On This Day in Aviation History May 30 th

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1892 - Birth of Clive Wilson Warman, American WWI flying ace, sole American winner of the British DSO. -

1895 - Birth of William Jackson "Jack" Rutherford, Canadian WWI flying ace

1896 - Birth of Edward Meeker Haight, American WWI flying ace, Airliner pilot who returned on duty in WWII. -

1897 - Birth of John Lightfoot Trollope, British WWI fighter ace -

1897 - Birth of John Harry (Henry) McNeaney, Canadian WWI flying ace. -

1900 - Birth of William "Eric" Olmstead Eareckson, American Balloonist and WWII US Army Air Force combat commander, famous for his innovative tactics.

1907 - Birth of Elly Beinhorn-Rosemeyer, German Long-distance aviatrix.

1908 - 1st British-held international balloon race begins at Hurlingame.

1912 - Birth of Antonio Larsimont Pergameni, Spanish war and WWII italian flying ace.

1912 - Death of Wilbur Wright of typhoid fever at the early age of 45. His death marks the end of his extraordinary partnership with his brother Orville, which culminated in 1903 with the first true powered flight in history.

1913 - Birth of Dean Everett Wooldridge, American engineer in the aerospace industry.

1918 - Death of Edwin Louis "Lobo" Benbow, British WWI flying ace, killed in action in his S.E.5a. -

1918 - Death of John Gordon Smith Cheetham Smith-Grant, Scottish WWI flying ace, from wounds of a bomb blast during an air raid by German aircrafts.

1924 - 1st flight of The Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk MF.8 (also known as the Høver MF.8), Norvegian single engine biplane military training seaplane.

1931 - French Marcel Lallouette et Jean de Permangle are killed while landing their Farman F-231 bis hydroplane on a rough sea on a distance record attempt

1934 - Birth of Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov, Soviet/Russian cosmonaut and Air Force Major General who became the 1st human to conduct a space walk.

1939 - 1st flight of The Fokker D.XXIII, Dutch single-seat fighter. Only one aircraft was flown before the country was invaded by the Germans in May 1940. To overcome the problems of asymmetric flight it had a tractor engine at the front and a pusher engine at the rear.The D.XXIII was a cantilever monoplane with the twin tail units on booms. The pilot had an enclosed cockpit in between the tractor and pusher engines and it had a retractable tricycle landing gear

1942 - Launch of Operation Millennium, 1st 1,000 bomber raid to be setted with Cologne as target.

1942 - Death of Boris Feoktistowitsch Safonow, Russian WWII fighter ace, while escorting a convoy over the North Sea. -

1944 - 1st flight of The Pilatus SB-2 Pelican, swiss civil utility aircraft prototype slightly unusual, in that it was provided with tricycle undercarriage (an uncommon feature at the time), and a wing that had a slight forward sweep.

1947 - 1st flight of The Boulton Paul Balliol, British monoplane military advanced trainer aircraft.

1947 - Eastern Air Lines Flight 605 Douglas DC-4 entered a steepening dive and crashed 2 miles (3 km) east of Bainbridge, Maryland, Killing all 53.

1948 - 1st flight of The Martin P5M Marlin, US twin-engined piston-powered flying boat, evolutionary successor to the PBM Mariner.

1949 - 1st use of a Martin-Baker ejection seat in a genuine emergency occurs when pilot J. O. Lancaster ejects himself from 2nd and last prototype Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52, jet-powered six or four-engine flying wing design, utilising a laminar flow wing airplane.

1952 - 1st flight of The Beriev R-1 prototype, 1st Soviet turbojet-powered flying boat.

1958 - Birth of Michael Eladio "LA" López-Alegría (also known as Miguel López-Alegría), Spanish-American astronaut.

1958 - 1st flight of The Douglas DC-8 (McDonnell Douglas DC-8), American 4-engine, long range, narrow-body passenger commercial jet airliner

1959 - 1st flight of 1st production CM.175 Zephyr, French two-seat carrier-capable jet trainer for the French Navy. It was developed from the land-based CM.170 Magister.

