On This Day in Aviation History May 22 nd

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1888 - Birth of Jacques Victor Sabattier de Vignolle, French WWI flying ace

1897 - Birth of Enrico Pezzi, italian General and WWII Pilot.

1897 - Birth of Wilhelm "Willi" Schulz, German WWI flying ace

1898 - Birth of Conway MacAlister Gray "Con" Farrell, Canadian WWI flying ace, well-known bush pilot, one of Canada's 1st air mail pilots. He returned to service during WWII, and postwar joined Canadian Pacific Air Lines, becoming 1st Manager of Repairs for them, Manager of Operations for the Orient. -

1902 - Birth of Ettore Muti, italian WWII pilot and Fascist politician.

1906 - Birth of Cesare Toschi, Italian WWII Pilot

1906 - The Wright brothers are granted US patent No. 821,393 for their airplane control system.

1910 - Birth of Julio Salvador y Díaz-Benjumea, Spanish Nationalist fighter ace of the civil war, later general in the Spanish air Force and Air Minister. -

1911 - Birth of Yevgenii Nikolaevich Stepanov, Soviet flying ace during the Spanish war, Sino Japanese war and Finnish-Soviet Winter War. Didn't flew in WWII but remained in the air force postwar. -

1918 - 1st flight of The Handley Page V/1500, British night-flying heavy bomber.

1919 - Death of Albert Desbrisay Carter, Canadian WWI fighter ace, killed in a flying accident while test flying a Fokker D.VII. -

1922 - 1st flight of the Udet U-8, German Single engine High wing 4 seat transport aircraft. -

1928 - 1st flight of the Blériot Bl-175 (a Bl-165 modified), French twin engine biplane airliner prototype.

1930 - Death of Alfred William Saunders, Irish WWI fighter ace, in the crash of his de Havilland Gipsy Moth in Auckland, New Zealand. -

1931 - 1st flight of the Berliner-Joyce XFJ-2, American prototype biplane fighter aircraft.

1934 - 1st flight of the Botali-du Riveau P.A.M.A. type 1, French single seat high wing monoplane motor glider prototype.

1934 - 1st flight of the Caudron C.430 'Rafale', French twin seat low wing monoplane sport aircraft prototype.

1936 - Aer Lingus Teoranta is registered as an airline and becomes the national airline of the Republic of Ireland.

1937 – The Spanish Republican Air Force sends fighters on a risky flight across Nationalist-controlled territory to Republican bases in northern Spain to support the Basque defense against Nationalist forces there; seven of them arrive safely

1941 – German dive bombers attack a British naval task force as it retires westward after raiding caiques carrying German troops north of Crete. They sink the light cruisers HMS Fiji and HMS Gloucester and the destroyer HMS Greyhound and damage the battleship HMS Warspite and the light cruisers HMS Carlisle and HMS Naiad. -

1942 - Death of Tateo Kato, Japanese 2nd Sino-Japanese War and WWII fighter ace, Killed in his Ki-43 by a RAF turrett gunner of a Bristol Blenheim bomber over the Bay of Bengal. - -

1943 - Royal Air Force scatters 1st copies of The Flying Hollander.

1943 – A U. S. Navy antisubmarine hunter-killer group scores a kill of an enemy submarine for the 1st time, when TBM Avengers of Composite Squadron 9 (VC-9} from the escort aircraft carrier USS Bogue (CVE-9) sink the German submarine U-569 in the North Atlantic Ocean. -

1946 - 1st flight of The de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk, tandem, two-seat, single-engined primary trainer aircraft which was the standard primary trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force and several other air forces through much of the post-Second World War years. The de Havilland Chipmunk was the 1st true postwar aviation project of de Havilland Canada.

1953 - S/L Keith R. Greenaway won the McKee Trans-Canada Trophy in recognition of his new methods of aerial navigation in the Arctic regions.

1957 – A U.S. Air Force B-36J-5-CF Peacemaker, ferrying a Mark 17 nuclear bomb from Biggs AFB, Texas to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, accidentally drops it through closed bomb doors, impacting 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south of Kirtland tower. Only the conventional trigger detonated, the bomb being unarmed, creating a crater of 25X12 feet.

1958 - 1st flight of The Sikorsky S-62, single turbine engine, single rotor amphibious helicopter.

1959 - Birth of Matevž Lenarcic, Slovenian raid aviator, alpinist, paraglider, environmentalist, photographer and Author, 1st person to circle the world in an ultralight without a copilot. -

1962 - Robert A. Rushworth, USAF major, takes the X-15 to an altitude of 30 600 metres.

1962 – Continental Airlines Flight 11 boeing 707 crashes after bombs explode on board. FBI agents discovered that one of the passengers, Thomas G. Doty had purchased a life insurance policy for $150,000, the maximum available; his death would also bring in another $150,000 in additional insurance (some purchased at the airport) and death benefits. Investigators determined that Doty had purchased six sticks of dynamite for 29 cents each, shortly before the crash, and were able to deduce that a bomb had been placed in the used towel bin of the right rear lavatory.

1968 - Los Angeles Airways Flight 841 Sikorsky S-61L helicopter crashed Killing all 23 on board. The probable cause of the accident was a mechanical failure in the blade rotor system, which then allowed one blade to strike the side of the fuselage. The other four blades were then thrown out of balance and all five rotor blades broke and then the rear fuselage and tail separated from the rest of the airframe.

1969 - Thomas Stafford & Eugene Cernan pilot the Apollo 10 15 km (9.4 mi) above lunar surface.

1976 - NASA launches space vehicle S-179

1981 - Soyuz 40 is back on Earth.

1981 - 1st flight of The Gulfstream American Peregrine 600, American military trainer aircraft prototype.

1982 - Launch of The Príncipe de Asturias (R-11), originally named Almirante Carrero Blanco, aircraft carrier, flagship of the Spanish Navy.

1983 - During an airshow at the Rhein-Main Air Base, a Canadian CF-104 Starfighter crashed onto a nearby road, hitting a car and killing all passengers, a vicar's family of 5. The pilot was able to eject.

1988 - Death of Edgar Charles Johnston, Australian WWI fighter ace and leading member in civil aviation in Australia. -

1990 - The German Luftwaffe flies the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter for the last time before it is withdrawn from service; the airplane was nicknamed "the widow-maker" because of its terrible safety record - in its five years of service, 110 Starfighter pilots were killed.

2001 - Death of Patricia Consolatrix Hilliard Robertson, American physician and a NASA astronaut, in Houston from burn injuries sustained in the crash of a private plane at Wolfe Air Park, Manvel, Texas

2002 - 1st flight of The Boeing X-45, American unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV), concept demonstrator for a next generation of completely autonomous military aircraft.

2007 - Skybus Airlines, American low-cost carrier, begin operations.

2010 - Air India Express Flight 812, Boeing 737-8NG, overshot the runway on landing, fell over a cliff and caught fire, spreading wreckage across the surrounding hillside. Of the 160 passengers and six crew members on board, only eight passengers survived.

2012 - Launch of Dragon C2+, also known as SpaceX COTS Demo Flight 2 (COTS 2), 2nd test-flight for SpaceX's uncrewed Dragon cargo spacecraft.

2013 - Solar Impulse takes off from Phoenix for the longest leg (to Dallas) of the flight across america.