On This Day in Aviation History AUGUST 28 th

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1883 - 1st manned, controlled, heavier-than-air flights of the US is made by John Joseph Montgomery. His glider sailed a distance of 603 feet at a height of about 15 feet.

1886 - Birth of Clive Franklyn Collett, New Zealand WWI flying ace, 1st British or Commonwealth military pilot to use a parachute (in a test), -

1889 - Birth of Vittorio Suster, Italian aviator.

1890 - Birth of Gustav Schneidewind, German WWI flying ace -

1894 - Birth of Bernard Artigau, French WWI flying ace, pioneering commercial pilot who also served in WWII -

1894 - Birth of Alan Duncan Bell-Irving, Canadian WWI flying ace. -

1899 - Birth of Walter Irving Newby Grant, Australian WWI flying ace

1904 - Birth of Secondo Campini, Italian engineer and one of the pioneers of the jet engine.

1909 - Henri Farman is the pilot of the 1st 3-person flight carrying 2 passengers for 10 kilometres.

1910 - Swiss Armand Dufaux flew his Dufaux 4 from St. Gingolph to Geneva (c.40mi. 64km) above the Leman lake, taking just 56 minutes and 5 seconds, and winning a prize of 5,000 Swiss francs for the feat.

1914 - South african Norman Spratt conduct what is believed to be the 1st dogfight in history : flying a Sopwith Tabloid, he forced down a German Albatros C.I two-seater, an amazing achievement as his Sopwith was not armed.

1923 - Birth of Günter F. Wendt, German-American engineer noted for his work in the U.S. manned spaceflight program. "There is no reason to say I am narrow-minded. "Just do it my way and you will have no problem at all."

1923 - At Rockwell Field, California, Lts. Lowell H. Smith and John P. Richter land their DH-4B Liberty 400, setting FAI refueled duration and distance records.

1928 - Birth of Raynham George 'Ray' Hanna, New Zealand born pilot in the RAF and a number of civilian companies. During his time in the RAF he was a founding member of the Red Arrows. He also founded the Old Flying Machine Company and regularly flew aircraft from his vintage warbird collection at airshows around the world. -

1928 - Famed bush pilot Clennell (Punch) Dickins leaves with his Fokker Super Universal on his 12-day survey of the eastern Arctic. He covers 6,336 kilometres in 37 hours of flying, often navigating by the sun.

1932 - The 3rd FAI International Tourist Plane Contest 'Challenge International de Tourisme' in Berlin is won by the Polish crew Franciszek Zwirko and Stanislaw Wigura on the RWD-6 plane.

1934 - Beginning of The Challenge 1934, 4th and last FAI International Tourist Plane Contest (French: Challenge International de Tourisme) in Warsaw, Poland.

1937 - 1st flight of the Junkers Ju 90, German 40-seat, four-engine airliner issued from the rejected Ju 89 bomber.

1941 - Death of Hermann-Friedrich "Jupp" Joppien, German WWII Luftwaffe Flying ace, shot down and killed in his Bf 109 F-2 (W.Nr. 9670) "Black <<" by a Russian MiG-3 fighter over russia.

1944 - 1st jet aircraft shot down in WWII, USAF pilots Joseph Myers and Manford O. Croy Jr flying P-47D shoot down a Me-262. -

1947 - Det Norske Luftfartsselskap (DNL) (Norwegian airline) Shorts S.25 Sandringham 6 hit a mountain close to Lødingsfjellet in Lødingen, southern Tjeldsundet, Norway killing all 35.

1947 - 1st flight of the Convair B-36 A, unarmed crew-trainer version of the american intercontinental bomber.

1952 - 1st flight of The GAF Jindivik, Australian target drone, proof of concept to test the aerodynamics, engine and radio control systems.

1952 – Considered to be the 1st guided missiles to be launched from a carrier in combat, a Grummann F6F Hellcat is loaded with explosives and flown as a drone radio controlled from an escorting AD Skyraider against a railway bridge at Hungnam

1957 - A record altitude for manned aircraft is achieved by the RAF Canberra serial no. WK 163 piloted by chief test pilot M. Randrup. He flies the aircraft to 70,310 ft. with the aid of a Double Scorpion rocket motor.

