Children with Cancer

Eligibility for milieu therapy :

   For considering if a child suffering from cancer could be helped by our project, we need to assess if this illness is not caused by

- a toxic environment in which the child lives, like drinking contaminated water from a private well, presence of radioactivity in unusual quantity in the ground, former uranium mine in area, former industrial site with unremoved radioactive materials, fields that are sprayed regularly with pesticides...

   Example : story in the town of Vincennes, France near Paris : in 1999 several children attending the Franklin Roosevelt kindergarten are found with a rare cancer. A toxicologist from CNRS confirms the cause : radioactive components not removed at the closed industrial site Kodak next door. The inhabitants of the neighborhood organize in a committee. The mayor of Vincennes and the prefect of the Val-de-Marne refuse to have the toxic waste removed, rather the mayor finds it better to sue the president of the committee for defamation ! This is an other case where children are sacrificed to the interests of officials who act oppositely to the necessities of public health.

- before the child's birth or later, was there an unusual number of radios or scans done on the child ? Was a medical treatment done on the child in a hospital soon after birth or later ?
   Example told in the book "Autobiography of a Face" by the victim Lucy Grealy : cancer at her jaw when 9 year-old, with high probability it was caused by excessive "care" by the dentist : "At each time a scan or a radio was done. Dr Singer had convinced my parents that if I was to have the slightest chance of having normal teeth when adult, he had to be allowed to do whatever was possible to do." Result : she ended being disfigured for life after many horrible sufferings and social stigma. This is a typical case of professional abuse, allowed to happen when parents or custodians of a child do not exert their judgement and trust blindly the professionals.

   In those examples, the cancer on children was caused by non-emotional factors, then such children are not a match for being helped by milieu therapy.

The usual family situation in which children suffering from cancer when the causes are emotional is stressful, as Bearison described :
"When we ask to the mothers what in their opinion caused cancer in their child, their answer is usually conflicts in the family like fights between parents, or loss of a family member, or financial hardship".

   Such a profile matches also the family of the girl with a jaw cancer described above, showing that stresses can be cumulative and can facilitate the breaking of the immune system to allow the occurrence of cancer.

   Example of cancer with high probability to have been caused by emotional factors : 3 year-old little girl found with cancer on her left hand kidney, previously she was present when her father hit her mother, injuring her left hand kidney, with same symptom resulting afterward : blood in urine. No psychotherapy was tried with the child after, and as the medical treatments failed she died one year later (book "Unraveled" by Maria Housden, p. 78).
   After their daughter died, both parents went into deep grief. When they talked, the father said "I think Hannah died because of me". Claude whispered now, as if the words were too terrible to say aloud. "I should have been a better person". This sounds like a recognition of guilt by an abuser.

   "The fundamental problem most patients suffering from a life-threatening disease like cancer is an inability to love themselves, having been unloved by others during some crucial part of their lives, almost always childhood" (Bernie S. Siegel).

Emotional factors :

   "The factors of great emotional loss and of hopelessness occurring BEFORE the first signs of cancer were so repetitive and frequent that they could not be ignored" (research done by Dr Lawrence Leshan, M. D., on a large number of patients, reported in his book "Cancer As A Turning Point").

The future of cancerous children :

   "Children who survive cancer are highly likely to develop chronic diseases by the time they are young adults, and many will have multiple or severe health problems, say researchers from the Netherlands.
   Three quarters (1015 out of 1362) of their large cohort of survivors developed at least one pathology during the follow up study of 17 years. In   40 % of cases, the disease is serious, disabling, life-threatening or potentially life-threatening.
   One fourth of those survivors had 5 pathologies or more at the age of 24. A fraction of those pathologies could be explained by the fact that some of these people were amputated.
   Surviving from cancer is thus frequently a kind of chronic illness".
(source : BMJ 05/07/2007 on, title of article : "Childhood Cancer Casts Long Dark Shadow").

   These facts confirm
- that many cancers are caused by emotional factors
- that when the cause is not treated where it is, the pathogenesis just continues even with some cases where the symptoms of cancer can be considered technically cured : the cause of the disease just moves to one or several other areas. As no real cure follows, that proves that the real cause of the disease was not treated : it just continues to be fully active in such patients.

   At the medical level, physicians just continue to state that the cause of cancer (and of numerous other diseases) is unknown, and they prefer to limit to just treating the symptoms while not willing to know the causes. Such blind attempts frequently lead to failure, thus tying the patients to a fate of multiple chronic sufferings that can evolve at any time to death. Who is profiting from this large scale refusal to know the truth ? For how long again are large numbers of children and adults will be left suffering and dying because those in charge refuse to consider any non-biological causes of the disease ? Is it not large scale criminal dishonesty as it leads to the death of so many persons, frequently after long sufferings and heavy medical expenses as the immune system of the victims is damaged by the very treatments that are supposed to do them good ? And the public opinion is fooled by statements that this is "science" and that all that is possible to try is attempted ?

Alteration of the brain by chemotherapy : the medications used to destroy the cancerous cells can also destroy brain cells. This negative side effect is called "chemo brain" : that can cause later in the cancerous child epilepsy or mental retardation (Grace E. Jackson).
   Such damages are not curable by milieu therapy as they are not caused by emotional factors.

Physicians have duty to inform their patients of other options to try when the medical treatments fail : diets (macrobiotic diet), psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, meditation, relaxation, mental imagery... If doctors don't, they are guilty of failure to assist a person in danger.

Abuse in childhood can lead to cancer :
"Making a Link Between Childhood Physical Abuse and Cancer" : study done by
Esme Fuller-Thomson and Sarah Brennenstuhl in 2009, University of Toronto, Canada, results from a regional representative survey, published in the periodical Cancer by American Cancer Society, vol. 115, 15 July 2009, pages 3341-3350.
   CTV National News reported on the link found between childhood abuse and cancer :

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