RaceDB: Now Handles CX/MTB Callups Automatically

Post date: Jan 11, 2017 10:18:28 PM

Now that RaceDB stores the race results and can compute a Series, it was logical for it to compute callups automatically.

After configuring the Series, RaceDB can use it to determine callups for a race that has not started yet.

Of course, it handles all points scored and category upgrades correctly.

The callups perfectly reflect the riders registered for the race - both pre-reg and day-of.

This ensures that all are considered in the callup order.

The new Callup screen is conveniently accessible from the Competition Dashboard.

Callups can then be done from a tablet at the starting line, right after registration closes.

If there are mixed categories in the start wave, the display makes it easy to call the riders one category at a time, or to inter-leave the categories together.

Available in RaceDB 1.20.37.

Comments are welcome on this exciting new feature.