Experiments on Animals

"Ask the experimenters why they experiment upon animals, the answer is : because animals are like us.
Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is : because animals are not like us", professor Charles R. Magel.    

   Example of one cat rescued from The City of Hope laboratories in the U.S. :
"The implant she had in her head floated in a sea of pus and to stop the run-off from getting into her eyes she kept them half closed and looked as if dozing..."
Not to speak of having to survive with the permanent hurt right into her brain !

How could the results from the experiments be valid when the animals are in such altered conditions ? It seems researchers solve the (big) problem by simply  pretending it is a negligible factor. Actually they can not perform experiments without inflicting extreme pain and terror on the animals, and experimenters do not want to realize unless in your personality you have a background of sadism (pleasure to cause extreme pain on others), you could not do such a "work".

   Further, those animals chosen for being victimized in "experiments" for "scientific research" have to survive permanently in a milieu that is totally unnatural : not at all the one for which they are adapted. And to add to the misery, these premises are frequently badly kept, hardly cleaned, with stink from excrements sticking around.

   How then could the findings from experiments be valid ? And what is more, how could they be fitted to be valid also for humans in order to find some remedies to cure our species suffering from multiple illnesses ?

All this in truth is an accumulation of falsities and deceits with a pretense of reliability thru strict protocols. When occasionally scandals erupt when some brave whistle-blowers disclose the multiple horrors, the public is shocked : people never suspected that "science" meaning progress could be so atrocious with other beings, they never suspected that anybody could go so far in cruelty and be well paid for it ! In the civil society, anybody treating an animal that way would be at risk of being indicted with multiple counts of animal cruelty and neglect.

   The laboratories at The City of Hope were supposed to be top because they received plenty of income from private bequests plus $ 5 millions per year from federal taxes for research on rare cancers in children. Actually, unauthorized visitors found the place just horrible. The informant had said he saw being a custodian there that "animals routinely die before experiments on them are even started, and once begun many more die soon. Also, animals are not even given painkillers after major surgery : many just lie down and die in their own filth".
   The labs are located in poor dilapidated trailers in spite of the large amounts of money granted, but they are off-limit to visitors. Atrocities there are sickening, nightmarish science-fiction with animals horribly deformed by "experiments", and some are butchered by the experimenters who have the lowest level of skills in the veterinary profession, sometimes they just kill animals when they insert catheters in them. Professionals with satisfying level of skills would never work in such places, the filth is extremely repulsive.
   A set of cats being intentionally infected with a highly contagious respiratory virus are located in a special containment shed : the unallowed visitors see that actually the place is just a tin trailer. The visitors see also a mother dog who just delivered. She is lying on cement in a pool of green liquid : highly infected, had 9 babies, 4 are already dead, 5 are alive but dying because they can't nurse as her nipples are clogged. That shows that the guys who run the place try to breed the animals to have more to experiment with but the level of hygiene is so low it is actually deadly ! The visitors are so shocked that they can not understand how such humans fallen at the lowest level of care with other beings can still be part of that renown large medical complex !

Officials lie very easily as soon as the matter is important : fooling the public is attempted shamelessly, which matches also the amazing neglect of the labs. How could such individuals produce reliable studies when they are such losy characters, they can't even maintain a decent place for the experiments.

Experimenters are also grossly ignorant : an other example of the large labs was at Riverside University in California. The way the experimenters believe that torturing other beings could bring some results useful to cure illnesses in humans is flawed right from the beginning. They believe that the mind in the animals is independent, apart from their body. Then, for them no matter how bad are the conditions of captivity and experiments on animals, it has no effect on the animals' mind because experiments are performed on their body !
   Actually, animals detained in those centers of torture worst than the Nazi camps during W.W.2 are under permanent stress that alters all of their biological functions as they never know when for the next experiments the humans will take them out of the cages to resume the agony. How then could such grossly ignorant individuals bring reliable findings from the "scientific studies" ?

