Races with Neutral Starts

Post date: Oct 22, 2013 1:38:02 PM

Sometimes races have neutral starts before the finish line.

It is easy to handle this situation in CrossMgr. If you are doing Manual timing, just start the race when the riders pass the line.

Chip Timing requires a few more steps. We do not want the first read of the riders after the neutral start to "count" as the first lap.

You can trigger the start time of the race on the first tag read. Set the "'Reset Start Clock on First Tag Read (all riders will get the same start time of the first read" option in the Actions screen and Start the race.

The first tag read will now "Reset" the start time and will not be recorded.

The second method is more general. Do not start CrossMgr when the riders come by. Otherwise their chips will be read on the first lap. However, when the riders come by, make a note of the time.

Wait 10 seconds for the riders to get out of range, and start CrossMgr.

After CrossMgr syncs with the chip reader, do a "Tools/Change Start Time..." to change the start time to what it should be.

This method also works if you have chipped riders starting on the line. As the riders are standing on the line next to the antennas, their chips will be reading constantly. To avoid confusing CrossMgr, don't start it, but record the race start time.

When the riders are out of range of the reader, start CrossMgr, and change the start time to what it should be.