Babies Abused by Medical Proceedings

"What is done to children they will do to society" (Karl Menninger).

Baby with seizures :

   Baby girl Gabriele had seizures right after birth, it was unclear what caused them, the delivery was uneasy : was made by c-section (with mother unconscious). She was kept at the hospital and separated from her mother at night (additional traumas). Then finally was allowed to go home, but was brought back to the hospital as the seizures returned in spite that the relationship with her mother seemed good.

   Gabriele's condition did not improve with time, the physicians would not let the seizures happen because they were too heavy, they might have caused damage to her brain, the medications were inefficient. The baby then suffered from "heart burn" : stomach ache (caused by the medications ?), she puked and did not grow as she could not keep the food in.

   New medication was given to try remedy, it worked for keeping food but the seizures continued. I suggested to ask the baby : "how can we help ?" and try guess her answer if any, I don't know if this was tried.

   Then again her condition worsened, said to be caused by her liver not working well, she turned yellow (again a negative side effect from medications ?), the physicians said she will live only for a few weeks now. The assessment was that her brain had been damaged at birth, which caused epilepsy and deficient control on organs : her defective liver had become a life-threatening issue.

   At night at the hospital the mother was not allowed to stay with her daughter : left alone, this was an additional hazard for more harm done to her (please see at the "Medical Treatments Hazards for Children" page : "Children left without a parent at night at hospital"). I proposed to a parent I could go there to try help her, but the call to ok it never came. I pleaded that the medications could harm her badly, especially as she was so very young.

   Then great update : baby Gabriele got the best week she ever had, she started to do what babies do. I asked if any clue on what caused the overall change ? Answer was that seeing she was going to die, it was decided to end all medications except the anti-seizure ones. My guess is as happens frequently the cocktail of different drugs did more harm than good, especially on such a very young person who had been already hurt badly by a difficult birth. It is so shocking that she was allowed to go free of most meds only because she reached the extreme stage near death. Most likely the drugs poisoned her liver which in turn led her to die.

   Is also very shocking the fact that in that hospital (Syracuse NY), mothers were not allowed to remain at night with their newborn : left alone all night the very young persons being totally dependent on others for their survival, especially on their mother, they can suffer extreme feelings of distress and abandonment. In not allowing the presence of mothers at night with their newborn, the physicians refuse these very deep basic emotional needs to be covered, causing long term consequences in the life of such deprived persons (please see below other subject).

   For people around Gabriele, this looked like a miracle, and her healing sustained. Anyway, being in such an extreme condition with many sufferings and anguish to die, that baby was all the more in need of support and reassuring presence of her mother including at night, which was denied as a rule !

Newborns separated from their mother immediately after birth :

   Example : a young mother having had her first child in a hospital north of Paris, the delivery went well, but instead of placing the newborn on her for comfort and reassurance, the staff took the baby to an other room where the small baby screamed continually in severe distress. The young mother insisted so much for having her baby back with her that the staff yielded and returned her : the young mother saw that her baby had turned cyanosed (blue in the face) from crying and calling her mother in acute emotional distress.

   Then that baby grew up well but the young woman she had become remained continually under the plight that she felt her mother did not want her. No matter how many reassurances her mother uttered, she remained under a nagging feeling of rejection which made her feel unsafe in the world. She then felt she needed professional help and went to a psychotherapist.

   In some hospitals, not only newborns are taken away from their mother at birth, but they are shot vaccinations which is even more scary and painful for these new persons, thus entering this world in anguish and pain in the hands of insensitive strangers.

Alternative birthing :

   Most often physicians do not inform pregnant women about options on how to have their baby : at home is possible which provides a comforting setting with privacy and flexibility for personal needs, but only in absence of complications.
   Water birthing (having the new born come out in warm water) is a more relaxing experience for both baby and mother and avoids pains and stress as that eases the process : the keyword to look up on the web is "water birth", and also books that are progressive by Michel Odent and Frederick Leboyer at the Books page.

Genital mutilations on children : please see the Links page.

Genital mutilations on baby boys : called circumcision.

   In the US still half of the male newborns are operated to remove the foreskin of their penis though this does not match any actual necessity, it is just more surgery to bill to the parents for profit' s sake.

   The worst is when such a bloody cut is performed without anesthesia, it is then extremely painful and traumatic for the baby victims as being newborns they are totally helpless and totally dependent on others for surviving : such extreme pains inflicted on them are all the more damageable to their personality as they are caused on their private parts by insensitive surgeons while their mother, so all-important for newborns, is not there or is consentant.

   This causes right from the beginning of the victims' life an emotional rupture with the human environment and they are unable to understand why this was to done to them, so soon after birth while they were still in need to finish recovering from the major event of their birth. Distrust of others is the negative permanent consequence deeply ingrained in these new persons that will be in them during all of their life.

   It is amazing that so far only a few people like John A. Erikson ( realized the extent of the damage caused deliberately so early in the life of millions of human beings without sustainable reason. In Europe, such mutilations are performed much less frequently.

   The truth is, mutilating a young child intentionally without medical reason is a qualification for charge of criminal abuse. Parents who want their male baby to be mutilated are blind to the lifelong consequences, and what is worse are not so far disapproved by society.
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Please see also the page "Vaccinations Harmful for Children".

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