   Again some members of the ALF took on themselves to remove some of the animals victimized at Riverside. Among them was a baby monkey : "his head did not look like a head anymore. A green plastic box, almost as big as he was, was attached to his scalp somehow. It weighed so much that his underdeveloped neck could not support it. He clung to a filthy, toweling-covered post, his "surrogate mother", and his little head fell constantly to the side. A plastic lead that once fed from the box to some device dangled down his ear..."
   This very young being, already suffering from total emotional deprivation by being removed from his mother, was attached to machines as if he was one of them and as if he was insensitive to all that was being done to him : those scientists are in denial that all living beings have in them a special force called life and it can not be defined nor really controlled or modified. No matter how many tortures those mad scientists indulge into, they can not penetrate the basic fact of life and define what it is. "Below the green box, with its odd indentations were bandages where the baby's eyes should have been. Only his tiny nostrils and wrinkled baby chin were visible from beneath the tight strips of cloth bound about his head and face. Then there was his chest : a snow-white, soft haired monkey body visible beneath a strange bodice with a harness".

   This was supposed to be a 3-year experiment carried on 24 monkeys in sight deprivation, with the tiny baby's eyes sewn shut with thread thru his eyelids : the thread used was so big it lacerated the lids. There is no limit to some sick individuals' ability to act out their criminal trends and they are well paid for it ! That shows the degree of alienation when those abominations are allowed in a society with citizens paying taxes for supporting them ! And it is very unrealistic to expect from those "scientists" to produce some findings from such monstrosities on other beings : that shows that such experimenters are totally deprived of common sense, such extreme atrocities could lead to nothing except utter shock for the public when disclosed. An ophthalmologist commented :
- One can know how painful a speck of dust can be in an eye, so doing that to infant monkeys...!"

   Other example of a deadly laboratory : "in a building that looks quite innocent, next to a hotel and restaurant. Actually it holds a large number of chimpanzees even though they are endangered species and are protected by law : it's no problem because a U.S. government official from the NIH (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland) visits regularly, he has his own office for when he comes.
   The experiments have chimpanzees infected with transmissible diseases like AIDS : they die most often, a few survive several years but are totally insane. Unauthorized visitors again saw absolute horrors : each monkey keeps banging his head on bars continually, they are insane because they are held permanently in cages where they can only sit or stand, are alone and isolated from each other inside plastic wrapping. They can breath only thru a system of pump. They are demented, they do not react to visitors.
   They are held in the middle of the business district so to hide them well even though the research is about contagious diseases.

   Those horrible excesses can be implemented because the research field is a sector where the public is not allowed. From that privacy, experimenters derogate to regular laws and moral principles. What they do to animals would not be allowed to be done even to the worst enemy !"

The researchers are sick individuals fascinated by pain and sufferings, they can not be satisfied by just one torture : from the descriptions of experiments, they show they need to add many more until their victims die, then they take others because they are under compulsive drives from the severe abuses they themselves suffered in their childhood. Nobody in good mental health would accept to engage in such nauseating atrocities on other beings. Those researchers originally came to work in the field of health because they themselves felt not well.

   The public can not imagine such abysses of mental sickness because they themselves did not suffer major abuses in their childhood. Experimenters can engage in such abominations because they have no more self-respect and sanity since abused in their childhood. The sick proceedings can go worse with time because the experimenters never find enough outlets for their internal demons, but they can find relief if they go for therapy, and if successful they would quit experiments on animals.

People with moral values are led into illegal actions because official institutions fail to do their duty to warrant legal and moral order : in a civilized society, nobody can be submitted to torture, this is clearly stated in the Animal Welfare Act voted by the U.S. Congress. But it is routinely ignored by the NIH and the labs funded by the NIH and other government agencies funded by taxpayers, like the U.S. military who went as far as having a secret program with children they had abducted in which the children were tortured so to break their mental health into multiple personality disorder to try make them become killing machines (please see the Franklin Case story).

(all quotations in this page are from the book "Free The Animals" by Ingrid Newkirk)

Rev. 2015