On This Day in Aviation History January 10 th

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1793 - 1st balloon flight in North America is made by French Jean-Pierre Blanchard, ascending from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and landing in Deptford, Gloucester County, New Jersey.


1883 - Birth of Arthur Charles Hubert Latham, French aviation pioneer, 1st person to attempt to cross the English Channel in an aeroplane. Due to engine failure during his 1st attempt, he became the 1st person to land an aeroplane on a body of water.


1893 - Birth of Camille Henri Raoul Lagesse, Canadian WWI fighter ace.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camille_Lagesse - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/canada/lagesse.php

1896 - Birth of Walter Blume, German WWI fighter ace and aircraft designer.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Blume - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/germany/blume.php

1910 - 1st United States aeroplane meeting is held at the Dominquez Field in Los Angeles and organised by the Aero Club of California.


1912 - Lieutenant commander Charles Rumney Samson flies a Short S.27 from the deck of battleship HMS Africa moored in the River Medway, England, becoming the 1st British naval aviator.


1912 - 1st flight of The Short S.36, British two-seat tractor biplane sport and trainer aircraft.


1912 - 1st test of the Curtiss Flying Boat Nr.1 at San Diego. Although No.1 was unable to take off, the experiment did indicate that the flying-boat concept was practicable.


1913 - Birth of Franco Bordoni-Bisleri 'Robur', Italian aviator and racing car driver, one of the top-scoring WWII ace of the Regia Aeronautica with 19 air victories.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franco_Bordoni - http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/italy_bisleri.htm

1917 - Birth of Pavel Alexandrovich Kaykov, Soviet WWII flying ace.


1919 - Airco DH.4s of No.2 (Communications) Squadron, RAF are converted for transporting passengers and mail between London and Paris, in support of the Versailles Peace Conference


1921 - Birth of Andrew Henry Humphrey, British WWII pilot and Marshal of the Royal Air Force, who setted some records with the English Electric Canberra B2 'Aries IV'.


1923 - Birth of Richard (Dick) H. Johnson, American glider pilot, aeronautical engineer and prolific writer of articles for gliding magazines.


1927 - 1st flight of the Blériot Bl-127/2, French twin engine Bomber monoplane.


1927 - A de Havilland DH.66 Hercules, British seven-passenger, three-engined airliner, starts its return flight from Delhi to Croydon UK.


1928 - Death of John Robert Moncrieff and George Hood, New Zealanders pilots, while attempting the 1st trans-Tasman flight from Australia to New Zealand with a Ryan B-5 Brougham 'Aotearoa' (a modified early model Ryan B-1 Brougham high-wing monoplane), no trace of the aviators or their aircraft has ever been found.


1928 - 1st flight of the Bleriot 127/2, French large monoplane bomber aircraft, modified version of the prototype 127/1 which will lead to the production version.


1929 - 1st flight of The Consolidated P2Y, American flying boat maritime patrol aircraft, parasol monoplane with a fabric covered wing and aluminum hull.


1934 - A flight of six US Navy Consolidated P2Y flying boats takes off from San Francisco to Pearl Harbour to set a new distance record for formation flying and a new speed record for this crossing.


1935 - 1st flight of The Latécoère 521, "Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris", French six-engined flying boat, and one of the 1st large trans-Atlantic passenger aircraft.


1938 - Northwest Airlines Flight 2 Lockheed 14H Super Electra crashed into the Bridger Mountains about 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Bozeman, Montana, killing all 10 including the pilot, noted aviator Nicholas B. “Nick” Mamer. It is believed that the empennage failed due to flutter.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwest_Airlines_Flight_2 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Mamer

1940 - German aviator Major Erich Hoenmanns flying a Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun with passenger Major Helmuth Reinberger carrying documents related to the German plan for the attack on The Netherlands and Belgium, inadvertently cut off the fuel supply to the plane's engine and crash-landed in neutral Belgium near Vucht. This prompted an immediate crisis in the Low Countries and amidst the French and British authorities, whom the Belgians notified of their discovery.


1941 - Vickers Wellingtons operating from Malta bomb the Italian Fleet anchorage at Naples. The battleship Guilio Cesarei is badly damaged and the Italian Navy withdraws its remaining battleships further north to Genoa.


1941 - Death of Vittorio Suster, Italian aviator, in the mediterranean sea, with his Savoia-Marchetti S.M.83.


1941 - During an attack by Luftwaffe Junkers Ju-87 Stukas on convoy Excess south of Malta, the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious is struck by six bombs and seriously damaged. The carrier subsequently puts into Valetta harbour in Malta, for repairs.


