Emotional Causes for Illnesses and Disturbances

   "Truth is available for who wants to know it."

   Illnesses can be a non-verbal call for help when the person is unable to receive it from anybody, and might be not even aware of painful issues repressed in ceself. The more painful the issues are, the deeper they are repressed in an attempt to minimize the damage and continue living.

   The body insists thru the illness to speak up for the person : "something is deeply hurting my soul", and will continue until the issue is properly addressed, including by way of physical sufferings, showing all the importance of the matter.

   Unfortunately most often the suffering child (and adult) will be shown first to physicians and no cure will result from the treatments prescribed, as the cause is not physiological. The physicians will focus only on suppressing the surface symptoms and will avoid to try see under them, as do also most people, including the sufferers who try to find a comfortable stance and avoid like everybody the worse they bear in them.

   But avoiding the painful issue will not cure it, it remains there until it is properly addressed, it demands real consideration as it is vital for the person. Short of it, the sufferings will continue and the illness can develop to the point of causing death.

   The problem in western societies is that hardly anybody seems to have the time or the will to help such sufferers apart from medical treatments. For most people psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are out of what they can afford, so after consulting with doctors their search is limited to attempts like imagery, macrobiotics, change of lifestyle, behavior techniques. Therefore most often the repressed issues remain where they are, untouched, and no good prospect follows.
   The irony is it would be less expensive to undertake an in-depth therapy to have better chances of being cured, rather than engage in multiple, potentially harmful, expensive and useless medical treatments that can even worsen the sufferers' condition.

   Differential Diagnosis :
   How to know that an illness or disturbance is not caused by physiological factors but by emotional ones ? It is when that illness or disturbance is not responsive to medical treatments.
   The sufferer could go direct to psychotherapy or psychoanalysis if ce knows well ce was abused in childhood.

   Also, to alleviate the cost of the non-medical treatment, the sufferer could seek it in a public hospital or mental health center.

   "The pathogenic effects of negative emotions like sadness, anxiety or hostility needs not to be evidenced anymore. We know that the stress brought by negative emotions causes an activation of the lymphatic nervous system and a tenseness of the body which with time wear on the cardiovascular system, reduce the immune defenses and disturb a set of hormonal regulations which are necessary for the body to function well" (Thierry Janssen, M. D.).

rev. 2016