Children with brain tumor

Most often incurable when causes are not identified :

   The cause of the tumor could be as with other cancers repressed emotions that the young victim pushed out of ces conscience to survive better : the signals from the body are powerful and demand to be acted on appropriately, but if running away from the abusive situation was what was needed, most often children can not run away for their protection as they have no haven to welcome them.
   Then repressing negative emotions that occur when abused becomes the only solution left : somehow getting used to being abused, in the absence of anybody' s reaction to protect the young victims.

   An other possible cause for brain tumor might be that in the young sufferer recurrence of very painful or scary thoughts associated with abuse : as these thoughts are some kind of shocks to the mind of the child and as such are very hurtful, it is possible that the cells of the brain manage to build a buffer zone by proliferation of cancerous cells for protection. But as this protection is never enough to ward off the pain from such thoughts, more cells are needed until the brain itself is too damaged to allow survival any longer.

   Surgery may remove the tumor, causing remission, but then the risk of recurrence is high as the conditions that caused the tumor remain unchanged, and again protection of the child' s mind is needed from damaging thoughts (the same is valid for adults with brain tumor).

Interviewing the child :

   With a child with a brain tumor it is possible to ask ce

- Do you have some very painful thoughts coming in your mind ? If so, what are they ? And how frequently do they come ? And in what circumstances ?

   That knowledge added to the fact that the child was abused would help orient for a non-medical successful therapy.

Cancer dynamics for brain tumor :

   The tumor develops when somebody (human or animal) is living in conditions that do not allow deep, important needs to be met :

- example of a man, is suffering from loneliness even though he has a family with wife and children, but his personality does not allow him to open up to others and express his feelings to get out of loneliness.

- example of a dog, who is continually chained or not allowed to go out of a small shed, or is never walked nor provided with some love.

   These persons live continually with basic need requests that reach their brain but the brain can not, given the conditions, find a way to satisfy them. As a consequence of being continually under sufferings, their brain develops a tumor as a buffer zone to try alleviate the hurts it is continually harassed with without being able to do what is needed to correct the situation.
   This continual stress pushes the brain to build more and more protection until the tumor is too big and symptoms consequently start growing. If no efficient remedy is provided, death finally occurs as a final solution when nothing appropriate was allowed to be tried.

   This explains why the medical treatments do not work : the problem is not physiological as nothing is wrong with the body nor with the brain of the individual with a brain tumor.

The solutions for the 2 examples are :

- for the man suffering from loneliness : do a psychotherapy where the therapist will be the person to bridge the gap between the man and others, thru releasing repressed emotions from childhood that block the way to relationships with others.

- for the dog deprived of exercise and care : allow the dog out, let him satisfy his natural needs for running, play and receive love.

   Unfortunately, frequently dogs and other animals like rabbits and birds in cages are kept in unhealthy conditions that will lead them to suffer and die as their humans are insensitive and selfish.

   And for the humans with brain tumors, many physicians insist for advising only medical treatments even though they are known to be inefficient : the physicians do not know nothing else, and they want to keep their monopoly on their patients' health issues, even when consequences can be lethal.

rev. 2015