeing 737–2V2 Advanced crashed into a hill during final approach just one mile (1.6 km) from Mariscal Lamar Airport in Cuenca, killing all 119 people on board


1989 - Death of Francisco Tarazona Toran, Mexican Spanish-born Republican flying ace of the civil war and Mexican commercial pilot postwar

http://adar.es/index/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=68 - http://aces.safarikovi.org/victories/mexico-sp.html

1991 - Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 DC-8-61 crashes during an emergency landing at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing 261 pilgrims.


1992 - Death of Harrison Allen 'Stormy' Storms, Jr., American aeronautical engineer best known for his role in managing the design and construction of the command module for the Apollo program.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_Storms - http://www.astronautix.com/astros/storms.htm

1997 - Cubana de Aviacion Antonov An-24RV flight 787 crashes into the Caribbean off southeast Cuba, killing 44


2002 - 1st flight of The Adam A500, six-seat civil utility aircraft, pod-and-boom, push-pull configuration.


2011 - Angara Airlines Flight 5007 Antonov An-24RV ditched into the Ob River, Russia, after a fire developed in the port engine in flight, 7 people were killed among 33.


2012 - Swiss pilot Carlo Schmid, take off in a Cessna 310 from Dubendorf, switzerland for a solo round the world flight attempt.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Schmid_(Swiss_pilot) - http://www.rtw2012.com/