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MORAR, Tamara : "Ma victoire sur l'autisme", with the help of a speech therapist and school teachers, a French mother manages to really cure her 4 year-old son from severe autism. Unfortunately, even though she was a translator, the book was never published into english.

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ODENT, Michel : "Birth Reborn - What childbirth should be" : advocate of water birth (delivery in warm water) to ease the transition for the newborn from the mother's womb aquatic milieu to air milieu, and being in warm water also eases the delivery for the mother as her muscles are more relaxed.

OTTO, Linda : "Silence of Hatred", TV movie showing true story of Dr. Eric Fortich vs. Dr Elisabeth Morgan : divorced, she refused to grant him visit right with their daughter because he sexually abused her. The Washington D.C. judge finding that abuse was not enough proven ordered forced unsupervised overnight visits and had the mother imprisoned for having tried to oppose his court order. Shows case of an abuser denying publicly and repeatedly.

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