Children who were submitted to electro-shocks may be permanently impaired because such a "treatment" causes damages to the brain in addition to the sufferings for the victims under this kind of "scientific" torture, which then further destroys more of their chances for recovery. In the US even some children of age 0 - 5 are electro-shocked, but no statistics are compiled nor about the results of such a "treatment".

   Usually safety requires that in any building all precautions must be taken so that no domestic electricity comes in contact with the human body : electro-shocks are such an aberration that they consist of deliberately submitting a most often non-consentive human being who is already in bad condition to having electricity travel thru the brain, the most sensitive and important part of the body as it controls everything, and the results are never proven.

   It seems that the professionals who prescribe such a "treatment" for their patients never tried it on themselves first to see what consequences result in themselves.
   "As director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry in Bethesda, Maryland, nearly every week I receive phone calls, letters or have personal interviews with patients who have suffered brain damage and permanent mental dysfunction from shock treatment. The story is typically uniform" (Peter R. Breggin, M. D.).

   Use of such a degrading process shows how short of therapies the psychiatrists are, even with the wide choice of medications.

   The founder got to know example of a man still autistic in his 40's who had spent most of his life in psychiatric institutions. Not only he was abused by a violent patient and still had nightmares about it, but when he was submitted to electro-shocks they forgot to place between his teeth the usual rubber to absorb the massive crushof his jaw contracting extremely under the horrible pain caused by the circulating power in his brain : his teeth self-broke. Not surprisingly such tortures never cured him.

   Electro-shocks are blatant evidence of lack of knowledge, lack of efficiency and most of all lack of professional ethics : all medical doctors have to swear Hippocrates' oath when they graduate "First do not harm".

   Electro-shocks are a shame for all : shame for the countries that have no safeguards to prevent them, shame for officials who do not object, shame for physicians who have them performed, and shame for the parents of the victims but may be they are not even informed of what are the "treatments" in psychiatric hospitals.
   How could torture cure persons who are already suffering severe disturbances ? If such was the case, then the survivors of the millions who went thru the Nazi concentration camps should have been in perfectly good mental health afterward, same for all abused children. Such an absurdity is hard to believe ! It is so contrary to human values and to common sense that it is even difficult to conceive how such an atrocious device was created then allowed under the guise of "science" in so called civilized countries !

   It is pitiful that the professionals who submit their patients to them find nothing better to do to help those suffering persons : just hurt and damage them more !

   But may be this is quite deliberate : those patients suffered multiple abuses as children in the hands of their parents or other criminals, then in the hands of professionals they suffered other multiple abuses like repeated injections of psychotropic medications, confinement, tying up, cold showers, electro-shocks or worse. In damaging them further, the end result being such a degraded mental condition, they will never be able anymore to make a reliable testimony on abuses suffered all along their life : the criminal abusers are then assured of impunity. It is a common defense for criminals to call their victims "crazy, insane" in order to try disqualify them from testifying.

rev. 2013