Vaccinations Harmful for Children

   "First do no harm" : Hippocratic oath that physicians have to swear before they begin to practice.

   Most countries in Europe have no mandatory vaccinations :


and their populations are not sicker. In France, some vaccinations are mandatory but they are illegal as no medical act there can be performed without the consent of the patient.

The best immunization for babies remains thru nursing their mothers' milk.

   Vaccinations can be highly toxic for young children : from the book "Metamedecine" by Claudia Rainville (is in french) :

Children vaccinated when babies are found more frequently sick in comparison with the children who were not.

Some cases are known of babies who died suddenly after they were injected vaccinations : this was done too early, they were too vulnerable as their immune system was just starting to exist.

Generally vaccinations especially with young children are not actually efficient to protect them from later infections (statistics).

   In the U.S. newborns can be given vaccination shots right after birth. This would explain :

1- the large number of drug addicts in the U.S. : they shoot themselves as they are under the unconscious compulsive need to re-enact the original trauma they suffered right at their birth.
2- plus they suffered separation from their mother for being vaccinated at a time when they needed comfort and reassurance, but they were not even given a minimum of time to recover from their birth.

   Vaccinations benefit only the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment in the few countries that want to persist in making them mandatory : this insistence is not due to a necessity for public health but to profit greed.

   Also, vaccinations are unnatural : they are usually shot several different ones at the same time, the young bodies can not respond adequately to several different infections at the same time and all the more as their immune system is still immature. This explains why some vaccinated babies went into convulsions and died irremediably. Then it is disinformation at the worst when some experts state that vaccinations are safe, totally harmless.
   In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court stated that vaccines are "inevitably hazardous". Thus vaccines are actually useless and hazardous, most countries now recognize it and ended that systematic practice.

   Children who were not vaccinated are in better health than those who were :
Kiggs research in 2003 at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, this institute is the highest authority in that country about infectious diseases. The research was done during 2 years following a sample of 17,546 children, representative of children in Germany. The collected data showed a big difference between the children who were vaccinated and those who were not : non vaccinated children were found to be 2 fold less sick than those who were. The findings were very clear because for each child 1,500 data were collected, recorded and analyzed : thus this is evidence that non vaccinated children have an immune system that works better.

   This matches other researches that found "no scientific evidence to prove that vaccines are useful".

   Same finding found in a study by the Jackson State University, USA : Unvaccinated children have much lower rates of chronic illnesses :

   Generally, the infectious diseases in Western countries regressed not because of vaccinations but thanks to the improvements of the living sanitary conditions of the populations.

   Louis Pasteur lied all along his life and the movie that was made about him has nothing to do with the truth of who he actually had been.

   The disinformation about vaccines aims at making the public buy as many of them as possible.

   Vaccinations weaken the immune system of the children who are vaccinated instead of reinforcing it because they include poisonous additives (aluminum, mercury) which are metals : the children's immune system can not eliminate them and gets exhausted by trying for too long to get rid of them. With their weakened immune system, vaccinated children then become more vulnerable to any infections and become more frequently ill, which serves the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the physicians as they get more patients to treat.

   Increased risk of being abused : an other serious hazard with vaccinations is, after having been vaccinated, young children are also at increased risk of being abused by their parents if, under several simultaneous infections, they suffer badly because their body has difficulty to survive : under pain they can cry endlessly and make their parents become violent to them. Therefore, under multiple aggressions, some babies may be overwhelmed and die, or become persons disabled for life because brain damaged.

   Shaken baby syndrome : also, "many cases of SBS (shaken baby syndrome) are actually caused by vaccines, but the parents are prosecuted for SBS because vaccines can cause hemorrhaging and bleeding in the children's brain that leads to children's death"
   This issue is illustrated by the movie "The Syndrome".

rev. 2016