Human Progress for Children

   "It is difficult to make somebody understand something when his income depends on not understanding it" Lewis St Clair.

Conspiracy of silence :
   Actually many parents of children suffering from cancer, autism, epilepsy etc and many health officials, professionals, researchers know that these illnesses and disturbances are caused by abuse. But they all keep silent willfully because they find it is better for their personal interests to pretend they don't know that cause.
   Thus, year after year, researchers find "nothing" on causes of such ailments and what cures could be found for them. That I-don't-want-to-know I don't-want-to-see attitude not only prevent helping present young victims but also precludes organizing prevention for future ones.
   Thus so far large numbers of children have been abused without being recognized as such, and have to suffer for their whole life if they survive of "incurable" illnesses or disturbances of "unknown" cause.

So far in human history children have been denied the basic rights that adults
won gradually over their oppressors : freedom, respect, making decisions for oneself, all everyday rights are still not accessible to children in this beginning of the 21 st century. This seems widely accepted, from the "natural" trend of the big to dominate the small.

This discrepancy of power places children to be more vulnerable to abuse, whether it is emotional, physical or sexual, as they are trained to never say "no" to adults' demands : adults' needs come first and children have to adapt to them for better or for worse.

Therefore, to participate in progress this project strives to avoid these common pitfalls that tarnish relationships of adults with children, especially gaining in efficiency when it comes to help suffering children survive and heal in a milieu called "therapeutic" because functioning on principles designed to cure children from conditions commonly called incurable.

The reason why epidemics (not contagious ones) such as autism, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other major sufferings of medically "unknown cause" in children expand so well in the U.S. is because considering their real cause
-repressed negative emotional issues stemming from abuse- is taboo. The harm can thus grow unchecked and unknown. As long as we refuse to acknowledge the importance of emotions and feelings in our lives, there will
be no reversal of the present trends. In relevant milieus like medicine and medias the prevalent unspoken consensus is to keep a total silence on this subject.
This taboo serves no interest except the pharmaceutical industry' s one, but most prefer avoid that realization as it would lead to too personal and too important consequences, and would alter our self-image as persons in control of our lives, supposedly able to make appropriate and rational decisions for
our children' s and our own welfare. Actually, there is a whole realm active inside ourselves day and night, but it is ignored by our conscious self on the pretense that our conscience -the "I" when we speak- knows everything about us, including our physical and inner life.

At the end of the 20 th century U.S. official statistics showed that only one child out of five received some kind of help when suffering from severe emotional disturbances, and most often that "help" was only prescribed medications, i. e. a process not supposed to lead to being cured but just as a
superficial way to do something, even though bearing high risk of creating other problems in the young sufferers because of the negative side effects.

Actually, child abuse is so common that most often it is not even recognized as such. Example : forcing a child to eat something ce does not want is
called dieting, it is actually domination under cover of knowledge about what food is good for health, denying importance of children' s feelings.

The magnitude of the damages caused to children by their parents or other adults is not yet fully recognized : the official research in children' s health is limited to biology and genetics to try find the causes for cancer, autism, asthma, schizophrenia, diabetes, anorexia, obesity, epilepsy even though with those approaches in the course of more than 60 years no cause was found. As a consequence, also no remedy has been determined, the trend is only to try suppress the symptoms. For so many conditions in children the causes are officially called unknown, but to make such large scale failures look better researchers take the care to regularly state that "research is making great progress and soon new medical treatments will be found, all is needed is more money".

In truth children' s sufferings are just extended : where it took 6 months for a child with brain tumor to die, now it takes two years, the agony just lasts longer.

Still no evidence has been found to validate the theories of biological or genetic causes for so many chronic conditions, but those who have the
power to decide about orientations of research prefer to continue that
way, they are not the ones who suffer anyway.
To satisfy such adults' needs, children with those conditions must suffer endlessly, so to avoid the ugly truth that somebody made those children suffer and caused them to be seriously sick or disturbed.
That large scale cover-up of child abusers is endorsed by a lot of people : many health professionals, officials, researchers, all are paid to provide a better health and safety for children. They take the habit to forget their ethics that include the duty to look for the truth, their real concern seems to be rather to make money for themselves.

Many people are big medication consumers and in so doing they frequently poison their health while real cures are elusive : they are unrecognized formerly abused children. If adults are unable to escape that tragic spiral,
how could children ?

The main stream hypocrisy is to deny the importance of emotions and
feelings in our lives : those factors are excluded from the field of science and
many researchers thought that torturing animals endlessly was a safer approach and a quite acceptable way to make a good career for themselves.

As a whole, those in charge are contented to continue in keeping suffering children with those conditions because that generates such huge profits : endless consumers of medical treatments is what they need.

Many people do not want to hear the truth when it goes against their interests and beliefs.

   In the US "much of the criminal justice system deals with the results of childhood wounding (the vast majority of sexual offenders were themselves violated as children), and much of the social service sector attempts to moderate this damage which comes at an enormous cost for society, most of it is too little and too late" (Raffi Cavoukian).
   As the magnitude of the number of abused children is not recognized, most of abused children are left without help. This leads later to severe long term consequences on themselves and on society : what kind of persons they become.

Lack of love :
   In the human species, contrary to animals, frequently in childhood not enough love is provided. This determines many people to have poor personalities who will need to be violent, greedy and unable of compassion to others, they can seek to start wars, exploit others, kill, abuse their children and animals.
   One well-known example is Adolf Hitler who suffered extreme abuses in his childhood.
   If you can love sincerely your children and respect them, you prepare a better future for the planet.

rev. 2015