1959 - Death of Charles Alexandre Bronislas Borzecki, French WWI flying ace -

1961 - Bristol chief test pilot Charles "Sox" Hosegood set the London-Paris and Paris-London speed record in 1 hour 41 min 28 sec with a Bristol Type 192C Belvedere, British twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter .

1961 - Viasa Flight 897 Douglas DC-8-53 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal shortly after takeoff from Portela Airport killing all 61 on board.

1962 - 1st flight of The Sukhoi Su-15 (NATO reporting name 'Flagon'), twin-engine interceptor aircraft

1962 - Death of Patrick Nieson Lynch Bellinger, pioneering US Naval aviator and high ranking officer in WWII, 1st American to encounter enemy fire in an airplane. -

1963 - Birth of Helen Patricia Sharman, British chemist and Cosmonaut, 1st Briton in space.

1965 - Death of Cecil James "Chaps" Marchant, British WWI flying ace

1966 – Launch of Surveyor 1 , 1st lunar soft-lander and first US spacecraft to achieve landing on an extraterrestrial body.

1966 - Death of Alexander MacDonald Shook, Canadian WWI flying ace -

1971 - Launch of Mariner 9, NASA space orbiter, which mission was to map 70% of the surface, and to study temporal changes in the atmosphere and surface, of Mars.

1972 - Delta Air Lines Flight 9570 McDonnell Douglas DC-9 crashed at the Greater Southwest International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas while conducting a training flight killing all 4 on board. The crash has been attributed to wake turbulence behind a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 that made a touch-and-go landing ahead of it.

1972 - 1st flight of The Northrop YA-9, US prototype attack aircraft.

1973 - 1st flight of The Mielec M-15 Belphegor , jet agricultural aircraft. (For its strange looks and noisy engine it was nicknamed Belphegor after the noisy demon.) -

1974 - Launch of ATS-6 (Applications Technology Satellite-6), NASA experimental satellite, built by Fairchild Space and Electronics Division, called the world's 1st educational satellite as well as world's 1st experimental Direct Broadcast Satellite as part of the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment between NASA and ISRO.

1975 - Death of Reed Gresham Landis, American WWI flying ace and USAAC officer during WWII. -

1978 - Death of Karl Hermann Gotthard Handrick, German Olympic athlete, gold medal in the modern pentathlon at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, and German flying ace during the Spanish Civil War and WWII.

1979 - 1st flight of the PZL Wilga 80, Polish short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Civil Aviation utility aircraft, evolution of the Wilga 35 and PZL 104 for the US market.

1979 - 1st flight of The Cessna Citation III, 1st of the Model 650 series of Citation jets, which are mid-sized, high-performance business jets.

1986 - Soyuz TM-1, Soviet unmanned test flight of the Soyuz-TM spacecraft for use in the Mir space station program, is back on earth

1988 - The Príncipe de Asturias (R-11), originally named Almirante Carrero Blanco, spanish aircraft carrier, flagship of the Spanish Navy is commissionned.

1999 - Death of Ronald Ward Harker, Rolls-Royce test pilot who helped to develop the Merlin-engined Mustang.

2003 - Last commercial flight of an Air France Concorde from Paris to New york.

2007 - One of the last 2 remaining Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair, American large piston-engine transport aircraft (a Douglas DC-4-based air ferry), crashed at Nixon Fork Mine near McGrath, Alaska.

2008 - Skydive Lillo Pilatus PC-6 crashes after take off from Lillo airfield, in the Toledo province, central Spain, 3 kilometres away from the airfield. The plane was an 11-seater Pilatus PC-6, and is reported to have lost a wing during flight, causing the crash. Of the 10 skydivers on the plane, 9 managed to jump to safety, sustaining a range of injuries, including back and neck injuries, five of the jumpers were unhurt, and two others had light injuries only. The plane exploded on impact, killing the pilot and the last skydiver.

2008 - Silverjet, British all-business class airline, ceased operations.

2008 - TACA Flight 390 Airbus A320-233 (registration EI-TAF, c/n 1374) overran the runway after landing at Tegucigalpa's Toncontín International Airport and rolled out into a street, crashing into an embankment and smashing several cars in the process.