Children with Cancer Dynamics

   This page is written from the documentary "A Lion In The House", shown on PBS in 2006 (2 hours x 2). It was filmed in the course of 6 years at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in the US. It allows to see the dynamics of the slow degradation of several children with cancer, from normal, happy,  and active to dying and dead in coffin. When choosing to film these children, the documentary crew did not know they would all die.

   The whole process shows how important it is as it leads to mere death : the whole of their body was healthy but the cancer managed nevertheless to start from a specific spot. The lethal process does not happen overnight, there is time to intervene, but the problem is in some cases the medical treatments are not efficient as the illness develops and leads to death. This clearly shows there is a need for an other treatment than the medical ones.

   Love was not missing as it was provided, and with return : a woman on the hospital team said "children give more than they receive, whether they are sick or healthy".

   As the causes of cancer remain unknown officially, there is a possibility to guess that this illness like others is caused by abuses. It seems that once the illness is started in a child, it might continue to grow even if the abuses are ended : it is like the repressed emotions in the young sufferer are a deadly active nucleus and may continue to expand until the body is finally killed, unless the repressed emotions are released.

   That means life will not be allowed to continue after the abuses or traumas unless the relevant repressed emotions are released : the pathogenic effect might remain active as long as necessary for the deadly end to happen, no matter how much love is provided to the young victim and no matter how powerful the medical treatments can be. Nothing might stop the negative process once started.

   That shows that the body can not defend itself, contrary to aggressive agents from outside. With cancer, the process is internal, started in the body itself in a given area. Being self-destructive, it seems to mean that no valuable life can exist after the traumas, unless a proper help is provided, which so far in most cases is not, leading to the consequences that we know.

   The basic need is to allow the proper circumstances for the release of the repressed emotions in the young sufferer, which has not been done so far. Such attempts should be tried all the more as all involved adults are under a permanent stress of tension, hurt and distress at being helpless, as everybody knows that for each child with cancer death is a possible outcome. And even with the best remissions cancer can reappear any time.

   That shows that no matter how sophisticated and expensive medical treatments can be, what caused cancer remains unaddressed and ignored, it is still there and potentially active.

   This indicates that for human life that something is of utmost importance : it takes precedence on anything else and has the power to cause death, i. e. total destruction of the person, is thus above all other forces in a living being (animals too can get cancer). It decides of life or death : as such is the supreme entity.

   The slow progress of the process of how cancer spreads seems to show how basic the factors it refers to are : the young victim slowly degrades, sending a silent but powerful message to all around that child, as a call for something to be done. But as this something is not done, the silent message reinforces and the child 's condition worsens as if to try attract a better attention on the sufferer. Then from worsening to worsening the last stage can be reached : end of life.

   That shows how even in such tragic circumstances children are not listened to, their needs are not respected, they remain powerless even when their own life is at stake : only the will of adults matters, including with most of the health professionals who seem convinced that what the sick children feel, what they express about their needs is of no importance.
   Thus all involved adults miss the main issue : to know from the children themselves what they need would be the best knowledge to help the children out of the illness. Only the children know best what they feel inside, unfortunately the right to have their own needs accepted is denied, which can bring the tragic consequences of a process that nobody actually wanted to understand.
   Parents want 100% control, professionals want 100% too, which means children are left with 0% control even though they are the ones who suffer most.

   It is particularly striking that adults seem to fear more than such children 's death what would happen if they followed what the children need. Do the adults unconsciously know that if they proceeded that way, that would inevitably lead to disclosure of abuses ?

   In other words, death happens when hope is finished : when hope is gone, so is life.

   Children with cancer know best that they are under a deadly process, they know all the importance of their situation while they struggle to survive, their feelings of anguish do not allow them to minimize : they are persons at the beginning of their life and are already threatened to die, contrary to all the healthy forces within their body.

   Such children are also loaded with the additional burden of trying to alleviate the hurt the people of their family experience.

Rev. 2015