On This Day in Aviation History NOVEMBER 2nd

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1888 - Birth of Fernand Maximillian Leon Jacquet, Belgian WWI flying ace, 1st Belgian pilot to score an aerial victory, 1st Belgian ace and 1st Belgian pilot to fly his king to the front, only Belgian honored by the British with a Distinguished Flying Cross. He held a flying school before returning to service in WWII and He was an active member of the Belgian Resistance. -

1888 - Birth of Ernest Graham Joy, Canadian WWI flying ace who served the RCAF in WWII -

1894 - Birth of Alexander Martin Lippisch , German pioneer of aerodynamics. He made important contributions to the understanding of flying wings, delta wings and the ground effect. His most famous design is the Messerschmitt Me 163 rocket-powered interceptor.

1896 - Birth of Harry Alexander Rigby, Australian WWI flying ace -

1896 - Birth of Arthur Treloar "Art" Whealy, Canadian WWI fighter ace -

1912 - Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold in a in Wright C Speed Scout successfully sent the 1st radio telegraph message, at a distance of 6 miles (9.7 km), from an aircraft to a receiver on the ground

1917 - Birth of Iyozoh Fujita, Japanese WWII flying ace and postWWII airliner pilot, Famous for having shot down 10 planes on a single mission over Midway. -

1917 - Birth of Robert Hampton "Hammy" Gray, Canadian naval officer and WWII pilot.

1920 - Birth of Dimitrii Vasilyevich Yermakov, Soviet WWII fighter ace, who also scored during the Korean war. -

1923 - Harold James Brow flying a Curtiss R2C-1 sets a new world airspeed record of 259.16 mph (417.07 km/hr). -

1929 - The Ninety-Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots (also known as 99s) for the mutual support and advancement of women pilots, is founded at Curtiss Field, Valley Stream, New York.

1931 - 1st voyage as a commissioned "ship" of the U.S. Navy of the USS Akron (ZRS-4), American aircraft carrier helium-filled rigid airship from Lakehurst to Washington DC.

1933 - 1st flight of the Potez 434, French 3 seats single-engine high-wing monoplane, Part of the Potez 43 Family. -

1936 - 1st flight of the Bassou FB 31 'Rubis', French light two-seat twin boom sporting and touring aircraft in a pusher configuration

1940 - Death of Wilhelm Ensslen, Spanish war and WWII German Flying ace, killed in action

1943 - Birth of Oldrich 'Olda' Pelczak, Czech air force pilot and cosmonaut.

1943 - 1st flight of The Grumman F7F Tigercat, American twin-engined fighter aircraft, 1st twin-engined fighter to enter service with the US Navy.

1944 - 1st flight of The Landgraf H-2, American single-seat twin-rotor all-wood helicopter.

1944 - Birth of Jeffrey Alan Hoffman, Ph.D.,American scientist and NASA astronaut

1947 - 1st flight of The Yakovlev Yak-25, early Soviet turbojet-powered interceptor prototype aircraft.

1947 - 1st flight of The Hughes H-4 Hercules "Spruce Goose", American prototype 8 engines heavy transport aircraft, largest flying boat ever built, and has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in history.

1952 - 1st time a jet fighter intercepts at night successfully: A Douglas F3D-2 Skynight piloted by Major William T. Stratton, Jr. and radar operator Master Sergeant Hans C. Hoglind of VMF(N)-513 shot down a Mig-15 over Korea. -

1957 - 2 immigrant farm workers, Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz, called the Levelland police department to report a UFO sighting. Many other witness reported to have seen an egg-shaped object associated with elevtrical problems and engines shutting down.

1959 - 1st flight of The Lockheed CL-475, American two-place, single-engine, light helicopter prototype developed to explore rigid rotor technology. It had a three-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor

1961 - Death of Justus Grassmann, German WWI flying ace. -

1961 - 1st flight of The Bensen B-12, (Sky-Way or Sky-Mat), American unconventional VTOL prototype aircraft, broad aluminum framework supporting an array of ten engines and rotors that Bensen likened to a "magic carpet". The design was later refined to include eight rotors, each driven by two engines for a total of sixteen.

1961 - 1st flight of the Sikorsky S-61L, civil variant of the successful American SH-3 Sea King helicopter,

1962 - 1st flight of The Lockheed XH-51 (Model 186), American three-bladed, single-engine experimental helicopter to explore rigid rotor technology.

1967 - Kosmos 188, unmanned Soviet spacecraft which made the 1st fully automated space docking in the history of space exploration with Kosmos 186, is back on earth.

1971 - Death of Amedeo Mecozzi, Italian WWI flying ace, WWII general of the Italian Regia Aeronautica and a military theorist credited as the founding father of the "Attack air force" doctrine -

1977 - 1st flight of The Conroy Tri-Turbo-Three, a Douglas DC-3 fitted with 3 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engines by Conroy Aircraft; the 3rd engine was mounted on the nose of the aircraft.

1978 - Soyuz 31 is back on earth.

1979 - Death of Henri Joseph Marie Hay de Slade, French WWI fighter ace who served in WWII. -

1984 - Death of Cyril Richard Smythe, British WWI flying ace

1986 - Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Lockheed C-130 Hercules flew into a mountain on approach to Zahedan, Iran, killing all 98.

1988 - LOT Polish Airlines Flight 703 Antonov AN-24 crash-landed about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) north of Rogózno railway station. Pilots turned on the anti-icing installation too late and, during approach, both engines immediately shut down because of icing of the engine intakes. Only 1 over 29 was killed.

1992 - 1st flight of The Airbus A330, French wide-body twin-engine jet airliner.

2000 - 1st resident crew to the ISS, William McMichael Shepherd, Sergei Konstantinowitsch Krikaljow and Juri Pawlowitsch Gidsenko, docked from Soyuz TM-31. -

2006 - In its third extended mission phase, Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) failed to respond to messages and commands.

2006 - Death of Gilbert Klopfstein, French Air force Pilot, Test pilot, creator of the 1st modern HUD and standardized system of HUD symbols so that pilots would only have to learn one system and could more easily transition between aircraft. He pioneered HUD technology in military fighter jets and helicopters, aiming to centralize critical flight data within the pilot's field of vision. -