Records of Children's Progress

Initial individual state : for each child arriving at the therapeutic milieu, we note ces mental and physical state, ces abilities and disabilities, so to be able afterward by comparison to see how the progress is going with time.

Individual log book : each assistant is encouraged to write down frequently progresses, events, questions and problems occuring with the child ce is particularly caring for, and ces own personal joys, concerns, thoughts and what has been efficient and not in helping the child.

   This data being personal to a child, it may be released to persons out the project only with the child's authorization excepted for officials and social workers who by their position have duty to know about the placed children.

   The individual log book is particularly important to understand the personal dynamics of a child.

   Assessment of each child's progress is done according to simple and clear indicators as listed at the Children's Cure page.

Saga of the project : the founder also intends to frequently take notes about everything relevant to the course of the project and its team, and to communicate the writings to anybody interested by such an endeavor. This might be issued in book(s) to disseminate more broadly.
   This field is also relevant to the one about relationships between children and adults.

Photos records : to provide additional evidence of positive results by such a treatment if we succeed, videotaping or taking photos of children when they arrive and of their evolution with time would be good if the children agree. Such pictures could be made into slides and be shown occasionally for everybody to watch, children usually enjoy a lot to see themselves, and this could help restore in them a sense of identity, self-worth and hopefulness when seeing their progress with time.

Drawings made by children : all of them are dated and kept so that their progress can be seen as the drawings are the materializations of a person's mental health at a given time. They remain property of their authors who can take them away when they leave, we could then ask permission to keep photocopies.

rev. 2013