1941 - 1st 'Circus' operation - daylight raids by small numbers of bombers with large fighter escorts against short-range 'fringe' targets, with the aim of bringing enemy's fighters to battle - is mounted. Bristol Blenheims of No.114 Squadron, escorted by nine squadrons of fighters, attack the Foret de Guines.


1945 - 1st flight of the Lavochkin La-126, Soviet prototype piston-engined all metal fighter aircraft.


1946 - A Sikorsky R5 sets an unofficial helicopter altitude record of 6,400 m (21,000 ft) at Stratford, Connecticut.


1954 - BOAC Flight 781 a de Havilland DH.106 Comet 1 registered G-ALYP suffered an explosive decompression at altitude and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea near Elba with the loss of all 35 people aboard.


1954 - Death of Edgar Gardner Tobin, American WWI flying ace, in the crash of a Grumman Mallard on Lake Wallace, Louisiana.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Tobin - http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/usa/tobin.php

1960 - 1st flight of The Beagle A.113 Husky (originally, the Auster D.5/160), three-seat British light aircraft


1962 - A B-52H Stratofortress takes off from Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan, to Torrejon Air Base, Spain for a new distance record without refueling.


1964 - The sole Dassault Balzac V (French vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) testbed built from a prototype Mirage III aircraft to test the configuration for the Mirage IIIV) is severly damaged during a low-altitude hover, experiencing uncontrollable divergent wing oscillations during a vertical descent, Killing its pilot Jacques Pinier.


1964 - A B-52H Stratofortress, configured as a testbed to investigate structural failures, has its vertical stabilizer sheared off in severe turbulence. The plane landed safely and was repaired.


1966 - 1st flight of the Bell 206A , American single-engine, single-rotor helicopter, developped also as the Bell OH-58 Kiowa used for observation, utility, and direct fire support.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_206 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_OH-58_Kiowa

1967 - Death of Laura Houghtaling Ingalls, American aviatrix.


1968 - Surveyor 7, 7th and last lunar lander of the American unmanned Surveyor program, lands successfully on the moon.


1969 - Launch of Venera 6, Soviet spacecraft, towards Venus to obtain atmospheric data.


1970 - Death of Suranjan Das, Indian air force test pilot, killed in the crash of the HF-24 Mk 1R 'Marut', Indian fighter-bomber aircraft prototype.


1970 - Death of Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev, Soviet fighter pilot with extensive experience in piloting different types of aircraf and 1st commander of the cosmonaut corps and the cosmonaut who commanded the historic Voskhod 2 mission which saw the 1st man walk in space


1978 - 1st mail delivery in space : Launch of Soyuz 27, Soviet manned spacecraft mission to the orbiting Salyut 6 space station,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_27 - http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/history-of-aviation-timeline/interactive-aviation-timeline/world-aviation/1978.aspx

1982 - A Gulfstream III, owned by the United States National Distillers and Chemical Corporation, is back at Teterboro after having circumnavigated the globe in 47 hours, and 39 minutes, breaking three world records and setting ten new ones


1984 - Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev 134A crashed on approach to Sofia Airport in heavy snow as the crew failed to make visual contact with the ground as they descended below decision altitude. On an attempt to overshoot, the aircraft hit a power line and crashed 4 km (2.5 miles) from the runway into a forest, killing all 50.


1989 - Death of Valentin Petrovich Glushko or Valentyn Petrovych Hlushko, Soviet engineer, and principal Soviet "Chief Designer" of spacecraft and rockets during the Soviet/American Space Race.


1990 - 1st flight of The McDonnell Douglas MD-11, US three-engine medium- to long-range widebody jet airliner based on the DC-10.


2000 - Crossair Flight LX498 Saab 340 crashed two minutes after takeoff from Zurich in the Swiss municipality of Niederhasli, killing all 10. It is not sure if the crash was caused by human error or by the use of cellphone but it resulted in multiple countries banning mobile phone usage on aircraft.


2007 - Launch of Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SCRE or more commonly SRE or SRE-1, Indian experimental spacecraft), Lapan- TUBSat (Indonesia’s 1st remote sensing satellite), Cartosat-2 (Indian Earth observation satellite) and Pehuensat-1 (Argentinian Experimental satellite developed by the Universidad Nacional del Comahue) from Sriharikota by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) using the PSLV C7 rocket.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Capsule_Recovery_Experiment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapan-TUBsat

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartosat-2 - http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pehuensat-1

2009 – Zambian Airways, flag carrier of Zambia, suspends operations.


2012 - Death of Robert 'Bob' K. Smyth, Grumman chief test pilot who flew the 1st flights of the A6A, the F-14A and the Gulfstream II.

http://www.flyingmidshipmen.org/smyth.html - http://www.grummanpark.org/content/robert-k-smyth-grumman-test-pilot-%E2%80%93-flight-no-24