On This Day in Aviation History NOVEMBER 28th

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1895 - Birth of Francis Warrington 'Razor' Gillet, WWI American flying ace -

1897 - Birth of Fritz (Friedrich) Stamer, German Pilot and aircraft designer, 1st soaring-teacher at the Wasserkuppe, he flew the 1st rocket airplane and constructed a wide range of gliders. During WWII he was an instructor for military transport glider pilots.

1912 - The Italian Flotta Aerea d'Italia (Air Fleet of Italy) is formed as an autonomous aviation service.

1912 - Birth of Harro Harder, Spanish war and WWII German Flying ace.

1916 - Royal Jagdstaffel 25, commonly abbreviated as Jasta 25, German WWI fighter squadron of the Luftstreitkräfte, forerunner to the Luftwaffe, is formed. -

1916 - Zeppelin LZ78 (L34) is intercepted and destroyed by British fighter pilot 2/Lt Ian Pyott in BE2c 2738 off Hartlepool.

1916 - Zeppelin LZ61 (L21) is intercepted and destroyed by Egbert Cadbury off Lowestoft in England.

1916 - Central London is bombed by an LVG C.II flown by R. Brandt, dropping 6 bombs near Victoria station, 1st fixed-wing aircraft to bomb London.

1917 - Death of Grigory Eduardovich Suk, Russian WWI flying ace, killed as he crash landed his Spad VII. -

1922 - 1st flight of The Fairey Flycatcher, British single-seat biplane carrier-borne fighter aircraft, produced with a conventional undercarriage for carrier use, it could be interchanged with floats for catapult use aboard capital ships.

1922 - 1st use of skywriting for advertising purposes takes place over New-York city : Captain Cyril Turner (RAF) spelled out "Hello USA. Call Vanderbilt 7200." 47,000 called . -

1924 - Birth of Willis Louis "Lou" Everett, American test pilot.

1929 - Richard E. Byrd (navigator), chief pilot Bernt Balchen, and two other crewmen, the co-pilot and a photographer, complete the 1st flight above the Geographic South Pole with a ford Tri-motor named Floyd Bennett.

1930 - Death of Almerico da Schio, Italian aviation pioneer

1934 - 1st flight of The Blackburn B-7, British prototype single-engine two/three-seat biplane general-purpose, multitasking aircraft.

1938 - A Lufthansa Fw 200 takes off from Berlin the airline's 1st flight to Japan.

1940 - Death of Helmut Paul Emil Wick, German WWII fighter ace, Killed in his Bf 109 E-4 in the vicinity of Isle of Wight. -

1941 - Death of Elwyn Roy "Bo" King, Australian WWI fighter ace and instructor during WWII. -

1943 - Aerial photographs of the German research station at Peenemunde reveal a pilotless aircraft on a launching ramp.

1947 - A B-25 Mitchell 'Tailly 2' caught in a dust storm crashes near Colomb-Béchar, Algeria, killing Philippe François Marie, comte de Hauteclocque, then Leclerc de Hauteclocque, Famous french WWII general.

1949 - 1st flight of the Morane-Saulnier MS-731, French two or three-seat basic training monoplane prototype (a re-engined 730), later developped into the 733 Alcyon.

1951 - Birth of Barbara Radding 'Barby' Morgan, American teacher and NASA astronaut.

1956 - 1st transition from vertical to horizontal flight of The Ryan X-13 Vertijet (company designation Model 69), American experimental Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft to demonstrate the ability of a pure jet to vertically takeoff, hover, transition to horizontal forward flight, and vertically land.

1957 - USAF pilot Benny Lacombe is killed in the crash of a Lockheed U-2A as Ejection seats had not yet been fitted to U-2s at this point.

1957 - Death of Domingo Rosillo, Cuban aviation pioneer, 1st Cuban to obtain a pilot's license from the Federation Aeronautic Internationale (in 1912), 1st pilot to accomplish the flight from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba, 1st Air Mail pilot in Cuba.

1964 - Launch of Mariner 4, NASA spacecraft to mars.

1966 - Launch of Kosmos 133, Soviet Soyuz test satellite, planned "all up" test with a second Soyuz to be launched the following day and automatically dock with Kosmos 133

1966 - 2nd and last prototype Dassault Mirage IIIV, French vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) prototype fighter aircraft is lost in an accident, ending development. -

1972 - Japan Airlines Flight 446 Douglas DC-8-62 crashed during the initial climb phase upon takeoff from Sheremetyevo, International, Moscow, killing 62 over 76. Committee noted the possibility of accidental deployment of the spoilers and reduced thrust due to engine problems as the cause for this accident.

1977 - 1st flight of the Dassault-Breguet 'Falcon' 20G, French Maritime patrol and surveillance version of the twin engine business jet, developped for the US Coast Guard as the HU-25 Guardian.

1979 – Air New Zealand Flight 901 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 operating sightseeing flight over Antarctica, crashes into Mount Erebus, killing all 257 people on board.

1980 - Death of Keith Logan "Grid" Caldwell, New-Zealand WWI fighter ace and WWII RNZAF high ranking officer. -

1983 - Launch of STS-9, Columbia space shuttle mission, 1st 6-person crew carrying the 1st Spacelab module into orbit.

1987 - Korean Air Flight 858 exploded in mid-air after two North Korean agents planted a bomb inside an overhead storage bin in the airplane's passenger cabin, killing all 115.

1987 - South African Airways Flight 295 Boeing 747-244BM crashes in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius after an in-flight fire in the cargo section of the Boeing 747 Combi, killing all 159.

1989 - STS-33, NASA Space Shuttle Discovery mission, is back on earth.

1995 - 1st flight of The Gulfstream V (G-V or GV), American business jet aircraft also used by the US military under the designation C-37A.

1997 - Launch of ETS-VII (Engineering Test Satellite No. 7 also known as KIKU-7), Japanese Satellite consisting of two main parts; the chaser satellite (Hikoboshi) and the target satellite (Orihime). world’s 1st satellite to be equipped with a robotic arm,[2] and also the 1st unmanned spacecraft to conduct autonomous rendezvous docking operations successfully.

2001 - Death of William Reid, Scottish WWII bomber pilot.

2002 - Launch of Alsat-1, 1st Algerian artificial satellite, designed to map natural resources of Algeria.

2002 - Arkia Israel Airlines Flight 582 Boeing 757-300 avoid 2 SA-7 surface to air missiles as it took off from Moi International Airport, kenya. Reports from passengers tended to confirm the idea that some sort of antimissile defence system had been deployed; eyewitnesses reported seeing a small explosion above one of the plane's wings, suggesting that decoy flares had been fired.

2007 - Death of Elly Beinhorn-Rosemeyer, German long-distance aviatrix.

2008 - 1st flight of The Comac ARJ21 Xiangfeng, Chinese twin-engined regional airliner based on that of the MD-90 license-produced in China and itself a derivative of the DC-9.

2009 - Avient Aviation Flight 324 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 crashed on the take off roll at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, The tail strucking the ground on the rotation before overshooting the runway and crashing, killing 3 over 7.

2010 - Sun Way Flight 4412 Ilyushin Il-76TD cargo crashed in a populated area of Karachi, Pakistan, shortly after taking off from Jinnah International Airport. All eight people on board were killed, along with two people on the ground. The aircraft was reported to have been trying to return to Jinnah after suffering an engine fire.