Hopefully these pages will not discourage people interested by this kind of work. In practice, it is mainly a matter of love and respect for the children, and if the natural qualities required are there success should happen even if some mistakes will be done. When with children, the founder too finds himself sometimes failing to implement these guidelines, the main point is to be attentive to one's own mistakes to limit them as much as possible.

   What matters most is to allow children the freedom to choose the orientations that will lead them to be cured, we only assist them along that spontaneous process.

   With time and patience little by little ease should come, as long as the good will always sustains all the action. The guidelines in this website are designed to fit every particular person attracted by this field, so that it is possible to find the personal arrangements to make it livable and successful : everyone is
one's own master to experience and find what works best with ceself, step by step, everyone going at one's own pace and staying within ces personal limits because forcing oneself would do no good to anybody.

   Generally, many adults think that children must be deprived of any power : thus children have no money, they do not vote, they do not sit at any board, and frequently decisions for what regards their own life are taken by others than themselves. Is it still the way we want the younger generations to be treated ? Are democratic relationships good only for adults ? Hopefully the human progress will bring changes in the children's status. Among children, children with impairments or with emotional disturbances are treated in an even lower way. That is why the founder wanted to create a place where some children would be offered the chance to experience a better status, bringing good therapeutic effects for their future.

   Anybody considering to engage in a similar project can request free help and follow up, and any feedback about these pages is welcome.

   Thank you for visiting this site,

Filip Marceron