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Secret Admirer (1985)

Michael (C. Thomas Howell) is a California high school kid with a big crush on blonde babe Debbie (Kelly Preston). One day he receives an anonymous love letter written by his close friend Toni (Lori Loughlin - who also happens to be very attractive), confessing her love for him. He assumes it is from Debbie and he takes Toni's advice and writes a letter in return. This leads to a string of embarrassing situations as the letters fall into the wrong hands and cause all sorts of trouble. This often overlooked but hilarious comedy was filmed in Los Angeles

Debbie, Michael and Toni leave the rear (north side) of Burbank High School at 902 North 3rd Street. The building they exit (SE of the running track) has since been demolished. 

Proving that once again the guy with the cool car makes off with the girl, Steve (Scott McGinnis) picks up Debbie on North Glenoaks Boulevard at East Fairmount Road

It is here where Michael's buds pick him up in their van, leaving Toni alone at the crosswalk. 

The frat house party is at 7529 Franklin Avenue in Hollywood (thanks to Eric).

Toni lives at 537 Delaware Road in Burbank.

Debbie lives at 107 North Citrus Avenue in Burbank.

Michael's house is at 1630 Warnall Avenue

Michael "borrows" Steve's car at East Olive Avenue and North Kenneth Road in Burbank. 

Michael races to get to Long Beach in time to catch Toni before she leaves on a sailing trip. This dock is located on the east side of the port, where Berth 55 Fish Market & Seafood Deli is located (555 Pico Avenue, Long Beach). Although the name says "Pilgrim" in the film, the ship appears to be the Spirit of Dana Point, a tall ship based at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA. 

Michael shouts after her from Pier 2 (now known as Pier D). 

They are reunited in the water just off the pier. 

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