Children with Epilepsy

   When having a seizure, such children are at risk of hurting their head as with the loss of conscience they have no more balance and can fall down : during the loss of conscience they loose all control over their body instantly, then their conscience returns soon afterward. Such children can then bear injuries on their face from banging their head down, and this can happen even when they are seated at the moment the seizure happens.

   It is possible to consider that as the loss of conscience can happen any time during any activity the child is doing, the seizure might be caused by a thought that is too hurtful or too scary for the child to have conscience of it, it comes spontaneously in the chain of thoughts. So to avoid being confronted with it, the child's conscience disappears before it hurts or scares too badly as it is related to abuses the child suffered or is still suffering.
   To access the truth with that option, it is possible to ask what the child had in mind just before the seizure happened. At least that could give a hint on what was the chain of thoughts about on the child's mind that led to a seizure (free association of ideas from psychoanalysis that leads to the core issues which are causing disturbances or illnesses in a person).

   Some persons suffering from epilepsy show that they struggle during a crisis, when they lose conscience and are taken by convulsions : as if they relived the moment when they were abused and they try desperately to defend themselves. Very frequently, such crises are preceded with very intense anguish, so intense the fright is that their conscience disappear for protection : the person is not there anymore, as a virtual way to escape from victimization.
   The crises happen in situations of fear, when the person is having the impression of losing control over one' s life : that triggers panic, then ces conscience disappears. This shows that such victims "are seized by a reality that makes them trip off" (Dr. Philippe Dransart in book "La maladie cherche à me guérir"). Such a heavy return of repressed feelings causes the brain to disconnect to avoid the damaging shock of overwhelming emotions experienced during the trauma(s) that were unbearable by the victims.

   Please see also at the page "Babies Abused by Medical Proceedings" the story of a baby with seizures.

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