Relatives and Friends of Children

If they want to try avoid the life burden of having a permanently impaired or sick child, parents and relatives who mean well for their disturbed child are urged to let the therapeutic milieu team engage therapy with the young person and they must accept to not interfere with the process of their child's  recovery . We will try to have them participate as much as the child wants them, and as much as they want themselves.

Before considering placing their child for milieu therapy, parents or guardians are informed that :

1°) we can be of help to their child only if we can experience loving feelings for ce, thus if parents are unable to bear with their own feelings of jealousy or are unable to share their child with someone else, they should consider placing their child somewhere else, though anyway without love their child will never be given a fair chance to recover : there is no efficient therapy possible without mutual emotional involvement between child and therapist.

2°) to give better chances of success with the curing process, children are allowed to refuse to see their parents if they wish so (please see the Safety rules page). We acknowledge this as their right, knowing that nobody would refuse seeing ces parents without serious reasons.

3°) nevertheless, the child is always informed of every contact we have with ces parents.

4°) we are willing to receive parents and friends when the relevant child wants them but in a manner that guarantees the private life of the other persons in the home.

5°) when visiting, please remember that dogs are not allowed for safety because of known examples of dogs having attacked a child unexpectedly.

6°) we want to listen to every parents' request but we reserve the right to act differently if we deem it better for the child, and above all the child' s will is first considered and respected.

7°) disclosure of abuse suffered by the child  before coming to our location:
parents, relatives and friends are informed that it is our duty to report any abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) or neglect if it comes to be known by us. Knowing this risk, parents make their decision of placing their child with us or not (from Handbook of Family Violence).
Reporting abuse is mandatory by law because of risk that the abuser(s) being under compulsive repetition might victimize again the child or other children.

8°) change in children : parents are informed in advance that it might happen that after their child has been living with us for a while, ce could change quite a lot as a result of the successful therapeutic process. Thus parents who are not willing to accept the possibility of important changes in their child should not place ce with us, because we never know in advance how deep the changes will happen in a given child. But no change means no healing, no recovery, no cure.
If no progress should happen with a child, we would consider this a failure on our part because we are dedicated to the children' s recovery and growth : curing children is the reason for being of this project.
The curing process happens spontaneously in each child and we do not control it : our job is only to provide positive conditions to help the process develop effectively.

9°) parents and relatives should consider doing themselves a therapy when they caused the disturbances or illness in their child, to avoid again victimizing  their child which would never allow a positive outcome : if they maintain their child in sufferings, ce will become a permanently disabled adult and chances of being cured will lessen with time and hoping for some new medication to be created some day that would cure the child would be unrealistic.
A lot of disinformation is communicated in order to attract funds for research that never brings any actual results. Also, the more members of a society are sick, disturbed, impaired or suffering, the less the society is viable.
Parents have no legitimate nor moral right to maintain their child in suffering condition to satisfy their pathogenic needs.

10°) we are willing to try any kind of relationship with the parents, relatives and friends that suits them best as long as it does not go against the child' s feelings and needs. Thus we do not request any particular participation from the parents, we just want them to feel free to act according to their needs and feelings as long as they do not cause any harm to their child nor go against ces will.

11°) whether they come to visit their child or not, parents are kept informed about ce at least monthly but the information released to them is subjected to prior consent by the child.

12°) we volunteer to help as much as we can for follow up when a child wishes to resume life with ces family, but we will come visit only if ce is located not too far.

13°) parents or guardians or custodians have to sign authorization for emergency medical or surgical treatment for their child.

14°) financial participation by parents : please see the Financial functioning page.

15°) all information about parents or relatives is kept confidential and treated according to the usual professional rules.

rev. 2013