Children with Asthma

Marcel Proust's asthma :                                                                                          The French writer Marcel Proust started to suffer from asthma when 9 year old as a consequence of having an excessively controlling mother who abused him with too many demands starting right after he was born, and tied him up in a total emotional dependency to satisfy her possessive needs. All that literally suffocated him.

   He could not have benefited from psychoanalysis because at that time Freud was in the process of conceiving it, it was then a science being created, not much known yet.

   Though his father was a physician, no efficient help could be provided to him, he spent half of his time sick in bed. He died suffocated by a crisis when 44.

Abusive demands of love :
   Other similar stories show that asthma can be cured when the victim realizes ce was forced to pretend loving the abusive parent, as being loved was part of the abusive demands which led the victim into the falsehood of having to pretend loving the excessive parent.
   When the victim felt ce did not need to pretend love anymore, asthma crises disappeared : this again is showing that excessive demands from a parent can literally suffocate the child, and the child can not truly love the abusive parent because the child is experiencing more sufferings than happiness with the parent (from book  "Our Body Never Lies" by Alice Miller).

What is asthma ?
   "Asthma is a disorder from excessive contraction of the muscles around the bronchi : that narrowing of airway causes difficulty to breathe with characteristic noise of wheezing, it can lead to panic when oxygen comes in too restricted supply.
   Under exposure to allergens like pollen, dust, microbes, the muscles can close down the airway, same with irritants" (from book "The Anatomy of Hope - How people prevail in the face of illness" by Jerome Groopman, M. D.).

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