RPM Music Markets

The RPM Music Market
is held twice a year in conjunction with Elsing Village Hall.

Not only will you find the expected vinyl LPs and CDs, you will also come across lots of other music related paraphernalia such as books, magazines, instruments, clothing and.........well, who knows what you might turn up.

Make a day of it because a Music Market isn't just a case of a few hours crate diving. Breakfast is served from 10 am 'til mid-day and there is tea, coffee and cake in the afternoon until 4pm. There's also live music in the afternoon as well. So come along for a chilled-out day, perhaps arranging to meet up with friends, even.

Next Music Market.......
Following Government guidelines concerning Covid 19
to curtail all unnecessary socializing and follow a routine of social distancing,
we sadly decided to cancel the April 4th Music Market.

We have another market planned for Saturday 3rd October.
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