On This Day in Aviation History AUGUST 10 th

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1868 - Birth of Dr. Hugo Eckener, manager of the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin during the inter-war years, and commander of the famous 'Graf Zeppelin' for most of its record-setting flights, including the 1st airship flight around the world, making him the most successful airship commander in history.

1884 - Birth of Robert Grant Fowler, American early aviation pioneer and 1st person to make a transcontinental flight.

1888 - Built by the German experimenter, Friedrich Hermann Wölfert, a powered airship (dirigible) fitted with a 2 hp Daimler benzene engine running two propellers, flew 10 kilometres from Cannstatt to Aldingen (part of Remseck am Neckar) and back. It is regarded as the 1st gas-powered aircraft.

1890 - Birth of Georges Marcel Lachmann, French WWI flying ace -

1891 - Birth of Hermann Frommherz, German WWI flying ace, commercial pilot and high ranking Officer during WWII. -

1891 - Birth of Hartmuth Baldamus, German WWI fighter ace. -

1891 - Birth of Jens Frederick "Swede" Larson, American WWI flying ace

1895 - Birth of Sydney MacGillvary Brown, American WWI flying ace, author and associate professor of medieval history who also served in the Reserve during WWII -

1896 - Death of Otto Lilienthal, German pioneer of human aviation who became known as the 'Glider King', 1st person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights. He died of injuries after a crash the prvious day. His last words were 'Small sacrifices must be made!'.

1907 - Birth of John Scatliff Dewar, WWII british fighter pilot.

1910 - Claude Grahame-White attempts to fly the 1st airmail in the world to be carried on a powered airplane when he takes off from Squires Gate near Blackpool, England heading for Southport. The attempt in his little Blériot monoplane fails and he is forced to land.

1911 - Lydia Vissarionovna Zvereva is the 1st russian woman to gain a pilot's licence on a Farman.

1912 - Francis Kennedy McClean becomes the 1st pilot to fly under bridges spanning the Thames River when he takes off from Harty Ferry, Eastchurch in his Short biplane S. 33.

1912 - Establishment of the Argentine Army Aviation's Escuela de Aviación Militar, 1st Argentine air Force.

1916 - 1st flight of The Sage Type 2, British two-seat fighter aircraft prototype of WWI, single-engined biplane with an enclosed cabin for its crew.

1918 - Death of Erich Löwenhardt, 3rd highest German flying ace with 54 victories during WWI, behind only Manfred von Richthofen and Ernst Udet. He collided with another Fokker D.VII (of Jasta 11) and though he jumped from his aircraft, his parachute failed to open, and Löwenhardt plummeted to his death from around 12,000 feet -

1918 - Death of Albert Hets, German WWI flying ace, Killed in his Fokker D.VII near Vendelles.

1918 - Death of Alfred John Haines, British WWI flying ace, killed by a direct hit from antiaircraft cannon -

1918 - Death of William Otway Boger, Canadian WWI flying ace, killed in action in his S.E.5a -

1918 - Canadian WWI fighter ace Henry John "Hank" Burde shot down 4 Fokker D.VII with his S.E.5a on that single day.

1918 - Death of Fritz Pütter, German WWI fighter ace, from severe burns received when his Fokker's incendiary ammunition ignited. -

1920 - Birth of Henry Lafont, French WWII fighter pilot, French veteran of the Battle of Britain, who stayed in the French Air Force until 1966 and was director of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. -

1922 - Henry Charles Biard wins the Schneider Trophy race at Naples, Italy, with the Supermarine Sea Lion II (modification of a Sea King II fighter), at a winning speed of 234.5 km/h (145.7 mph).

1926 - 1st flight of the Albessard 'Triavion', French 2 seat tandem triplane experimental.

1927 - 1st flight of The Tupolev I-4 (ANT-5), Soviet sesquiplane single-seat fighter, 1st Soviet all-metal fighter, later used as a parasite fighter in experiments with the TB-3 bomber.

1929 - Mary Russell, Duchess of Bedford, complete a record-breaking flight of 10,000 miles from Lympne Airport to Karachi in her single-engined Fokker F.VII 'Spider' pilot C.D.Barnard and mechanic Robert Little.,_Duchess_of_Bedford#Aviation

1934 - Heston Aircraft Company, British aircraft manufacturer, is founded.

