Assistants Recruitment Process

   As the main part of helping such children is of psychological nature, application from the following people won't be considered :

1°) people suffering from major disturbances

2°) people having been found guilty of abuse to children (emotional, sexual or physical)

3°) people having been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony

4°) people who try to have sexual contacts with children.

   If an applicant is in a special health condition it needs to be evaluated, especially if it may affect ces physical or emotional presence with children.

   After they have read the present guidelines and feel ready to strive to implement them, applicants can send their resume and reference letters with any questions they might have to ask in writing, by e-mail or phone. Each applicant is screened thru the relevant database that records convicted criminals. Then if their interest sustains they can come and visit the place, preferably upon appointment. Then the team in the home see if they want to have the person and if yes the applicant sees if ce wants to give it a try. Children are also asked their opinion about the new person.

   Ideally, we should feel interested by each other and look forward to co-operating for the benefit of the children, we should experience pleasure and interest in the company of each other. Similarly like with children, we see that we reach this good position when we feel like joking and are at ease.

   During the trial period, the prospective assistant is around, helping where ce feels best at ease and is not engaged with children directly, but children may come to ce spontaneously. In this open situation it is possible to get to know each other in a non-committing and casual way.

   Prospective assistants are never left alone with any child.

   Prospective assistants need not to worry : if they are fitted for the position it will work well for the pleasure, happiness and progress of everybody involved. If they are not fitted enough they will just have to look for an other orientation. They don't need to try hard to please the household, they just have to be themselves so that we can see the genuine person they are. If we care to be true to what we are, we then have a sound basis for good relationships.

rev. 2013