Children with Anorexia

   Becoming physically sick can be a way to call for help and to try to protect from sexual abuse : a sick body is less desirable. Anorexic girls who turn themselves into living skeletons try to avoid arousing sexual desire in their incestuous fathers by suppressing the feminine forms of their body.
   If nobody wants to realize what their situation is, suicide can be the only option left for them to escape from their daily hell.

   But a child who refuses to eat meat can not be called anorexic as this does not put ces life in danger, and the child's refusal can be caused by an admirable concern for other beings, all the more as children most often love animals : how could you accept that beings you love are going to be killed then chopped then eaten ? This is properly traumatizing for young sensitive children.

   It is possible to follow a well-balanced vegetarian diet, even for children. Websites advising relevant foods are plenty on the web. Some veggies are champions in sports, showing that it is possible to be physically fit for top performances even when never eating animal proteins.
   Many famous people were/are veggies : Paul McCartney, Leo Tolstoy, Leonardo Da Vinci... Some were close to being veggies : Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Schweitzer...
   The favorite children's dish is without meat : pasta with cheese, it is not a coincidence. Healthy children allowed to choose their food know best what they need for their growing body and mind.

rev. 2013