Positive Indicators

"Tomorrow will be better says the optimist,
Tomorrow will be worse says the pessimist,
It depends on what you and your contemporaries decide to do, says the realist."

Positive indicators when assistants are with children :

These indicators are evidence that the process is currently in positive dynamics, therefore children are proceeding to cure. All are not absolutely necessary , and they depend on the degree of closeness that exists between children and assistants at each moment of the day. But all are the exteriorization of the positive feelings that assistants experience for the children :

Smile to children
Say kind words to children
Caress children
Kiss or hug children
When walking around hold hands with children, carry children on back or shoulders

Children come spontaneously to assistants to receive those tokens of love.

These physical contacts can not be sexual as that would interrupt the therapeutic process, and it would be later harder to resume it. Our commitment is to help efficiently those children to spare them life-long sufferings : such a major attempt is not compatible with the selfishness of trying to satisfy our own personal narrow needs that would be in addition pervert if we feel the need to satisfy our sexuality with children. Being with such children is our chance to help them out of their misery, any other hidden agenda is completely irrelevant and as such not acceptable. The selective process to recruit the assistants should eliminate people whose goals are not clearly therapeutic.
Also, an other necessity for quality practice is that assistants must be more on the side of love than on the one of dependency (please see the Dependency vs. Love page).

Other positive indicators :

Playing with children, have fun with them
Laugh, joke with children
All shared activities : bicycle rides, dish washing, watch T.V. together, read story in bed...

All those situations have a therapeutic effect on the children only if the assistants enjoy them sincerely : the good times spent together allow children's self-esteem to return, which will provide them with a stronger basis to face difficult times (self-esteem builds in each child from experiences when ce is wanted by others and treated well as others appreciate to be in ces company).

Other positive indicator : no more medications needed, the process is progressing well when the child does not feel a need for medications  anymore.

rev. 2015