Material Support for the Children

For fire safety : the home is equipped with

1- smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

2- hoses permanently plugged on the water supply at each extremity of the house

3- several different exits

4- fire extinguishers

5- no use of gas appliances in the home : only firewood for heating and electric appliances for cooking.

Children's night time personal devices : each child is equipped with

1- a luminous call button so that each child can call any time at night an assistant. This device is useful for mute children or for those who are too scared by darkness to leave their bed or call verbally

2- a small rechargeable flashlight to help them go to the bathroom or kitchen if hungry without waking up others by lightning fully or in case of electricity breakdown

3- a low intensity light near bed that can be left on all night to comfort anxious children.

Night time lights : are low intensity to mark all night thru stairways and halls.

Food :

   We believe each child has the right to choose ces own food because only ce knows what is best for ce, ces intake being regulated by how the young person feels, how ce likes/dislikes a particular food at a particular time : only ce knows how ce feels and therefore what ces dietary needs are, and we do not feel we have the right to interfere with these personal needs, except in case of addictions (drugs or alcohol). We believe that each child when reaching a better mental and physical health will better regulate one's intakes to adjust to the best state of well-being possible at the considered time and to help complete the cure.

   Further, we believe that choosing one's food is not only a right but a necessity for good health and for good growth as several scientific studies showed that children, even as young as preschoolers, have an innate ability to regulate how much and what they eat, this according to their day-to-day personal needs. We therefore have the guideline of providing children with a variety of sound and nutritious foods and let them choose what and how much they want, including products with sugar and salt.

   It may happen that a child overeats as a way of compensating for emotional deprivations or for inner personal problems related to former traumas, but ces intake is expected to self-regulate later when these emotional issues will have been met and solved properly. Thus when a child overeats, this works as a clear indicator of disturbances still making suffer the little person.

   But most children feel a definite need to eat products with sugar because it helps their muscular and intellectual growth : "the more glucose it uses the more active is the brain. Children's brains gobble up glucose at twice the adult rate" (Research in Human Biology, Harry Chugani, Wayne State University Children's Hospital of Michigan).

Prevention of tooth decay : by EPA Omega-3 fatty acids in fat fish, fish oil, canola oil, walnuts, fresh whole milk, corn and foods made with corn : cornbread made of corn flour, cornmeal, corn syrup. Are also good to prevent hurting joints.
   More at the Tooth Decay Prevention page.

rev. 2013