Right to Heal Denied to Children

   "What we do to children, they will do to the world", Clover Greene.

I- Reasons why some parents do not grant right to heal to their severely emotionally disturbed or sick child :

1- to keep to their belief that they are innocent for the disturbances or illness their child is suffering from and that the troubles are due to a physical impairment like "slight brain damage", or "chemical imbalance" or genetic cause.

2- to continue satisfying on their troubled child their neurotic trends like need to dominate others, repetition compulsion from abuses inflicted on them in their own childhood.

3- fear that if their child recovers, ce will speak of what was done to ce and this will be disclosure of abuse with risk of being prosecuted.

4- risk of losing the money they receive for having a handicapped child.

5- refusal that someone else than themselves have a significant relationship with their child : if they can't have a good relationship with their child, they don't want anyone else to succeed where they failed because this would be damaging to their self-esteem and disclosing their own emotionally impaired condition.

II- Reasons why some professionals do not grant right to heal to severely emotionally disturbed or sick children :

1- for keeping a good image of parents in seeing them as completely innocent for the disturbances or illness of their child and unable to harm ce, especially to the point of turning ce insane or deadly sick : "brain damage", "abnormality" or "chemical imbalance" is a more comfortable explanation than abuse.

2- for avoiding to realize the first importance of human relationships of the child with ces parents for good mental and physical health, and to keep to a comfortable position of non-involvement with such children in treating them only by endless medications.

3- endless prescription of medications is a good source of profits especially as such young sufferers are supposed to be incurable, which means dooming them for a life-long condition. This means a possibility of life-long profits for themselves, while on the opposite a patient cured is a customer lost.

4- for avoiding to conflict with parents when parents want to believe that their child's condition is due to a physical impairment. As parents are the ones who pay the professionals they are not to be displeased, like in any business the professionals want to keep their customers.

5- the belief in physical impairment as the cause for the disturbances or illnesses allows endless research and good profit for the researchers.

III- Reasons why some officials and some judges do not grant right to heal to severely emotionally disturbed and sick children :

1- for not conflicting with some parents' associations who believe that their children's disturbances or illness are due to a physical cause like "chemical imbalance".

2- for not conflicting with some psychiatrists and professionals who believe similarly.

3- for not having to deal with disclosure of abuse if children in the course of their recovery would start to speak about what was done to them, especially when their parents are famous or hold powerful situations.

4- for keeping a good image of parents as being completely innocent for the sufferings of their child and unable to harm ce, especially to the point of turning ce insane or deadly sick.

5- for not having to face their responsibility of organizing a better prevention of child abuse in their jurisdiction.

   Thus for many children caught in such webs, after having suffered multiple abuses at the beginning of their life that damaged their personality and their health, then they have to suffer other abuses by being exploited for the money their misery represents, and by being denied the right to receive the proper help to cure by being labelled "incurable", which means it is irrelevant to try cure them and go against the experts' knowledge.
   Frequently they have no advocate to speak for them : they have no chance to escape a fate of life-long sufferings. If an outsider understands the situation and try to intervene, ce will be discarded by more or less acceptable reasons like "you are not part of the family", "you are not a medical doctor", "you do not know about recent findings for this kind of illness", "you have no legal basis to act on".
   If the little patient rebels because of suffering too much in ces hopeless situation, ce will be given more medications to put ce down, or will be submitted to electro-shocks : this might even destroy ce further while keeping ce still alive so that the profit can continue with a pretense of treatment and legality.
   "Could you cure from being poisoned if you have to take daily a new dose of poison ?" (Alice Miller). Day care programs can not cure children suffering from physical or mental disturbances if every evening the children have to return home with toxic parents.

rev. 2015