1938 - A Lufthansa Focke-Wulf Fw 200 'Condor' takes off for the 1st heavier-than-air craft non-stop flight from Berlin to New York.

1938 - 1st flight of the Delanne DL-20T, French experimental tandem wing fighter prototype, full scaled test bed of the Delanne DL.10

1940 - 1st flight of the Macchi C.201 Saetta, Italian Fighter prototype, evolution of the C.200.

1940 - 1st flight of The Macchi C.202 Folgore, Italian fighter aircraft, development of the earlier C.200 Saetta, with an Italian built version of the Daimler-Benz DB 601Aa engine and with a redesigned, more streamlined fuselage.

1941 - 8 M-40-engined Petlyakov Pe-8s of the 432nd TBAP, accompanied by Yermolaev Yer-2s of the 420th Long-Range Bomber Aviation Regiment (DBAP), attempted to bomb Berlin from Pushkino Airfield near Leningrad. One heavily loaded Pe-8 crashed immediately upon take off, after it lost an engine. Only four managed to reach Berlin, or its outskirts, and of those, only two returned to their base. The others landed elsewhere or crash-landed in Finland and Estonia. -

1945 - Death of Robert Hutchings Goddard, American professor, physicist and inventor who is credited with creating and building the world's 1st liquid-fueled rocket.

1949 - 1st flight of The Avro C102 Jetliner, Canadian prototype medium-range jet airliner, 1st Canadian passenger jet.

1951 - 1st flight of The Short SA.4 Sperrin, British jet bomber prototype.

1951 - Death of Cyril John Agelasto, British WWI flying ace who also served in WWII.

1953 - Death of Jacques Louis Ehrlich, French WWI flying ace who was one of the leading balloon busters of the war. -

1955 - 2 Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcars of a nine-plane USAF flight on a training mission collided over Edelweiler, Germany. One of the C-119s had developed engine trouble and lost altitude, causing it to strike another aircraft in the formation. A total of 66 people on board the two aircraft were killed.

1960 - Death of Henri Albert Péronneau, French WWI flying ace who also served in WWII. -

1960 - Launch of Discoverer 13, American earth-orbiting satellite designed to test spacecraft engineering techniques and to attempt deceleration, reentry through the atmosphere, and recovery from the sea of an instrument package. -

1962 - 1st flight of The Bell 533, US research helicopter built to explore the limits and conditions experienced by helicopter rotors at high airspeeds

1966 - Launch of Lunar Orbiter 1, American robotic (unmanned) spacecraft.

1979 - 1st flight of The japanese built MBB/Kawasaki BK117, twin-engined medium utility–transport helicopter, joint development between Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan.

1986 - Death of Philippe de Scitivaux de Greische, French WWII fighter pilot. -

1990 – The Magellan space probe reaches Venus.

1990 - 1st flight of the Sikorsky MH-60K Black Hawk, US Army special operations version of the UH-60, American four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter.

1992 - Soyuz TM- 14, 1st Russian Soyuz mission after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is back on earth.

1994 - Launch of Brasilsat B1 and Turksat 1B (Brasilian and Turkish Civilian communications satellite) with an Ariane 44LP launcher -

1999 - Pakistan Navy's Naval Air Arm Breguet Atlantique patrol plane, carrying 16 people on board, is shot down by 2 Indian Air Force MiG-21 for alleged violation of airspace

2001 - Launch of STS-105, mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station.

2003 - Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko, Russian cosmonaut, becomes the 1st person to marry in space. He married Ekaterina Dmitrieva, who was in Texas, while he was 240 miles over New Zealand, on the International Space Station.

2005 - Copterline Flight 103 Sikorsky S-76C+ crashed into the Gulf of Finland, off Tallinn, Estonia just after taking off when it suddenly lost its steerability and plunged into the sea. The emergency floats failed to operate, and the wreck sank quickly. All 14 on board perished by drowning.

2013 - 1st flight of the Morane Saulnier Type G Replica, Private venture to commemorate the 1st crossing of the Mediterranean sea in 1913. -

2014 - Sepahan Airlines Flight 5915 HESA IrAn-140 crashed into a residential area of Azadi town shortly after take-off from Mehrabad International Airport due to an engine failure, killing all 48.