Residential Care for Children Summary

This project is a non-profit private rural setting designed for the therapeutic  non-medical residential treatment of children with chronic conditions and special needs, who are considered incurable by medical means.

- Conditions served : please see list on homepage. Generally, any pathology, illness, or disturbance where no physiological cause was found. The cause then might be emotional and as such curable thru milieu therapy.

- Ages served : 0 - 10 year-old preferably, but with possibility of unlimited stay whatever the age reached, for humanitarian reasons and for therapeutic efficiency.

- Genders served : girls and boys.

- Number of children served : 1 or 2 at the beginning, growth if possible or duplication of the model in different houses or locations, depending on results and on number of people interested to join the project.

- Setting : non medical
               ambulatory and non ambulatory.

- Operation : hours per day : 24
                   days per week : 7
                   months per year : 12
i. e. no interruptions.

- Primary objective : heal/cure children, i. e. that each child reaches the same  level of physical and mental health of children of same age.

- Methods :
. milieu therapy in which non-directivity allows each child to engage in the spontaneous process of curing
. each child leads all the way the process
. nurturing relationships with primary focus on respect and freedom for each child
. playtherapy with psychoanalytical background
. contacts with normal children whenever possible.

- Other features :
. possibility for unlimited stay for children who wish so even if they are completely symptoms free
. practical sustaining activities : auto and home maintenance, vegetable and fruit garden, cutting wood for fuel
. basic trainings provided to children if willing and able to take them : to count, read and write if they are unable to go to school
. no pressure milieu, after the belief that each child has within ceself the ability to heal and get rid of conditions or disabilities at a personal pace
. program aimed at providing a continuity of care allied with on-site diversification of activities, reality oriented
. languages spoken : US english, french.

rev. 2015

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