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Listening To Life's Soundtrack....

“Striking back in a rejection of today’s single song, downloadable, 20 second attention span, music as background noise, pick and mix culture, take some time out to listen to albums in the way in which they were conceived; from beginning to end.

Stop multi-tasking, switch off the mobile, sit still for 45 minutes and open your ears.”

Meeting at Elsing Village Hall on the first Tuesday of the month, an RPM Club night evening has two sides to it………just like a vinyl LP!

Side 1 will be given over to a mystery album, chosen by a randomly selected RPM Club member and played all the way through……yes, all the way through. …(shock!). Vinyl, CDs, USB memory sticks (MP3s) and 'phones are all acceptable.

Side 2 will be a different monthly theme, for instance; the first single you ever bought or your favourite song of the year.

Plus; there will be tea, coffee and a guest biscuit…..or you can bring along your own tipple.

7.45pm for an 8.00pm start, finish around 10.45pm. £1 donation appreciated.

Information and questions:

Tim 01362 637331.