1958 - 1st flight of the Beechcraf Model 65 Queen Air, twin-turboprop business prototype aircraft, 1st of the famous Beechcraft King Air family.

1959 - Death of Harry Alison Wood, Canadian WWI flying ace -

1960 - Birth of Leroy Chiao, American engineer and NASA astronaut.

1961 - Operation Sagerburner: A McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom averaged 902.769 mph (1,452.826 km/h) over a 3 mi (4.82 km) course flying below 125 feet (38.1 m)

1962 - Venera 2MV-1 No.1 (also known as Sputnik 19 in the West), Soviet spacecraft, part of the Venera programme, is back on earth.

1963 - 2 USAF Boeing KC-135A-BN Stratotankers collided in mid-air 480 km (300 mls) W off Bermuda (Atlantic Ocean) after refueling B-47s killing both crews. -

1964 - Launch of Nimbus-1, US robotic spacecraft used for meteorological research and development.

1968 - Death of Robert Charles Morane, French aircraft designer and test pilot

1972 - Prince William of Gloucester is killed in the crash of a Piper Cherokee Arrow during the Goodyear International Air Trophy at Halfpenny Green, near Wolverhampton.

1972 - Cpt Richard Richie becomes the 1st USAF ace of the Vietnam War, shooting down his 5th Mig-21 with his F-4 Phantom II.

1974 - Soyuz 15, Soviet manned space flight, is back on earth.

1975 - 1st flight of The Robinson R22, American two-bladed, single-engine light utility helicopter.

1980 - The 3rd FAI World Rally Flying Championship begins in Aschaffenburg, West Germany, with 32 crews from 10 countries.

1982 - Test Pilot Nikolai Sadovnikov performed the 1st take-off with the T10-3 prototype fighter (later designated Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D) from the T-1 experimental jump-off ramp. The 18.2-tonne aircraft run made up 230 m with a lift-off speed of 230 km/h. Later on, the run was reduced down to 140 m with a lift-off speed of 180 km/h, max take-off speed of the T10-3 having been made 22 tonnes during the ramp take-off. -

1988 - 1st flight of The Hoffmann H-40, German prototype sports plane based on the Dimona motor-glider, conventional, low-wing monoplane with side-by-side seating for two and tricycle undercarriage

1988 - 10 Aermacchi MB-339 PAN jets from the Italian Air Force display team, Frecce Tricolori, were performing their 'pierced heart' formation when 3 of them collided in mid air. 67 spectators and 3 pilots died, and 346 spectators sustained serious injuries in the resulting explosion and fire

1993 - Tajikistan Airlines Yakovlav Yak-40 (grossly overloaded with 86 passengers) overran the runway at Khorog Airport, Tajikistan and fell into the Panj River killing 82. The crew was forced at gunpoint to overload the aircraft.

1997 - 1st (tethered) hovering flight of the AD & D Hummingbird, Israelian VTOL platform.

1999 - Soyuz TM-29 Russian manned spacecraft to MIR, is back on earth.

2002 - An Ariane 5G launcher lift off with Atlantic Bird 1 (European Telecommunication Satellite) and MSG 1 (European Weather satellite).

2007 - Death of Paul Beattie MacCready, Jr., American aeronautical engineer, founder of AeroVironment and designer of the human-powered aircraft Gossamer Condor that won the Kremer prize

2008 - Zoom Airlines, Canadian low-fare scheduled transatlantic airline, cease operations.

2008 - A F-22 from the 411th Flight Test Squadron performed the 1st ever air-to-air refueling of an aircraft using synthetic jet fuel.

2010 - Death of Wing Commander John Connell Freeborn , British WWII RAF pilot. He was not only an ace but also held the distinction of having flown more operational hours than any other RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain.

2010 - Death of William Benjamin "Bill" Lenoir, American engineer and NASA astronaut.

2010 - Compañía Mexicana de Aviación ceased operations.

2012 - Henry Enerson flew the Gamera II, human powered helicopter, to a world record height of 8 ft (2.4 m) above ground level.