Betray No More the Children

   "We don't know because we don't want to know. But facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored" Aldous Huxley.

   The large scale scam in the U.S. and elsewhere like in France about many suffering children needs be fully disclosed :
- first countless children are abused by their parents or relatives, the very ones who should be their best protectors, or by other people,
- then the young victims are denied the right to heal from the consequences of having been abused under the pretense that their disturbances have only biological or genetic causes to avoid that the public be confronted with the embarrassing truth.
Children suffering from autism, cancer, schizophrenia, anorexia, mental retardation, asthma, diabetes, obesity, bi-polar disorder, epilepsy, though found with no abnormality in their body are allowed to receive only medical treatments, as if offering psychotherapeutic help would provide evidence that their mental or physical sufferings are caused by emotional issues only, and
as such are consequences of abuse.

   Under cover of "science" scores of researchers look for the miracle pill that someday is expected to be found decade after decade, while suffering children if they survive grow up into suffering adults. Since the 1950' s research found no evidence that those sufferings have a biological or genetic cause, but as the emotional field is taboo it is tacitly off-limits : no money
will be granted for who wants to go see there, and too bad if those children continue to suffer endlessly, generation after generation.

   But no ethical issues are in the mind of who decides to fund laboratories in which thousands of animals are tortured : monkeys, dogs, cats, rats, mice... are submitted to the worst horrors and pains without any chance to escape them, and never mind if the results found are useless as humans' physiology is different from other species'.
   The researchers also do not want to be concerned by the fact that, as these animals are detained in unnatural conditions and are under pains, anguish and terror permanently, their physiology is thus changed badly : it is nonsensical to assume that these living beings' biological workings can continue unaffected independently from the hellish existence and the many atrocities they are submitted to.
   Those researchers who commit monstrous deeds on other beings experience no moral restraints and are well paid, as are also the businesses that provide the animals : this makes a big inhumane machine which runs for no real usefulness and which coming generations will consider with as much disgust as the Nazi regime in Europe caused, after the Second World War when large scale horrors were disclosed.

   In other words, in the mind of researchers and of officials who decide to fund them on public money from taxes, it seems that they think a living being's physiology does not change according to the emotions ce experiences : no wonder then that the results found from those experiments are so ineffective to be used to cure humans suffering from many illnesses.

   The large scale tragedy is a lethal poison for the whole of society : first for those who abuse their children, then for those who cover them while they are paid for promoting a better public health and safety for children while health costs keep escalating without good end results.

   Many take on the habit of living away from truth and duty of loyalty to those who suffer, the only real purposes having become making money and retaining power. The drug industry became the most profitable field in the U.S. and in France, showing how much is spent on those chemicals, though most often they provide no cure.

 Thus children suffering from emotional disturbances (whether they appear as a mental disability or a physical disease) are not given a real chance to cure because adults give priority to their own needs, like those of the parents who need to believe that they are for nothing in the condition their child is suffering from.

   While in the U.S. from 2000 to 2005, the founder of this project sent several hundreds of letters and emails to relevant nonprofits, government health agencies, universities, children' s hospitals in most areas of the country to raise that issue and present the project to find help. The only answer was consistently no answer with very few exceptions, that silence means
emotions are not a factor they want to consider.

   We the people on this project want to participate in progress to make a positive difference in the young victims' life in stating clearly that those  suffering children have the right to heal, and adults in charge have not the right to prevent it.

   As Adolf Hitler and his minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany knew, the bigger the lie the more likely people are to believe it as long as it is repeated consistently enough, with time it will be accepted as truth.

Physicians indirectly kill their patients when patients are suffering from a high life-threatening illness like brain tumor and physicians persist in ignoring other options that cured some of such patients, like macrobiotics and psychotherapy. Physicians have the duty to inform their patients or for children their family to help them decide for the best, especially when their life or their child's life is in danger.
   With such illnesses with a very high probability of failure with medical treatments, physicians must soon inform of alternatives before the patients are too disabled by the illness to try an alternative. Physicians can not protect their trade at the cost of their patients' lives as if there was nothing else to try in the field of health. Deliberately withholding information crucial for the patients is punishable by law.

rev. 2015