Children with Diabetes

Emotional cause of diabetes :   All researchers and practitioners in health should accept the possibility for each sick child that the cause of the illness could be emotional as a consequence of abuses.

   Example : a study found a link between lack of sleep of good quality and diabetes. A significant sample of students in good health were followed during several days while they were limited to only 4 hours of sleep per night. After a few days, their metabolism became diabetic.
   That would explain why some children are diabetic even though they are not obese : if they fear at night to be abused or if they suffer from nightmares as a consequence from abuses, they might try to stay awake as long as possible for their safety, and when they finally fall asleep, their sleep might lack good quality if by fear they do not go deep into sleep. As a consequence, their hormonal system could be disturbed and that might lead them to become diabetic.

   Solution : the quality of each diabetic child's sleep should be assessed.

   Example of a 12 year-old girl with diabetes caused by emotional factors : she was cured by family therapy, in book "Progress in Group and Family Therapy" by Clifford Sager and Helen Kaplan.

Moral shock : "Diabetes in children and adolescents (type 1) results from an auto-immune reaction that follows a very hard moral shock which causes in the young sufferer a deep sense of being unsafe, loss of the meaning of life, loss of the joy of living, and loss of the desire to invest in life. The pancreas self-destructs : without insulin treatment, this illness would be as deadly as a suicide can be" (Philippe Dransart, M. D.).

Diabetes in children can increase : "Emotional upheaval, adverse life situations, and severe frustrations can contribute to the onset of diabetes. A 1949 study showed that diabetes in some children intensifies when they experience emotional stress : the stress increases the level of cortisol in the bloodstream, in turn increasing insulin levels, while at the same time causing greater insulin resistance" (from book "Awakening Intuition" by Mona Lisa Schulz, M. D.).

rev. 2014