On This Day in Aviation History AUGUST 30 th

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1890 - Birth of Samuel Frederick Henry "Siffy" Thompson, British WWI two-seater fighter ace. -

1891 - Birth of Stefan Fejes, Hungarian WWI fighter ace, Instructor at a clandestine training center for the Hungarian Air Force and Commercial pilot before serving again during WWII. -

1892 - Birth of Irving Banfield Corey, Canadian WWI flying ace -

1895 - Birth of Dennis Latimer, British WWI fighter ace

1899 - Death of Gaston Tissandier, Brother of André Tissandier, French chemist, meteorologist, aviator and editor.

1909 - Birth of Reinhard Seiler, German fighter ace of Spanish war and WWII

1909 - 1st flight of the BRITAIN triplane, British biplane single-engined driving 2 propellers. It rose to a height of about two feet but lack of space prevented a longer flight.

1910 - Birth of Roger Joyce Bushell RAF, South Africa born British Auxiliary Air Force pilot who organised and led the famous escape from the Nazi prisoner of war camp, Stalag Luft III. He was a victim of the Stalag Luft III murders. The escape was used as the basis for the film The Great Escape.

1912 - 1st flight of the Short S.38, early British aircraft, originally a Short S.27 with the manufacturer's number S.38, unequal-span pusher biplane with a forward-mounted elevator and an empennage carried on wire-braced wooden booms behind the wing.

1913 - 1st flight of the Grahame-White Type X Charabanc (or Aerobus), British passenger-carrying biplane prototype.

1913 - 1st aircraft to fly under automatic control, fitted with a gyroscopic stabiliser designed by Elmer Sperry, is a Curtiss Model F C-2 flying boat.

1914 - Paris is bombed by a German aircraft for the 1st time - an Etrich Taube - flown by Lt Ferdinand von Hiddessen.

1917 - 1st flight of The Beardmore W.B.2, also known as the Beardmore W.B.II, British fighter monoplane prototype.

1917 - Birth of Philip M. Prophett, American engineer. Convair chief test pilot

1918 - Death of Wilhelm Kühne, German WWI flying ace, killed in action -

1920 - Birth of Michael John "Mike" Lithgow, British aviator and chief test pilot for Vickers Supermarine.

1921 - Death of Henri Roget, French aviator during WWI and raid pilot.

1928 - 1st flight of the Bleriot-SPAD 51-4, final derivative of the S-51, with a special 600hp version of the Jupiter engine.

1930 - The sole Latécoère 28.8, French high wing monoplane prototype built for distance records (Issued from the Latécoère 28.1.) crashed, pilot Jean Mermoz succesfully bailed out.

1931 - Birth of John Leonard 'Jack' Swigert, Jr., American test pilot and NASA astronaut, one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon.

1933 - French flag airline Air France is formed

1933 - 1st flight of the Weymann CTW-66, French multipurpose biplane 3 engined prototype aircraft built for colonial work. -

1934 - 1st flight of the Brochet MB-30, French parasol wing single seat sports prototype aircraft.

1942 - The sole General Aircraft GAL.45 Owlet, British single-engined trainer prototype aircraft issued from the Cygnet, is destroyed in a crash near Arundel, Sussex.

1944 - 1st flight of The Short S.45 Seaford, British flying boat, designed as a long range maritime patrol bomber for RAF Coastal Command, developed from the Short S.25 Sunderland, and initially ordered as "Sunderland Mark IV".

1946 - Death of Jack Woolams, American test pilot, air racer and record setter, 1st person to fly a fighter aircraft coast to coast over the United States without stopping, chief test pilot for Bell and 1st to fly the Bell X-1, killed during a practice flight in his Bell P-39 Airacobra for the upcoming National Air Races in Cleveland

1949 - 1st flight of the Kamov Ka-10, Soviet single-seat observation helicopter.

1950 - A Republic F-84 Thunderjet during a routine weather training mission of two jets exploded in mid-air after at tree height passing southbound near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He left a large crater in a field, and scattered wreckage over 3 acres of the Hilbert cornfield near the Maryland intersection of the Harney and Bollinger School roads, killing its pilot.

1952 - 1st flight of The Avro Vulcan (Hawker Siddeley Vulcan) Type 698, British delta wing subsonic jet strategic bomber.

1953 - Death of Eugene Seeley Coler, American WWI fighter ace, WWII bomber pilot and Korean war Flying surgeon. -

1957 - Death of Harold Charles Gatty, Australian navigator, inventor, and aviation pioneer, founder of Fiji Airways (which later became Air Pacific)

1958 - 1st flight of the Van Lith VI, French High wing 3 seat light civil utility aircraft prototype.

1960 - Death of James Ira Thomas "Taffy" Jones, Welsh WWI fighter ace, writer, who fought also with the White movement against the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War and who also served in WWII. -

1961 - Ranger 1, American unmanned spacecraft is back on earth.

1962 - 1st flight of The NAMC YS-11, Japanese twin turboprop airliner, 1st japanese successful commercial aircraft to have been manufactured by a Japanese firm, either before or after WWII

1967 - Spain acquires its 1st aircraft carrier, the Dédalo (R01) , formerly the WWII light aircraft carrier USS Cabot.

1969 - 1st flight of The Tupolev Tu-22M "Backfire", Soviet supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber.

1971 - Birth of Katherine Megan McArthur, American oceanographer and NASA astronaut.

1974 - Launch of the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite (ANS; also known as Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet), space-based X-ray and ultraviolet telescope.

1974 - Maj Wendy Clay, a doctor, qualified as a pilot six years before the pilot classification is opened to all women.

1975 - Wien Air Alaska Flight 99 Fairchild F-27B crashed on a missed approach to landing, after multiple missed approaches, into Sevuokuk Mountain, when on approach to Gambell Alaska, killing 10 over 32

1982 - 1st flight of The Northrop F-20 Tigershark (initially F-5G), American privately-financed light fighter prototype.

1983 - Launch of STS-8, NASA Space Shuttle Challenger mission, 1st night launch and night landing of the program, bringing the 1st African-American astronaut, Guion Bluford.

1984 - A Hughes Model MD 530F flown by Steve Hanvey, MDHC manager of engineering flight test, set records for time to climb to 3,000 metres of 3 min 15 sec and time-to-climb to 6,000 metres of 6 min 34 sec in Class E1b (helicopters weighing between 500 and 1,000 kg) at Thermal, California.

1984 – Launch of STS-41-D, 1st flight of Space Shuttle Discovery. -

1985 - 1st flight of The Bell D-292, American experimental helicopter developed for the UniS Army Advanced Composite Airframe Program (ACAP) as part of the studies involved in the Light Helicopter Experimental (LHX) program.

1995 - Operation Deliberate Force is launched by NATO against Bosnian Serb forces. 200 sorties are flown during the 1st 24 hours, including the 1st combat missions flown by the Luftwaffe since WWII.

2008 - Conviasa Boeing 737-291 Advanced crashed into Illiniza Volcano, ecuador, while being ferried to a new owner

2011 - A French Mirage 2000C RD I from EC-1/12 "Cambrésis" performing a NATO surveillance mission "Baltic 2011" in the Baltic region landed safely in Lithuania after a mid-air collision with a Lithuanian L-39 Albatros which occupants safely bailed out.