Support for the Children

To help and to not force : using a gentle way to interact with the children is already healing in itself, it shows that respect with each other helps to feel good and to enjoy others' company. Full respect to each individual child is enhanced by never using any coercive ways except in case of emergency or for protecting a self-destructive or assaulted child.
   "All children are created with innate dignity" (Raffi Cavoukian). Accordingly, when children are treated with respect, they can become adults who will live up by good moral standards.

Decision making : for restoring personhood, assistants have to support and facilitate rather than replace the decision making by the children. Nevertheless children have the right to hesitate, to postpone or to not answer  at all if they wish. Using Active Listening will help avoid overlooking an  issue that is not easy for a child to disclose.

Pleasure and happiness for the children : studies show that most abused and sick children suffer from impaired capacities to enjoy life. We have to try to provide them with anything that can give them pleasure to comfort them while they struggle to gain a better condition and make efforts to overcome the traumas they had to suffer in their past, so that they can feel that life now is providing them with a reparation for wrongs done to them formerly. This should help restore positive life dynamics in them.

Emotional and material back-up : we have also to help the children achieve  a sense of accomplishment as this is proper to rebuild their self-esteem, even for young children. We need to be attentive to what they are trying to do and to what they need in terms of emotional support and of materials to succeed in anything they view as valuable.

Support to face the truth : assistants must provide a reliable support as long as needed. Further, they have to encourage the children to face their past in order to get free from it, and "acknowledge the truth however difficult to hear" (Healing Hearts), because staying in confusion will lead to nothing but endless sufferings for them as years won't improve nothing spontaneously, the most likely outcome to happen otherwise is that of child mental or sick patients turning into adult mental or sick patients, while taking medications will profit more to the drug industry than to those victims.

Unlimited commitment to the children : as we strive to offer to the children unconditional help we do not set a time limit : any child once accepted can stay and carry on ces life at our location even after reaching the age of 18 because we want to never reject anybody once a bind has been established, but we assume most children will want to leave and lead their own independent life when they are ready for it.

After a child has left, we wish to be able to follow up and remain a reference  for the child so that ce could always have a recourse to turn to in case of need or come back just for a rest, as any parents welcome their child back occasionally and always like to hear from ce, and remain ready to help.
This will allow us to see the long term results of our efforts, i. e. if we are truly efficient in curing the children.

rev. 2015